Where should the speed oven go?

ppbennOctober 23, 2012

I'm thinking of using the GE advantium 240 speed oven either the built in or the above the range version 240.

Apparently you cannot install the built in under a counter.

It can only go above counter. (The 120 version can go under counter but if I'm getting one I want the faster cooking version.)

I would put either of these behind sliding doors because they are ugly.

Which would you do?

Sit the built in on the counter? This would be in the middle of the counter run which is 6 feet. I can recess this unit so I have 1 foot of counter in front of the unit.

Advantages are it is bigger and would be my second oven.


Use the smaller above the range version built into the cabs above the counter. This would free up all the counterspace underneath. This unit is more like a regular microwave size but still cooks as fast. The door opens from the side. The built in opens like an oven.

If you have one of these how do you like it? Guess I should post on appliance forum but since this is primarily a design question I need to throw it to you guys.

Cabinet guy can make anything work even to covering with doors since these units are ugly.

I have to stick with the GE as the local appliance store can give me a great deal.

Thanks for your help. I'm so stuck on this.

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Sorry heres a sketch of the on the counter option.
I like this way because of using the bigger oven size but hate to give up counterspace
I will have an island right behind this,

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We have had the 240 Advantium over the range model installed (over a counter) for a couple of months.....looks very similar to your drawing, on the same wall as the frig. We are very pleased with the performance and have used it for some baking. What I have learned is that you should use pyrex or corning ware for best baking results,,,,there have been reports of stone ware dishes breaking. So, I do not plan to use my Portmeirion bakeware in it. Suspect you would have the same issue with the built in model. It is our second oven, and we are happy, despite these (non) issues.

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Hi : ) Just wondering if you considered the Miele Speed Oven which CAN be put under counter.
Oh, just reread your post and see you're getting a good deal. I know how that goes b/c I bought a Miele floor model and it was pretty cheap (considering what full price is)

Good luck!

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Does the door open to the side or from the top. I think your picture looks like a side open door but not sure
We have the 240 advantium and it is the top of a double oven (2 different ovens) and would sit about 6 inches below the upper cabinet - I think it would be too high if a drop down door to be cabinet height.

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Maggie Good to know I'm not the first to try just using the over the range version with cabinets. I read a post on appliances about exploding cookware. But I've had pyrex explode in a regular oven too. Weird but true.
The door on the one installed up in the cabs opens to the side.
The door on the built in opens down like a regular oven.
This one would sit built in on the counter, with about a 12 inch countertop in front. So I would have full depth counter to each side and 12 inches in front. I'm thinking of putting sliding cab doors to cover this up. But that would lose some of the 12 inch CT space.
I'd like the bigger oven but dont like the idea of it taking up so much counterspace and looking so big.
a2gemini how do you like the advantium do you use it as an oven or a microwave?

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I had the same decision to make. I read a lot about the two 240 V models. Ultimately I decided that if we were going to try speed cooking and invest in a second cooking device, I wanted the full size built in model. The biggest difference, and what swayed me, was the built in can fit a 9x13 dish inside and rotate it fully on the turntable where the OTR MW model can fit the dish, but it is too big to turn. We would have mounted it over countertop also since one of the reasons we are remodeling is to add proper venting.

It was a hard decision because out kitchen is so small. But if we can really get accustomed to using it then our dinner options will be significantly increased. For perspective, we have just over 26 square feet of countertop in the current plan, which has the built in model included.

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Re "ugliness" - have you also looked at the GE Monogram versions of the Advantium 240? There are three available - two styles of the built-in wall oven version and one over-the-cooktop, and all three have far more conventional appearance than the Profile versions you have in your drawings with their unusual curves. The Monograms cost more and offer no functional advantages (except arguably easier-to-grasp handles), but they match the look of most modern full-size conventional ovens.

I find the extra depth of the built-in versions useful, plus the built-in exhaust fan in the OTC versions isn't very powerful (although it's not clear from your post that you're even using it above a cooktop). One advantage of the OTC versions if you get it in black or stainless steel: the control panel is dark when not in use (for a less cluttered appearance) and light up for awhile when pressed. The built-in versions aren't like that.

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In your drawing with the built-in resting on the countertop, are you aware that, assuming the upper wall cabinets are the usual 12" depth, that the top of the Advantium will stick out about 10" and the top of the oven will be visible unless there's some kind of cover panel over it?

Or maybe the upper cabinets are 24" deep - if so, the openings for the small appliances won't be accesible from the top - not a problem for the toaster oven and coffeemaker you have shown, but could be for blenders.

Be sure if you want to cover the Advantiums up that this isn't contraindicated in the installation manual. I'm not sure, but these ovens may require airflow from the front when in use, which would proclude a cover unless perhaps it was always left open when in use. Advantiums in speedcook mode run their fans for a bit even after they're done cooking.

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Lee I have looked at the monogram units. Much better eye appeal but I dont think I can get the deal on the monogram. Small appliance store. I have the cabinetry figured out and have a recessed wall behind and will do deep uppers. The cabinet guy said no problem to do slider doors or a lift up which of course would be open when the unit is in use. Course I could tolerate the monogram looks without doors.
Williamsem That helps clarify what I'm stuck on. I do want the larger oven but dont want to give up the counter for it. At least with the recessed wall I can have a 1 foot deep counter in front of the unit.
I'll have to check on the price of the monogram or if they can order them.

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Are you sure the extra cost of having the cabinet guy build sliding doors wouldn't exceed the extra cost of the Monogram oven? (but yeah, it's annoying how GE only sells the Monogram line through certain stores).

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ppbenn, we went with the Monogram, and the cabinet above is deeper than standard 12", easy to do with custom cabinets. Gave the cabinet guy the install instructions and he figured out how deep to make the cabinet. Only sticks out slightly, as required by install requirements (basically the width of the door).

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well my DH is in favor of the smaller unit to go up off the counter. He looks at this as a glorified MW. I'm thinking the larger counter version could revolutionize my daily food prep. Or am I delusional?
I like having more cabinets lower in reach. This is because I have few upper cabs. A microwave cabinet was included as well as extra deep cabs.
The cabinet cost is a non issue. Whatever I decide is included in the agreed price. Yeah I know unheard of...
My DH could build also do the sliding doors after the fact if I cant live with the looks.
My big question is do I want to give up the counter top?
Maybe I should bump out the front of the drawer base a couple inches. you know like a sink base sometimes is bumped out?

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If you haven't yet, pop over to Appliances and search for Advantium. I read quite a bit over there when deciding, it's a great place for info.

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Should also note that the counterop placement of the built-in would be much easier to reach (and check on food readiness through the window) than the high-mounted OTC oven.

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I use the MW most of the time but have baked some nice casseroles in it using Corning. I also use it as a warming oven.
You will need to plan space for 3 trays and a rack in storage. Mine are over the ovens but I am tall enough to reach without a ladder.

I baked cookies with extra batter but normally use my big oven for baking.

Our kitchen has only been done for a short time and wok + long distance mom have limited my experimentation.

I learned from the appliance forum that peeps liked the 240 better than the 120.

I bought my monogram at a small appliance store- if u don't ask....

Cryptic from iPhone.

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