Caesarstone edge to avoid chipping

Tr8aceeOctober 25, 2012

We are going with caesarstone as our countertop and initially I was set on the eased edge. I wanted something simple as I wanted the cabinets to stand out. While I was looking on this site, there were some that mentioned that their caesarstone had chipped near the sink and some attributed it to the eased edge.

I was just wondering for those with caesarstone countertops what kind of edge did you get and how has it held up? So many choices and decisions to make, it is so overwhelming. Also, I have small children, are the eased edges sharp? Sorry, I just am not too knowledgeable on this stuff, I am learning as I go, but I appreciate everyone's input.

Thank you.

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I am a fabricator.

Basically the larger the radius on the edge the more resistant it is to chipping. Some lower quality fabricators provide only a very very small bevel on the top edge which, while easy and fast for the fabricator, is definitely prone to chipping.

At a minimum the top edge should be radiused to 1/8". 1/8" is adequate for quartz material since the various quartz products are relatively resistant to chipping since the material is over 25% resin.

(the "90 some percent quartz" you see in the marketing from the quartz suppliers is based on the weight/cc of quartz and resin. what do you think weighs more, a bucket of glue or a bucket or rocks?)

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Thank you Oldryder for your response. So would it be possible to tell the fabricator I want the top edge to be radiused to 1/8"? We are buying our caesarstone thru Pacific Sales which is subcontracted by UGMC.

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I have a straight mitered edge installed 2009. I have it on island and on perimeter. No problems.

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I am doing an eased edge. I just had my templating done. Going with Caesarstone Raven. My question is the overhang ... the guy is doing 1.5 inch drop. Will this look toooooo contemporary? What is the best way to determine this measurement? Is it just a matter of preference?


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