quick opinion needed! not sure I should do what I'm thinking of

mamadadapaigeOctober 6, 2012


My renovation is almost finished. I've had the lighting on hand for a long time. My vision was for the kitchen to be fun / not too serious / light, etc.

I bought a couple of pendants for over my peninsula from Ikea. They were only $50 each and fit in with the color scheme and feel, however, every time I think of them I feel like I am making a temporary decision until I find what I really want.

I had originally loved a Lindsey Adelman fixture I saw at the Arch. Digest home show in NYC but at $12,000 IAH (it ain't happenin).

Well, here's the problem. I based the pendants for in front of my windows upon the Ikea fixtures - they visually connect to each other - the pendants in front of the windows are all white by Rejuvenation: the Astron Pendant.

BUT, now I have seen a light fixture on West Elm that reminds me of the Lindsey Adelman fixture and I really love it and could see it working in my space but it wouldn't connect as well (or maybe at all) with the Astron Pendant.

Could you take a look and let me know what you think? I am posting a progress shot of my kitchen but bear in mind that the wooden walls have now been painted a pale gray and the wall that the peninsula attaches to will be wallpapered.

The branch chandelier from west elm is $499 and I need two of them so quite a bit more of an investment than the $50 ikea lights.

thanks for looking and any help you can provide.

Progress on kitchen:

Lindsey Adelman Fixture:

Wallpaper going on wall by Peninsula:

Ikea Fixture for over peninsula - there would be two - I already own them

Astron Pendant by Rejuvenation

Branch Chandelier by West Elm that I am thinking to use instead of Ikea fixtures but does it works with Astron Pendant?

Here is a link that might be useful: West Elm Branch Chandelier - more pics of it

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I'm having a hard time seeing the two in the same space. Maybe if the Astron light was black?

LOVE the branch one, though! That is really cool.

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The wallpaper, IKEA fixtures and Astron fixtures are all modern, the West ELm fixture has a retro vibe. It doesnt work. What about the Titan

Here is a link that might be useful: titan pendant

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I like the wallpaper and the West Elm fixture because I think they do work - they relate. They both have kind of a natural vibe with the zebra and the branch vibe. Plus, I think that's what makes modern work these days, not being so COMMITTED to it that it gets cold. I used to hate modern, until it became modern modern and mixes in some warmth/zen/natural elements so it isn't so sleek. I digress, but I just want to throw in a counter opinion to localeater.

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I don't normally chime in on aesthetics, but to me, the West Elm fixture goes much better with the overall feel of what I see in the progress pic...much better than the IKEA fixture.

I like the Lindsey Adelman fixture as well...but at that price tag I have to agree about IAH!

Hmmm....how artistic and handy are you? Could you make one that's very close to the Lindsey Adelman?

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Thank you for your opinions!

I think at this point I have two options (or maybe more if someone can point them out):

Option 1:
Stick with current plan of Astron / Ikea pendants. I already own them. paid for, etc. My concern with the Ikea fixtures is their longterm durability for use in a kitchen The little flowers are made of paper. I can see them getting splattered or wet or dusty or just not holding up. I knew that going in, but from a budgeting standpoint I knew lighting was an area I could save on so that money could be spent on other things.

Option 2: Use the Branch Chandelier but not the Astron pendants. Put a cap over the holes where the Astron pendants were going. Try to sell the Astron Pendants - at this point I don't think I can return them. They cost $130 each so not the easiest to just write off but not terrible either. I don't really need the light that the Astron pendants were going to cast - it was more for looks but I think it will also look fine without a light fixture there.

I agree with you that the Astron and Branch do not work... You are confirming what I was feeling. I think the Branch would be okay with the wallpaper as Steph2000 is saying. I have barn door hardware not pictured above that would relate to the branch fixtures.

Will post a couple of more pictures to give you the jist of the space.

Appreciate your help - any more opinions??

floors - sorry, I couldn't rotate the picture... also couldn't rotate the next one. Am at work and don't have updated software and couldn't get photobucket to rotate because flash wouldn't install

view into kitchen from butler's pantry

bar stools - they aren't quite so acid green in person - i got them because everything was going to be so light/white including light fixtures and i felt i needed a pop of color, but the branch fixture has more color to it.. hmmm.. late in the game to be falling in love with a light fixture - just reminds me of poor man's version of the Lindsey Adelman fixture which was just amazing

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buehl, thanks for chiming in! I was writing while you were posting. Appreciate your opinion! I think the branch fixture relates to the butler's pantry as well which is a small pass through from the dining room

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buehl, forgot to mention, while i am handy, i don't have it in me to DIY the fixture but apparently Lindsey Adelman sells kits where you can make your own of her style of fixtures. i thought about it but just too busy and the electrician is coming later this week to put the fixtures up... my kitchen is going to be on a kitchen tour in one week to support a local museum. it doesn't have to be 100% done and I am not basing decisions on that but it would be nice to get something, put it up and have the renovation DONE!

