placement of kitchen sink in countertop

remodel-mamaOctober 3, 2010


The contractor is about to cut the hole for the sink in the plywood that goes under the (quartz) countertop and is asking me how I want it positioned.

I bought the Kraus 30" x 18" sink

So, the question is, how many inches of countertop to leave in the back vs. the front of the sink.

Thank you!

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Pull the sink as far forward as you can without compromising the integrity of the stone. The farther back the sink is, the farther forward you have to reach to get to the faucet as well as work in the sink itself...and the greater the possibility of causing back problems (and the taller you are, the worse it is). Additionally, you want to be sure you have enough room behind the sink and in front of the backsplash (or window) to fit the faucet as well as use the faucet without hitting the backsplash, window, or window sill.

In most cases, you shouldn't need more than 4" b/w the inside wall of the sink and the counter edge...less is much better if your stone can handle it. Remember, the counter overhangs the cabinets by approx 1.5" factor that in. This means, the inside wall of the sink should be no more than 3.5" from the outside of the front wall of the cabinet.

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thanks buehl! Do you think 3" from the edge would be ok with Caersarstone quartz?

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I don't honestly know...maybe someone else can answer that? I don't know much about quartz, sorry! Even w/granite, it depends on the stone and, to some extent, the skill of the fabricator and/or his/her machinery.

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