Inline Valve for Refrigerator Ice Maker

JD-318October 31, 2012


I am new to the Forums and I have a request. I would like to install a valve in the flexible line that connects my ice maker to the supply line that is in my crawl-space. The ice maker suffers from an issue that could be resolved if I could lessen the water pressure going to the refrigerator.

I figure that I can accomplish this by installing an "inline" ball valve or gate valve in the standard flexible plastic water line. With the valve, I can modify the pressure until I get optimal results.

Does anyone have any ideas regarding this project? I need to obtain a practical valve. Any ideas on online sources for the valve, which I believe would be 1/4 inch, brass or plastic, and would contain compression fittings on both sides of the valve?

Thanks for ANY help you all can provide.

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I am confident you can get such a valve at any big-box store. If you really want an online source, you could order it from McMaster-Carr and have it in a day or two. (They are fast.)

I think it is generally not advised to use a valve in this fashion. There are pressure reducers made for such a purpose, which have the advantage of supplying water at a constant pressure downstream. (The downstream pressure in your intended application would vary with the input pressure.) However, I think for such a low-use application as an icemaker, your solution will be fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: McMaster-Carr

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