Please help with UCL-what do you do to these wires?

lilymilaOctober 19, 2012

Hi, my kitchen remodeling is coming along nicely, but I am really confused about these bundles of wires coming of the wall (see pic)

Each of these bundle used to have one fluorescent light attached and all four bundles are connected to a switch located at the entrance of the kitchen, so with one flip of the switch, all four lights come on. Now I want to move into the 21st century and get LED instead. I assume that you attach a driver to one bundle of wire and then snap several LED in place to cover the run of the cabinet and use cables to go over the microwave. I don't need a dimmer, but if I stall one, that would go in the place of the current switch correct? This way I have 3 bundle of wire left over. What do you do with these? How do you hide them? What do you think electricians will charge for installation. The one I spoke to want to charge over $500. That seems a little excessive to me, but I have no idea what a fair price would be.

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Now I am no electrician but my husband bought a convertor sold at lowes that he hard wired to the electricity and plugged in the under counter lights. I think it was pretty straight forward and had instructions. Then simply plugged in the undercounter lights of your choice to it.

Utilitech Convenience Box for Direct Wire Conversion

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It is a little hard to see them, but I am guessing that your "bundles" carry 120 V wiring. If so, you can use "direct-wire" LED lights (like, for example, Philips PowerCore). I have never seen the device that rtwilliams showed you, but that looks like a possibility, too.

There is no legal, safe way to get rid of the existing wires except to find their other end and disconnect them. (Well, I suppose it would be legal to install a junction box under the cabinets and terminate the wires in there, but I am not 100% sure about that.) If you disconnect them and remove them from their originating junction box, then it is legal to "abandon" them and cut the exposed ends off and shove them back into the wall. You can plaster over the hole they came out of.

The $500 does not seem outrageous to me, perhaps a little on the high side. It will take him or her the better part of a day, and they typically charge over $50/hr.

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@rtwilliams, is the converter the same as the so call driver or transformer?

It seems to me that environmental lights are highly rated by people here. If I use these lights from here

What will my setup and connection look like?

LED light------LED light-----LED light------LED light-------driver---bundles of wires from the wall?

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I am not rtwilliams, but I can answer your last question. No, the device she posted just takes the house 120 V wiring and puts a plug on it. Then you can plug in lights that were designed to plug into standard wall outlets.

I cannot tell the answer to your other questions, sorry. You may try the lighting forum. Some knowledgable people over there!

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