How to write a counter top quote request

donaleenOctober 1, 2012

I am about to send out quote requests for my sink area counter top. I want to be sure I am providing all necessary information to the fabricator. Please, those of you with more experience help me with what I need to ask. What I wrote so far is mostly based on what I've learned by reading what you all say on this forum.


23 square feet of counter top (not counting sink)

L shaped counter with under mount sink

One piece to do the corner with no seam (unless you can make a really invisible seam)

Sink to be a 36" Kohler Whitehaven under mount farm sink with a back bar behind for the faucet

Counter depth to be 26.5 inches

Want a positive reveal for the sink (1/8"??)

Will need one hole drilled for faucet

Small roundover edge treatment

Counter top to be fabricated from Zodiaq 3 cm in Wintergreen

Zodiaq slab size is 63 by 120

Fabricator questions

How much experience do you have with Zodiaq fabrication?

Do you come on site and make a template?

Will you need to take the faucet?

I would like to see examples of your seams

I am assuming you do NOT need the sink

Will any drilling or dusty work be done at my house?

Can I see the slab?

I am very concerned about seams and especially about getting the correct amount of positive reveal on my sink. (I like about to get Dusty's reveal).


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Well, I see a few problems (I'm in the middle of getting countertop replacement quotes, too).
I'm fairly certain the sink area will be included in your quote. I don't see how an L shape is possible without a seam. Unless you are planning to do it yourself, what about existing countertop removal and haulaway, plumbing disconnect/reconnect (these last two are shockingly expensive in my mind. They will request sink and faucet for templating purposes but probably not have to take away.
Good luck, I'm finding all of this home improvement to be not fun at all. Maybe when it's all over . . .

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We have a company that we love for removing stuff, so that is not part of it.

I have seen examples on this forum and on the web where they cut an L shape with no seam. It is my understanding that it is easier with quartz rather than real stone.

I will have the sink and faucet on hand by the time they template.

Thanks for the response and good luck to both of us!

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Sophie Wheeler

You will not be able to shop this quote around. Dupont only sells Zodiaq to authorized fabricators that it trains and certifies. Therefore, there will be an extremely limited pool who could even supply and fabricate your desired top. You will need to find out who those fabricators are and merely supply them with a diagram of the desired counter with the depths indicated as well as the edging, appliance locations, and the sink used with the reveal you want. Standard counter depth is 25.5 not 26.5, so if that is what you want, you need to emphasise the fact that it's NOT a mis-print. Your square footage is also drastically off if you want this as a single piece. You'll need to calculate the entire piece as a giant rectangle, which means the square footage that needs to be cut from the slab is 53 square feet, or roughly double what you are indicating.

Also, to do what you want with the farm sink and corer in one piece, every fabricator that I have ever dealt with would require a signed waiver stating that they will not be responsible if the counter breaks in transport and that you will pay for an entire new slab to be fabricated should that occur. Instead, I'd opt for a seam to either side at the rear of the farm sink so that small skinny piece wouldn't break, as well as a seam at the L. Seams in quartz are extremely inconspicuous and will not pose the same "matching" issue that you can have with granite.

Here's an example of a one page document that is clear about what you want and expect. No use in discussing the visibility of seams on a quote request. That's an in person judgement call for you to make after you view their work.

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Wow, thanks for that detail. I am fine with seams behind the sink, even two seams is fine. Not so crazy about a seam in the L, unless it is pretty inconspicuous. I guess my request was very unclear about that.

That's interesting about who can do it. The DuPont site seems to be a bit wrong in who they list for Portland. One guy I called from their list is a GC.

I am not looking for the cheapest. I do care very much about the quality. DuPont has an estimator program. Maybe I didn't put in the right amount of square footage. The one quote I got was for around $3000 and their site said I should expect something more like $2200.

Thanks so much.

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And I DID mean it about the depth. We are thinking of a deeper base than is normal.

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hollysprings... I went to the Dupont site page where you put in your zipcode and get a list of Zodiaq retailers. I got a response back from one who says they will contact their fabricator. So what does that say? DuPont certified the store front and what about the fabricator? I thought they would be the certified ones. Isn't that what I care about? The fabrication and installation? What good does it do me if the retailer is certified?

This makes me think of what it means (at least here) to be licensed as a contractor... it doesn't mean that you know how to do the work it just means that you know about being bonded and a bunch of other business related stuff.

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