What are the drawbacks to having the trash across from the DW?

peridot44October 5, 2012

Please help me decide where to put the trash cabinet.

I can have a 24" double bin beside the DW. Or a 18" single across from the DW. (We're empty nesters, so a single is plenty.)

I'm leaning toward having it across the aisle in the 18". Would that be so bad? Biggest negative might be DW and trash can't open fully at the same time.

On the posiitve side, I could use the cabinet beside the DW for storage. Since this spot is likely to become one that people lean one when talking at the breakfast bar, the "leaner" won't block trash access.

Thoughts? Here's a look at the layout.

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I'd vote for having the trash closest to the prep space, not focused on the DW. You only generate plate-scraping trash once during a meal, but you generate trash many times during prep. The other place where trash seems to be generated in my kitchen is on the pathway from fridge or pantry to prep space when I'm shedding wrappings. Where do you plan to prep?

Not being able to adequately open the DW and the trash at the same time would be a real pain. But it looks to me as though you would be able to have the DW face down and at least partially open the trash bin. There's no need to confine your thinking to the long sides of the island. You can easily configure it so the trash cabinet opens from one of the short sides.

It helps to think through, or even drawn on a floor plan, exactly the steps you would take to prepare typical meals, ay attention to whenever your pathways cross back on themselves. These are places where better planning can improve your workflow, saving time, steps, and energy when working the kitchen.



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I like to have the DW on one side of the sink and trash on the other.

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Can you put the trash across from the sink, so it's as nicely accessible when scraping plates, as when dealing with trash from the prep and cooking areas? That way you could open both fully. We have ours across from one of our dishwashers, and it opens enough to have access to the front trash can. It's very handy, and since in our kitchen it's also on the corner near the stove, it's handy for prep and cooking, too.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I�ve made a decision.

I�ll install an 18" fixed-shelf base in the island.

Next to the DW I�ll put a 15" or 18" fixed-shelf base + a 9" or 6" pantry pull-out.

With shelves removed, trash will occupy one of the bases, and dog food will go in the other. I don�t know which will go where. But, I think building this way will give me the flexibility for trial and error. Plus save me a few bucks.

I don�t mind foregoing a pullout trash bin. Never had one, so I won�t miss it. And, we�re living here for another 20+ years. So "resale expectations" aren�t a factor.

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Maybe resale isn't a goal, but if I were going to be living there for 20+ more years, I would want to make it as functional as possible.

And...just b/c you've never had something b/f doesn't mean it won't be a great "upgrade" to what you hadn't been realizing you had been "making do" with all these years...

I never had a trash pullout before, but now that I have one, I would never be without one again! BTW...an 18" trash pullout holds TWO bins, not one. I have an 18" double-bin pullout and use one for trash (front) and one (back) for recyclables.

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I actually have 2 pullouts - one for trash and one for dog food (in a plastic covered bin that sits inside the pullout). LOVE THEM. I've only had them for a year and I would not trade them (couldn't agree with buehl more on it being a fantastic upgrade). They really are awesome and it' so nice not to have to open a door and then try to reach in or pull a trash out. One pull, one push (soft close) and it's done.

They are at the bottom of a pantry cabinet that is shallow so they are placed the wider way (if that makes sense) and so therefore not 2 baskets deep.

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Definitely would recommend placing garbage near workspace if possible.
We wanted ours near our workspace, which is our island. The only place we could put it happens to be almost directly across from the DW. The only issue we have, and we decided it wasn't a major one, is that we like to "airdry" the dishes vs. uses heat dry on the DW whenever we can. When the DW is fully open we can't fully extend the garbage, but we can open it to throw out something in the trash. (We have a double bin and the back bin is used for recycling).

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We have a double trash pullout in our island (where prep takes place), directly across from the DW, and it works fine. The DW and trash pullout can both open fully. The aisle width is 42", so you would need at least that to make it work.

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