Undermount Single bowl sink - Elkay vs Franke

ChichichicagoOctober 5, 2013

I am working on a complete remodel of my kitchen - and have been sold on the idea of a single bowl sink. I also like the feature of the drain being located to the back corner of the sink - which seems to really limit the choices. From what I can find (on Faucetsdirect.com) there seems to be two options

Franke GNX 110-28
Elkay ELUH2317EK

The Franke sink is about 50% more expensive, it is 16 gauge vs 18, and it is 27.5X19.5 vs 23X16.75.

Any opinions?

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I considered and looked at both brands. I ended up going with the Franke because I liked the finish better and because it had the ledge and shelf system which I LOVE. My model (oceania) is very similar to the one you are considering, but the drain is in rear center. It doesn't look like your model choice comes with the ledge/shelf option, though I could be wrong.

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I have that Franke sink with the grid. I LOVE it. It is easy to keep clean without spotting, all pans fit for soaking and it is quiet--unlike many SS sinks. I really cannot say anything but praise for it.

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There is a Franke model about $70-80 more expensive, with the grids. You could also look at the Blanco Precis and Performa. First is rectangle, latter has curved corners.

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I am asking for my own education: The single bowl sinks are gaining popularity. I am guessing if you hand wash then you have a dish drainer on the counter top next to the sink, yes? I can see that it would be wonderful to be able to let pans and baking sheets soak in the sink versus holding it up and moving in over to try to scrub since no soaking is possible in a traditional sink.

Please share you r reasons for choosing the single bowl sink. I heard that the non-porcelain and non-stainless steel sinks needs special cleanser so the color doesn't fade. Is that true?

Thanks for taking the time to share.


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Frankly, I think Elkay and Franke are way overpriced. Considering that most of them are made in china anyway. I would go with something like Kraus or Ruvati. Almost half the price but same quality. Lot of users here on GW have been very happy with these brands. And they come with grid and other accessories that you would otherwise pay extra for.

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Wanting the drain in the corner really does limit the choices. I was going to do that, but because of the limited choice and also because of the plumber's input, I ended up with choosing a sink that still has an offset drain but center rear instead of right rear.
I really think that the Ruvati is the best buy for a 25" sink since it comes with the grid and strainer, and has good interior dimensions for that size too.

Robyn, I wanted a single bowl (again) because it is easy to wash cookie sheets, roasting pans etc. and also because I won't be sacrificing interior space to a divider--it seems easier to work in all the space. I have had a single bowl for 20+ years and never missed that second bowl.

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I have had a Krauss, 30",with a grid, installed in spring 2011. I cannot remember why I too wanted an offset drain,but having a grid makes a center drain ok.

I love my big single and would not go back to a double sink. There are tons of posts about the benefits of single sinks, here on gw. So do some research and toss away that ugly drainer.

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One trip to a showroom will reveal that all stainless steel sinks are not the same, and there are other things to consider besides price and whether or not they come with grids included. The fit and finish can and does vary widely.

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One fact: 16 gauge is a better quality sink than 18 gauge and likely to be quieter. That accounts for some price difference.

As long as the size, depth and drain placement are what's required, 16-gauge stainless sinks are a fixture where money can be saved.

The x factor is whether the grid or any accessory needed is included or not.

I've used a top of the line Julien sink and an 18-gauge Elkay. The maintenance is the same, they will both give a lifetime of service and they are both cleaned in the same way. The difference can be the surface finish (mirror, brushed, satin etc) and how that choice works vs expectations of how the sink should look both during use and after cleaning.

Ditto on ditch the dish drainer.

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OK you all are rock stars!! Thank you. This is my first post after lurking around this site for a few months.

Jellytoast: What is the ledge/shelf system you refer to? f you like it that much I think I need to look at it.

Dennisforman: I had wanted the drain in the back right corner - frankly to free up space under the cabinet, and also not to block the drain/disposal if a pan is soaking. But the grid would alleviate the latter problem....

raee: What did the plumber tell you about the offset drain? Again I thought it would make the space more usuable underneath the sink...but I will have a disposal and h2o filter underthere...so maybe it doesnt make a difference?

Thank you so much for all of this advice!!

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"Jellytoast: What is the ledge/shelf system you refer to? f you like it that much I think I need to look at it."

Franke sinks have the option of a "ledge" on the interior of the sink. The ledge is placed about halfway between the bottom and top of the sink. It allows you to place an optional grid on one half of the sink, which is great for drying dishes, washing vegetables, or whatever. It is really quite handy and is attractive enough to be left in place all the time.

Here is a pic that shows the grid "shelf" on the right side of the sink. The optional "utility bowl" is on the left (I store that under the sink when it's not being used).

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Oh....I like this.... and your drain is center back correct? Do you have a garbage disposal? Just make sure there are no issues with that.

I may have to get over the right rear drain...

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Drain is in the center back. Yes, I have a garbage disposal, an Insinkerator Evolution Compact. This is the Oceania sink in a 36 inch cabinet. I have plenty of room left under the sink for a trash container on the left, as well as storage for my large bottom grid (which I rarely use), the utility bowl, and the usual cleaning supplies. I LOVE the utility bowl for hand-washing dishes.

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