Microwave Drawer in Island?

SweetmelbaOctober 28, 2012

We're about to purchase a Sharp microwave drawer for our island, but I was wondering if anyone with that configuration has a problem with the handle getting in the way while you're working there. Our island will be approximately 8' with prep sink at one end.

The alternative location is in the wall oven cabinet, but we prefer installing it in the island.


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You'll have no problem at all. The handle doesn't stick out as far as the knobs on a range or the handles on a dishwasher. Go ahead an put it in the island, you will be fine. Good luck with your remodel.

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You will have no problems! While ours is not in an island, it's in one of our Prep Zones and I work in front of it a lot.

You can see it in this pic...b/w the cooktop and prep sink.

Ours is a 30" drawer - it's the same interior size as a 24" - it just has more "filler" on the outside.

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I have a Sharp MW drawer in my island, but not in the prime prep zone. I work to the left of the prep sink, and the MW is on the far right end. Personally, I would not like standing in front of it day in and day out if it was right under my cutting board.

You can see it here.

It's not that the handle sticks out so far it gets in the way of anything, but the protrusion would be annoying for me to stand it front of hours a day when cooking.

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Oh wow, breezy that does look like it sticks out a lot. Perhaps there are different models of the Sharp mw bc mine looks more like the styling of buehl's and it doesn't stick out that far:

It might also be an optical illusion due to the counter overhang depth, so to overhang is something for the OP to consider if she'll be prepping over the micro.

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Thanks for all of the images of your beautiful kitchens - these really help me visualize how the MW will look in the island. We are thinking about increasing the overhang If we need to compensate for the handle.
@breezygirl - LOVE the picture of your cats in the dishwasher - so cute!!

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Mine is in the prep zone. It is a trifle bothersome, but not too bad. It makes me stand about an inch farther away than I would/could if it were not there. I think increasing the overhang an inch or so would be a reasonable step.

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My drawer is also in the prep zone and I second Angie DIY's opinion. We placed it in the prep zone for aesthetic reasons, so it wouldn't be seen on entry to the kitchen. The positive side of it is that any prep that includes microwave heated water, butter, etc, is very efficient.

I like Angie's idea of increased overhang, if it is possible.

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