Annsch , I have a question for you

eleenaOctober 4, 2012

if you don't mind.

What are the materials used for the cove structure around your range?

It looks like the trim and (at least part of) the columns are wood and the front is similar to the walls, if I am not mistaken.

Is it a drywall?

For some reason, I am thinking it was all plywood covered by sheetrock, but I know nothing about this stuff, LOL.

How was the curved part done? Is it something like flexible plywood?


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Hi Eleena. I am going to see if I can dig up some of my old "building out the hood" pix for you. The materials are, I believe, plywood, chicken wire, and plaster---lots of plaster...I will go dig now.:)

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First off I aplogize for all different sizes of pictures, not sure what's going on. :(

Okay so here is the first step, builders built a plywood box frame with dimensions guided by the soon to be installed hood:


2. "Chicken wire"--for lack of a better word--box wrapped with this wire, with some kind of black paper underneath. Wire is to provide something for the plaster to "grab on to":

3. applied plaster---3 coats---took forever to dry...

Finished product:

Corbels were pre-made and bought separately. They, too, are made out of plaster.


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Oh, yes, thank you very much!!!

This is exactly what I needed to know.

I cannot believe you documented every step!

Did you do this with other parts of the kitchen?

I so very impressed.

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No problem. I happened to take pictures of the process because someone here on GW was asking about the step-by-step process, so I decided to document it for them and quite frankly wasn't sure, myself, how the whole thing was going to unfold...:) I am very happy with it.

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BTW, was it expensive to build this structure, if you don;t mind me asking?

I have brick walls around my cooking area and I am wondering if I would be better off taking them down or plastering over them.

It seems that all I need to do is attach the "chicken wire" and apply 3 coats of plaster. I like the look but if it means $$$$, I may have to reconsider.

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Sorry, I truly have no idea about cost. My guess is that the labor is the most expensive part as it takes someone who KNOWS how to work with plaster.

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