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flevyOctober 18, 2012

I know this is the wrong forum, but I'm hoping you can tell me where to post. I am lucky enough to have a large (12'x12') walk in closet. Now that the kitchen is done, I need to focus on designing the closets. Is there a forum like the kitchen one where I can post possible layouts and get critiques? I'm also looking for someone to make the closet systems. My kitchen is almost all custom cabinets and now I'm spoiled. I don't want plastic wire shelving in my closets.

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Talk to your cabinetmaker. Dutchwood did ours. We used their economy line (1/2" plywood vs 3/4"). It is such a fabulous thing to have. Quite decadent. But when I got an estimate from them and realized how much the California Closet or something similar would have cost it was a no brainer.

This is a good place to get advice about closets. I can't find the thread we did earlier when I asked the same thing. Sorry.

Here is my closet.

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Bee you are awesome! I was wondering if DW would do a custom closet. I'm in Mont. Cty. I know they are busy now, but I could wait. Your closet is just gorgeous! Your husband has the pants rack I want!

I visited all of the closet organizing stores over the last week and they all were a disappointment. I don't want plastic! Okay, off to email DW and see just how long of wait I'm in for! Thanks

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We used Easy Closets. Not as nice as Bee's but reasonable. You design it yourself based on your closet measurements (it tells you what works and what doesn't) and they ship it to you ready to hang. You have to drill the back piece to the back walls of the closet and that holds everything up. And I think everything else fit into place with pegs. I think it was particle board. I love it!!

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flevy, you can ask for no backs to the cabinets but the savings isn't that great. I forget how much it would have saved me, but I know that it was not worth the savings to me.

Also, see the right side? The horizontal panels above the hanging stuff are actually lift up doors. I want that for my dh's side too. Will get there some day.

We also did some things like my dh's side is deeper so that nothing would ever stick out since that is the side with the door. I have a shoe shelf (you can't see it in the pics that is in the corner. Jason measured my shoes to make sure they would fit. Gotta love custom! ha

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Dutch Wood did my closet too:

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beagles---love your closet! I feel so much better knowing that I'm not the only one that wants custom in the closet :)

So when I call Jason, he won't think I'm crazy? Does he come to my house to measure the space or does my GC send him a floor plan with measurements? How do I design the closet? I know for the kitchen everyone here is so helpful. But do I tell Jason, I need x feet of hanging space, and x number of shelves for shoes, and x drawers for unmentionables? Or will he help me plan it out?

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I told Jason what I wanted and outlined where stuff should go and he did the specifics. He measured and installed. He won't think you are crazy but you probably will have to wait a little since it seems they aren't taking on new people now...

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You can give him the floor plan but they will come measure before finalizing anything. I would suggest that you plan out what you want and not let them design it from scratch for you. Their original idea for mine was not what we used, but it was what we used to modify and arrive at something that works much better for us.

Don't skimp on the pants hangers. I thought they were a little pricey but they are a wonderful feature! There are 2 sizes, and to be honest, my dh puts 2 pairs on each dowel, on both the large and small. I thought there would be 3 pairs on the wider one, but no.

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beekeeperswife, how much it cost you? thanks!!

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About $6k. Might have been more, but not by much. That was installed price.

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