Suggestions on how to re-do this kitchen?

bosegirlOctober 16, 2012

We want to keep it bright, but we'd like...

-granite or corian counterops

-Possibly adding more cabinets or extend out near the area behind eat-in part?

-Is it possible to make the counter with sink straight instead of bent how it is and then add an island?


-maybe white cabinets with a grey or beige paint on the wall? And bronze or nickel hardware?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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One more pic

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It doesn't look like you have room for an island if you straighten the sink run out and it still connects to the range counter. How about this:

-Fridge wall stays as is.
-Range stays where it is, but the counter simply runs into the wall and stops. The counter I mean is the one perpendicular to the Fridge.
-The sink is put into an island that is parallel to the range counter.

Of course, I have no idea about the measurements of your room so what I'm talking about might not work. Can you post a layout with measurements?

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soon as I get measurements I'll update...we're closing on the house soon and I didn't measure rooms yet, argh!

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it looks fine to live in and re-assess after you use the space for a while. Nice windows but remember it's still a windowless kitchen...which is a case for work runs opening out to the window wall,instead of the separation with the diagonal setup as is shown.That means a big huge change in layout,which might be worth it,so I'd sit pretty for a while.

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If there's enough room to stand at the sink...and open the dishwasher without bumping into your leg, then I'd leave it as is, for now.

Putting the sink on an island will mean less counter space and an aisle between the sink and range. Not very safe, especially if you have kids.

Painting the cabinets and new countertops and backsplash would make a huge difference! Also, think about beadboard on the back of the sink area, if it goes with your style. It's a cute kitchen and the angled sink ties in nicely with your bay window :)

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