Looking for dinnerware that doesn't get grey cutlery marks

raehelenOctober 10, 2013

I am cross-posting this cuz the original post was on Home Decor which I rarely frequent. I am posting the link below.

I am reviving this thread, as I am looking to replace/upgrade my everyday stoneware dishes. Was thinking I wanted to get plain white, but while shopping did find I was drawn to the colourful stoneware dishes...
Part of the reason I wanted to replace my current set was the grey (Now I know from cutlery) marks all over the dishes. From reading this post, I cleaned them all off with BKF, magic eraser didn't work at all. Totally amazed at how new they all look, but many of the plates have chips under the rims, so am going to buy new. After doing research on the web for a few days, it is not 100% clear how to avoid those cutlery marks on dinnerware, various opinions blamed the SS count, ie whether is was 18/10, 18/8 etc. I have a feeling it is the stoneware that marks up the most. My porcelain and my good china dishes aren't marked. DH says it's because they're not used as much. He's right, they don't get much use, but I'm wondering if those of you who DO use porcelain or bone china daily still get grey marks.

To make it even harder, just got an email today that Ikea is putting their Fargrik 6 place setting stoneware set on sale for $19.99! Maybe I just buy 2 sets of that for now, and wait to fall in love with some coloured/patterned set and buy when it's on sale. Still won't address the grey cutlery marks...

So, I'm not opposed to 'upgrading to china or porcelain', just have always had stoneware as my everyday dishes. Probably would like to stay around $15-20 (or less) per place setting. Can wait to buy till it's on sale, don't like the look of Corelle, don't want something that looks bargain basement, ie plates all wonky---poor quality control, blobs of glaze, etc. I'm in Canada, so recommendations that are available here really appreciated.

Here is a link that might be useful: I'd like to find white dishes that will stay white!

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I have always had corelle and never had those marks.

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Holly- Kay

Raehelen, I have Johnson Brother's stoneware that ranges from 40 years old to about 6 years old. Most of it is the Rose Chintz pattern, but I also have a good bit of the Coaching Scenes pattern and my Thanksgiving dinnerware is JB "His Majesty" pattern. Because of the all over print I have no cutlery marks at all.

One thing to keep in mind if you find a JB pattern that you love is the new pieces are not at all the great quality the vintage pieces are. My vintage JB has beautiful deep coloration in the pattern and all have the mark of the person who applied the coloring. The new pieces are mass produced and not, imo, comparable in quality.

The His Majesty pattern is a beautiful large tom turkey and the coloring is gorgeous (vintage pieces). Several years ago I was at an outlet that had JB and they had that pattern on display and it was not at all attractive. The colors were almost all the same non descript brown tone where the vintage has beautiful deep browns, reds, and greens in the pattern.

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We have had this Mikasa Italian Countryside 16-Piece Dinnerware Set set since 2008 for our every day dishes. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AE8NLE/ref=oh_details_o06_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

We got 4 sets because we are not that careful with dishes and didn't want to have to replace them - use for every meal and for planted pot water catchers, dog bowls, microwave, dishwasher, turpentine, etc. Ends up we could have bought just 3 sets and we would be fine. Not a mark on them. They are very sturdy and go with everything. Only one bowl has a chip and that was my mistake with an unfortunate granite vs. bowl incident. They look the same as the day we got them. They are not pure white though - they are a light creme.

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I have Corelle too (white frost) and have no marks from cutlery or anything else.

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We had the marking problem you describe several years ago with a set of Pfaltzgraff stoneware. It drove us nuts because the pieces never looked clean. We learned about the problem from several experts and indeed with the help of Pfaltzgraff.
The marks are caused by the interaction between stainless steel and many types of stoneware. It does not occur with porcelin or bone china. In fact, Pfaltzgraff makes a cleaner which requires considerable scrubbing to remove the marking.
Go for other types of dinnerware to avoid the extra cleaning.

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Our bone china we received for our wedding is from Crate and Barrel and not a mark on it! I've since bought some plainer white dishes, also bone china, similar to the PB everyday dishes, at Christmas Tree Shops and love those too. Not easily broken and we don't exactly treat them kindly. Plus, the added bonus of having plain white dishes is I can mix and match them with vintage salad plates, printed napkins, or my faux silver chargers to dress things up.

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I have Crate and Barrel Cafeware II and it has no marks after 11 years of use. Plain white, which I love for the reasons stated by KJH20 in the previous post. I think the dishes are still available.

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I have the Ikea 365 dinnerware (white) and there are no marks on it. Also, it appears to be difficult to chip - we bang it around a lot and it seems to endure. I just love a pure white plate.

