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lam702October 11, 2013

Our refacing materials are shipped and on their way. So I wanted to get started on prep work. A couple of questions - 1) Cleaning the cabinet boxes - I've washed them but I understand they should be cleaned with some kind of degreaser. Some sites say use TSP, others say denatured alcohol, others say ammonia and water, my supplier says to clean them well with anything that will remove grease. I am a little confused. Since we've had these cabinets for 28 years, they probably have built up some grease, despite my cleanings. I know for that veneer to stick, they have to be free of dirt, dust, wax and grease so I want to use whatever will work the best (with the least amount of fumes and mess) 2) On the area near my dishwasher and sink, there are some small spots where the finish on the frames has been exposed to water and steam, so the finish looks like it is down to bare wood. These are small spots, normal wear for its age but I read that the veneer will not stick to bare wood. Should I sand them, then apply a coat of polyurethane? I thought that if I did that, let it dry well, then lightly scuffed it with sandpaper, it might help with the adherence. Thoughts, please?

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TSP and rinse. Then mineral spirits with steel wool.

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