Removing backsplash - not grouted

RodNDonnaOctober 24, 2012

When updating our counter top to quartz - we were required to replace the backsplash tile.

The original tile was removed and drywall replaced and primed.

The new tile is simple Lowe's stock white subway tile 3 rows up, topped with a 2 inch bull-nose row. As it sounded pretty darn simple as far as backsplashes go, we hired a 'tile guy' advertised in kiji.

This fellow decided he only needed spacers horizontally and just winged it vertically leaving huge (and I mean HUGE) variations in the spacing and far outside the requirement for unsanded grout. To add to the matter - he did not think about where to start (over the stove where it runs up) and we ended up with numerous 'after the fact' odd cuts ...

When he came back to grout, we paid him for his time and told him it was not 'what we were looking for'

My question - can we easily remove tiles which have been set but not grouted? We really don't want to have to have the drywall redone again ... like really really don't want to ...

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You can take them down, but not necessarily without damage to the drywall. Do it sooner rather than later and see how it looks. If it's just gouges and scrapes, then it can easily be repaired by patching with drywall compound. Maybe a lot of drywall compound.

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In my experience, it is easiest to take down drywall with the tile and put up new drywall again.

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Oh dear, so sorry. I think it should come down. We had this happen and the new tile guy took down the former tile contractors work and it did come down ok before it was grouted. We wasted a huge amount of money and were sick about it. It was a very expensive tile (for us) and the guy didn't use spacers and it was lipping like crazy. There were huge differences in the grout lines on the tiles we left up but the ones on the feature wall were really awful so we took those down. We had to order more tile which looked completely different than the original batch since it was handmade and it's still up there to this day. It still makes me sigh in disgust sometimes at the audacity of some people who call themselves professionals and charge a huge amount of money for a crap job. We ended up paying him and a new tile person plus paid for the additional tile.I feel your pain : /

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Thanks for sharing your experience SaraKat - I figured I couldn't be the only one this has happened to.

I think it's true when they say Misery loves company .. sigh ..

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