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I have Royal Doulton porcelain (white with a narrow blue rim) that I bought 4 or 5 years ago and use everyday. No marks on it and no chips either. I found it at my local Homesense for about $100 for 8 place settings.

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FWIW, I have Arcoroc glass, some old Pier1 glazed pottery, Laura Ashley Starlight (which is really just cheap stoneware with a fancy pattern on the edges--the same thing they used to sell plain in places like Woolworth and Kmart), and some Herend porcelain, and none of them have ever gotten knife marks. This must be limited to some particular stoneware glazes, I would guess.

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I have used Lancaster by Adams (Ironstone) almost for over 50 years without any silverware scratches....only a chip or two...here and there... The older Ironstone patterns that once belonged to my mother and grandmother also escaped this fate. Perhaps different materials and surfaces react differently to the silverware scraping and knife cutting...? Good luck with your IKEA replacement plan!

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I have my V&B porcelain for 18+ years and no marks - a bit expensive.
I bought some WS pantry a couple years ago and no marks either.
I do remember seeing marks on my DM's Goebel stoneware so I do understand your pain.
Good luck!

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Thanks for all the feedback! I love the look of stoneware, and while shopping I was surprised at how drawn I was to the dark patterned choices, though my intention was to buy white. I do think stoneware is more prone to the grey marks than either porcelain or china, though maybe just the light coloured stoneware, ie white or light in the 'body' of the dish?

I am actually more torn and indecisive than when I started...the practical side of me says white, and mix it up with pottery side dishes, etc, but my heart definitely loves the earthiness of those beautiful glazed pieces! I don't have a ton of shelf space, but then again, maybe getting rid of my present mish mash will free up room. I think a visit to Crate and Barrel is definitely in order, didn't even know we had one here in Canada...though the price of the Fargrik at Ikea is tempting...I think that being stoneware, it will probably mark up, which is what I'm trying to avoid.

So, do any of you have dark/darker stoneware...ie not beige or white, and does it show grey marks too?

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We have white porcelain Apilco which holds up beautifully and looks fantastic with food of all colors on it. I like it so much better than the blue I had before and it does not show scratches or knife cuts.

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Well, have an update for you! Shopped at pretty well all my local stores that carry dinnerware, and finally bought a white Porcelain set from Home Outfitters, (tied in to The Bay here in Canada). Was on sale, and when I got home, found out by researching online that several retailers carry this line. So, hopefully, if I want to add serving pieces, etc, it should be OK. Pattern is Amore by an Italian company Luigi Bormioli, was disappointed to find out it was made in China as box and advertising emphasizes that it is 'Italian'. I bought two 12 piece boxes, each 4 place settings. One box had several flaws in dishes, returned it today and it took amalgamating 3 boxes to get a good 12 piece set. Bought a box of 4 mugs which I should have checked, one has a slight flaw, but I'm not going back! Anyhow, I am so happy that I chose white, don't think I will ever buy stoneware again...just hope these don't mark up...I am hoping they won't...vitrified porcelain...supposedly 'combines the advantages of bone china and durable porcelain'.

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I'm glad you've found something you love! I'll add my 2 cents for others reading the thread.

I've been using Ikea 365+ for about 18 months with no marks. My old Noritake Colorwave had lots of marks, and I'm using the same flatware.

Also, I'm amazed at how many times I've accidentally banged a plate or bowl on the granite counter without it breaking or chipping.

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Yes, I've heard lots of good things about the Ikea 365+. If our Ikea was closer and not over a toll bridge, I would definitely have considered it. That and Crate and Barrel would have been contenders if they were closer. Seeing as I had to return some flawed dishes, really glad I found something close.

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Glad you found such a pretty and functional set.
I guess I'll add my set to the mix too for the benefit of some other potential readers. I have been using mikasa antique white as my everyday dishes for the past 4 years and they are as white today as the day I bought them. I have a few extra pieces because there were small marks when they arrived and mikasa sent out new ones right away ( I ordered directly from mikasa). Oh and as I am a bull in a china shop, I can attest to the fact that they are strong!

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Has anyone had any experience with Mikasa Lucerene White Bone China? I am curious about its ability to avoid the markings from utensils. Also it is billed as chip resistant and durable. Have you found this to be accurate?
(Sold direct from Mikasa or from Costco).

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We bought our college son Ikea 365. At some point, one of the plates ended up back here. They chip very easily.

My Denby is awesome. Maybe I have the right stainless ware but there are no marks. Mikasa Countryside, my wedding every day selection, lasted 28 years without changing color. I replaced it because of crazing on a few pieces, from microwave use. DH loves the Microwave when he is on his own...

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