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mamadadapaige: WHAT is that paper in your hallway? It's fabulous!

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Seeing your barn hardware, I can definitely see the connection to the branch pendant. When I look at the room views for the branch pendant it seems very low, so I checked it's height, it is almost 32". Do you have high enough ceilings for the branch over your island? I have low ceilings so this is always an issue for me I have have fallen in love many times with a fixture only to have my heart broken.

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Fori is not pleased

I think the branches are trendy but not in a good way like fixtures made from shed antlers. I'd hold out for shed antlers.

You asked!!

I really like all your choices until I get to the branch...


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I just had to google "shed antlers." All I could think of was a little building out back where you store tools and/or antlers. :p

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I love the branch chandelier...but have you already purchased the wallpaper? Have you seen Regina's office, in 'Once Upon a Time'? Those birches would look beautiful in your space :)

From [Snow White album](https://picasaweb.google.com/113704953485102437421/SnowWhiteAlbum?authuser=0&feat=embedwebsite)
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The Lindsay Adelman fixture looks much more modern to me then the West Elm one, which looks rustic to me. I also think 2 of the West Elm lights would be too much. To me, part of the appeal of the Adelman one, is the size of it and the fact that you wouldn't need 2 of them. The 1 large fixture makes it more of a wow factor. Also, I think you're heading towards a more rustic vibe if you mix the west elm fixtures with the barn door hardware. Not that that's a bad thing, just not sure if that's what you're going for.

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I do not think that the space will fit 2 dif styles of pendants, why not only use the Astron and have it either over the peninsula or over the window and then just have recessed in the other spot? You have a lot of neat elements, 2 different lights may be too much. Just my opinion but I have never liked the ikea fixture, it looks too kiddy to me.

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Typing on my iPhone so a little brief...

You all make such good points. Athomeinva, I think you're correct. I am thinking of capping the pendants over the window and just doing the two over the peninsula. Malhgold, your observation is something that's been rattling around in my head for months. One long fixture would be better than two. I saw one in the design center in Boston that would have been fab but like the Adelman fixture too much $$. All along I've been looking for an alternative to the Ikea fixture.

I went to west elm after leaving work today. The girl gave me a 20 percent F&F discount so I ordered the branch fixtures, plus I get double the designer rewards back which will be about $200. I can't make a final decision on the branch fixtures without seeing them in my house. If they don't work I can return them.

My kitchen is on this tour on Saturday. Electrician is coming this week... I'm thinking of having him install the ikea fixtures for now... Won't cost me too much of his time since he has to come anyway.

LL, lOve that branch paper!

Deedles, my butlers pantry paper is by Harlequin. I think the pattern name is Silhouette but I can confirm that when I'm home. I absolutely love it. Thanks for your nice compliment

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So, I have thought of little else than the light fixture issue over the last few days. I really wish I had focused more clearly earlier in the process rather than what I did (which was choose the cheap Ikea fixtures with the intent to switch it out one day as budget allowed).

The latest was that I was going to put up the pair of branch fixtures but as Malhgold pointed out (and I agree with) the space really sort of wants one fixture, not two.

So, today I went to the design center in Boston and visited nearly every showroom to see what would work for my space, my budget and was available for sale off the floor. I've got the fixture in the back of my car... still not sure it is the exactly perfect thing, but the price was very good and I LOVE the fixture. If it bothers me overtime it will end up over my dining room table.

The electrician is coming tomorrow so I will take a picture and post it when its up (so please check back), but wanted to thank you all for weighing in on what was sort of a last minute stress out on my case... As stated, I really should not have done this "temporary lighting plan" - it never felt right.

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I am going to be patient, but it could push me over the edge. I am sure it is gong to be amazing!

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Honestly I don't care for either in your space...or maybe I haven't seen enough of the room to see the connection. From what I do see, it looks beautiful, but the painted wood paneling and barn door track has a rustic or casual vibe that to me doesn't go with either of the Ikea fixtures. The flower ball is cute, but I agree it looks like something that should be in an ultra modern or whimsical space. I picture it in a teen girls bedroom like this : http://www.houzz.com/photos/eclectic/Ikea-Maskros-light- And I think 2 is one 2 many.

As far as the branch goes. I think it's more suited to what I see of your space, and it looks cool in the picture you provided, but in the colored picture on the website it looks like something wrapped in electrical tape with Xmas lights on the end. And also on the website the picture of it hanging down over the dining table looks like an Xmas decoration. I'm sure it looks better in person, however if one looks like a unique, one of a kind thing, 2 demonstrates that it isn't; the unique factor is gone. Plus a branch here and trees on your wallpaper there...is it too literal, too matchy matchy? You already have a lot of colorful elements making design statement on their own. Can't have everything saying "look at me", know what I mean? Maybe something more restrained would work for the lighting?
Again just an honest opinion from the little I've seen. I haven't seen any pictures of your space before, but can't wait to see more!

