lwo: from the go design around this...

CEFreemanOctober 31, 2012

OK, guys.

I had to reread this threa\d

After LMAO, I have a couple of questions.

Live Wire Oak, Where did these two chandeliers come from? I love them and they made me laugh:


I am happy to say much of the GO in my house, courtesy of donations, trash piles and reuse centers is painted. I can do anything I darned well please with it!



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First one:

Second one:

(Courtesy of Google Image search.)

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The second one is a torch-cut brutalist chandelier. Search on 1st Dibs and you can find them. Search brutal, torch-cut, brutalist, Greene, Evans, and things like this will come up.

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Angie, thanks for pitching in and finding those. It's been about a year since I did that design, and I couldn't tell you where I found them now.

Christine, as I've aged I've become fonder of the Brutalist look in many things. I think it works for people as well as the GO. If a room has an "aw my god" piece in it to notice (or as my other half would say, "an obvious steaming turd"), the geezer taking up space in the rocking chair starts to look positively youthful and attractive. :)

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LWO, I believe in pieces that stop someone in their tracks. I like the "oh, different!" aspect, but the OMG is more fun.

My family are definately the kind that see the "OMG how cool!" The others, I don't worry about becaue they don't have appreciation or vision, anyway. They are the geezers (or the turds)!

Thanks guys. I appreciate it!

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