Sherwin Williams light, creamy yellow?

jllc7October 1, 2012

Our kitchen and dining room is now one big room. We're picking out cabinets and most likely going with a color that is in between oak and cherry. I'm not sure what the color is called; we're trying to match the original chair rails and trim. We're doing white (or off-white) subway tile for the backsplash and have not picked out granite. The room has small windows, but not a lot of sunlight, so I'm thinking a yellow would brighten it up. I don't want a bright neon yellow or uber gold.. something more balanced and grown up.

Our contractor uses SW paint, so I've been looking at swatches and really like White Raisin or Jersey Cream.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

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I have a great recommendation for you. Since Sherwin Williams can mix any paint color, and they regularly mix Benjamin Moore colors, you're not limited to SW.

Yellow can be challenging, so I did some research about what yellows are go-to shades for decorators, since they've already figured out what works. I discovered Benjamin Moore's Windham Cream (it's called cream, but it's definitely yellow). It's part of the historical collection, HC-6. It's a really gorgeous, subtle but not too subtle, light, creamy yellow. I've heard designers call it the perfect yellow, it always works.

I painted my bedroom this color, and it looked so great that my Mom is doing 3 rooms plus the exterior of her house in it.

Good luck in your search ;)

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Sherwin Williams Compatible Cream. Take a look at my finished kitchen photos. I used it throughout my first floor, daughters bedroom, and upstairs hall.

Here is a link that might be useful: My compatible cream

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I used SW wool skein at [25%less intensity] in main bath-used the hardwearing formula and been very happy with it for wear and the color.

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We just painted a small mud room White Raisin. I love it! This room has no windows and is the perfect shade. With direct sunlight, it would be too bright IMHO.

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Trying to embed the photo! Sorry it's quite large... the next thing I learn will be resizing!

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I love love love Windham Cream. Most of my woodwork is painted that color. Lovely warm creamy color.

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Try Nacre.


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Farrow & Ball's Farrow's Cream is the perfect blend of cream and yellow. It's a warm color. I Love it. Though I have the Sherwin Williams version of Farrow's cream, wink, wink.

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I thought Windham Cream was perfect, but when we painted the sample, it had a little too much peach in my light. We went with BM Simply Irresistible #205. It's creamy yellow in bright light but like French vanilla ice cream in low light. It would look great with cherry cabinets.

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Be persistent when they mix colors - I had SW and BM working on colors - in the end, I said - what is wrong with simple math - this color has these 3 items and this color has these 3 colors - the color match is missing this and this - fix!!
They humored me and it was perfect!
Where is Fishies - she is the yellow person!

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i used SW "hinoki" #7686... it is NOT by no means peach. it shows up like that when you google it.

it is more like a creamy yellow/gold..very warm, not bright at all.. a very easy color on your eyes.

good luck!

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Hi there- take a look at SW Architectural Colors. I'm looking for a cream leaning to yellow and found "egg white" I'm going to post two pics in two different lights. The one on the left is the egg white.

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And here it's the one on the right.

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