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BTW, LOVE your floors. Can you please tell me what the are? Thanks.

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Love, love, love both papers! Did you have the Harlequin Silhouettes shipped from the UK?

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Hoping you can weigh in...

also, island, thanks re: the floors - they are brazilian cherry with a stain. and mom3sons, i ordered the paper in boston at the design center and sure enough it arrived a few days later, shipped from England - not bad! Thank you for the nice compliments

Light fixture went up today over the peninsula - wallpaper has also gone up and I have the chair in place ... the only thing missing is the hood. I went to pick it up at the sheet metal place the other day and it did not turn out well at all so they are working to fix the problems. I will go back to the drawing board if need be. but to give you the jist - it is supposed to be powder coated white panels with stainless bands.

I sort of pinned the Astron pendant in front of the left window ... do you like it? do you think it goes with the overall look? I sort of like it and think it isn't as off as I would have thought but I am flexible if nothing else. I had the plasterer at the house this morning covering over the three holes in the ceiling from "my flexibility" (thanks Malhgold for your "one fixture" comment - the thought had been in my head and hearing someone else voice it made me listen to it - I love this new light fixture).

Obviously the Astron pendant would be in front of both windows and would pick up on the white in the hood. Also, I would use those filament edison bulbs with it to tie in with the main fixture.

Please be honest... can't change the peninsula fixture at this point but can eliminate the Astron pendants although at this point I think I'd tend to keep them.

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One more pic facing the other way - Astron or no Astron? that is the question...

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oops... the first picture showing the Astron in front of the window didn't come through. here it is

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No pendants in front of the window is my vote! Really awesome kitchen!

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I like it without the pendants. I need to bring you some wine and cheese to celebrate this kitchen! Looks wonderful!

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I agree, no pendant is needed in front of those windows. I love what you are doing in your kitchen, it's really unique and charming and beautiful!

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Love it (without the pendants). Very cool kitchen! What is the "backsplash" made of? Something that's ok for cooking with that big range?! Looks great but I'm just curious...

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I don't love the look of the pendant with all of the other elements and with the pennisula lighting fixture. I'm not sure if a different pendant would look better or perhaps a semi-flush ceiling mounted industrial looking fixture would look better (I'm partial to semi-flush mounted lights over windows as I did that in my kitchen). I'm also wondering if part of what I don't love is that the fixture is white... I'm wondering if you need more of the iron like the pennisula fixture. Just my two cents for what it's worth!! Best of luck but all else is really coming together amazingly!!

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thank you all! aokat15.. can i see pictures of the semi-flush fixture in your kitchen? you make a good point.

I admit that I may be apt to this Astron fixture because I already own it but it seems you are all unanimous in your votes against it.

About to get dusty, I have the Wolf 20" stainless riser with shelf going up behind the range. The backsplash is wood boards with BM satin impervo so somewhat durable but not for behind a range -especially since i have a grill, griddle, wok insert, etc.

Chris - wine and cheese! bring it on! would love to have you over.

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Mama--your kitchen is so cool I can't even stand it! I am loving your lighting, the wallpaper and my favorite...the barn doors! Your windows with the black mullions are gorgeous and make such a statement! Did you have a designer or are you just super duper talented??

I think the reason the Astron light doesn't work is because you seem to have punches of black or dark bronze throughout your space and the Astron sticks out because it doesn't have any of that. Does that make sense?

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What a great kitchen, it's both beautiful and fun! I'm really looking forward to seeing it on the house tour:) Is that the new light you just had mounted? It adds great interest I think and really appeals to me but I'm a little on the fence as to how it works with your room. I think it looks great in the view looking towards the peninsula but I'm not so sure about the view looking at the windows. Too industrial? Anyway, good to know you can move it to the DR if you so wish.

I don't see that the pendants add anything to the kitchen but I probably wouldn't have noticed them if you hadn't asked (no opinion, sorry!). Love the peninsula wallpaper!

Lavendar_lass - love that wallpaper too! Am now considering wall paper instead of paint in my next project:).

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thank you Annsch and ob2b...

just wanted to add one more thing: the green chairs were not part of my original vision. I had purchased the Toledo Stools from Restoration Hardware and had them in my basement, but a friend had also got them for her kitchen and after only two months use they were chipped and looking awful. RH wanted to repair them for her which is okay, but I felt this was my opportunity to return them (a repair after owning something for only two months would not have been welcome news to me given how tough my kids are on things).

The crate and barrel green chairs are fun but a little bright i think. I am planning to put some cushions on them to minimize their impact. I don't mind a punch of color but the green is a bit bright i guess. I am fine with them though. I thought they were reasonably priced and I was able to pick them up at the distribution center thereby saving shipping and also got them on sale. They were half the price of the RH stools (which again, I loved for my space but not willing to make that type of investment with the fear they might not hold up in an active household).

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Another vote for no pendants. Love the wallpaper and the lighting fixture over the peninsula looks great. Good choice. Can't wait to see more photos when it's finished.

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I love your kitchen! I vote for no pendants either - but am intrigued by the idea of the semi-flush mounts, and think that they would work with the windows better as well. I can't wait to see how everything comes together!

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Here are my semi-flush mounted lights just over my two range-flanking windows. I have the same lights also in my pantry. I did more industrial pendants and then retro schoolhouse semi-flush. Good luck!!

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aokat- OMG... your kitchen is jaw droppingly beautiful!!!!!!!!!
i love it!

those flush mount fixture are perfect. I could see doing something like that in my kitchen. the electricians are here right now and I asked them to put caps over the rough openings.

You have the same range as me too - with grill and griddle. how are you liking it? i haven't used mine yet as it has been a construction site around here and I haven't been able to move all my stuff back into the kitchen yet.

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I looooooove that Adelman fixture. Have you thought about having something similar custom made? Perhaps you could commission a local welder and your electrician could wire it up. And now I'm seriously thinking of doing the same since my neighbor is a welder.. oh no, I thought I had made my lighting choices :)

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Thanks so much!! I really think the semi-flush will work great in your space especially with the proportions of your other elements.

I love our range!! We don't use the grill as much as we did in the very beginning - it just seems that we more often opt for the outdoor grill. But the griddle we use almost every day (sometimes multiple times a day) - between breakfast, grilled cheeses/quesadillas/etc, and even burgers and fish. This range was a huge step up from my last kitchen so I don't have much to compare it to, but I love it!

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Those semi-flush mounts would look nice if you need the light there. Much better than something hanging.

Did I miss it or did you say what you were doing behind your stove for a backsplash?

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I like the idea of semi-mounts. The light over the peninsula is rather great. Very unique! It plays nice with the barn doors.

I love your walls. Those are just too cool. Your whole house is looking great.

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mamadadapaige - Good luck with everything today! I'm so looking forward to seeing your kitchen. I'm hoping I will know from the tour booklet which one it is... otherwise could you possibly send me a PM to let me know which one it is? oldbat2be@gmail.com Thanks!!

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hi OB2B, so nice to meet you today? did you enjoy the tour? I had a chance to see a few of the houses this afternoon. It was a great day.

steph2000, thanks so much! i think you are right re: the semi-flush. right now I am going to take a breather until the hood is ready. I pushed really hard to get this done for the tour today -- there were so many people here this week. will be nice to take a little break.

deedles, I purchased the wolf 20" riser with shelf for behind the range. it isn't up yet. the guys were having trouble sliding the range out. the riser has to attach to the back of the range (i would have assumed it could just attach to the wall) and so the range has to slide out. The marble countertops are very tight to the range with really no gap at all so it was difficult for them and they were rushing so much to get so many things done that I suggested we address it later when they can slow down a little (I was a little afraid of them damaging the doors on my range ... they were pullling on them trying to slide it out and that was definitely not okay with me!).

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mamadadapaige - the tour was great fun but for me the highlight was seeing a beautiful fellow GWer's kitchen in person! Amazing how pictures do not do a space justice; I could have easily spent an hour in your kitchen, admiring! Belatedly, though, am wishing I had asked more about the mechanics of your hidden TV :)

After seeing your new light over the island, I have to say you nailed it - it's perfect for your space.

I really fell for the fixture in your walkthrough pantry -- details please, that is GORGEOUS!! Isn't of me repeating a zillion questions you've already answered, if you've done a reveal, I'd love to see the link. Thanks!!! happyOldBat :)

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happy OB,
you could always come back if you wanted to check out the TV again. Thank you for the nice comments. I haven't done a finished kitchen post here on GW yet since the hood isn't done.

The fixture in the pantry is from Restoration Hardware - seemed to work in a narrow space and kind of goes with the dark feel in that room.

thanks again! oh also, just wanted to say that you and DH seem to enjoy this process together - so nice to see that! He was funny to introduce himself as "DH".

Here is a link that might be useful: RH fixture that went into my butler's pantry

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a little FYI -- i ran across DIY instructions a while back when looking into building a chandelier -- on how to make a similar Lindsey Adelman chandelier. thought it might help you out, if you really want one and are handy!

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY lindsay adelman chandelier

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