Light switches & electrical outlets??

hedgehoggyOctober 1, 2012

What kind of light switches and electrical outlets styles are you using. Do most people use the Decora style or the toggle type? Thank you.

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I think it is a personal preference kind of thing. I don't have a strong feeling either way. I did a kitchen last summer and did conventional switches and outlets.

I am just completing the kitchen in my new house and had conventional planned again. Then I realize the lower door I have on the tall cabinet that reaches from ceiling to counter opens into one of the three way switches for my overhead cans. I was worried about the door getting dinged up with a toggle switch so I did the whole room in Decora which worked great for that cabinet door.

For me, neiter really talks to me and gives me a "gotta have" feeling but I am sure others feel differently about it.

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We have mostly Decora and Diva dimmer switches (with coordinating receptacles) throughout our house. Kitchen and LR have Lutron's Nova and Nova-T switches. Our ceiling fan required a certain amperage, so we were limited as to which fan switch we could use. Since there are also light switches in the same gang box, we matched them to the fan switch.

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I think its personal preference. My electrician didn't bother to ask me (although I had it specified in the estimate) and he installed all Decora saying it was standard. I understand the Decora switches are a bit more expensive. Nonetheless, I wanted toggle just like the rest of my older home.

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My outlets are all Decora for a funny reason:

A friend of mine was a foreman on the Gaylord Hotel at the National Harbor. When the building was almost complete, the architect came in and said, "I didn't spec off-white outlets or switches, I spec'ed white."

So... they had to go through the entire hotel and swap them out.

He showed up with a moving box full of these pieces that was destined for the dumpster. So... when I have electrical work done, I use the nice Decoras.

Similar to the soft-close thread (sorry to hi-jack), if someone's looking for some of these in cream, I have many. MANY. LMK if anyone can use 'em and we can work out a postage deal. They are not INexpensive outlets.

I love 'em.

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I have a real mixed bag because I live in a pre-electricity house and what I have depends how much I want hide it or show it. I have push button switches in a couple locations where they are highly visible. I have Lutron Satin Colors in areas where I could closely relate them to wall color. I have conventional outlets in some areas because they are in the baseboard.

I may, in the next place use Forbes and Lomax, Bocci 22, and another spackle-in minimalist outlet or switch, or Sillites, depending upon various situations.

I usually go for a certain amount of consistency with fixtures and such but this is something where I will spend big money in certain highly visible locations and go with the basics where it doesn't matter

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Wow- do you want to send some extras my way!!!

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As we've gone through our house renovating room by room, we've needed to replace all the old outlets and switches. We started with the kitchen which needed lots of lighting renovation. Because I was clueless on that subject, I got some help (OK, a lot of help) from the person at the local Ferguson's. She was great. In the course of that, we ended up with Decora. We like them, so we kept on going with that as we've moved along. I don't feel so strongly about it that I'd be upset about not having that style, but I like it well enough to keep on doing it. Actually, a toggle switch is easier to turn on with your elbow when needed, but how often do you really do that? FWIW, I think the Decora style is more "up to date," but if you prefer the toggle, just do it. Toggles will not mark you down as the crazy cat lady who wouldn't know up to date from up in the air.

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email me. :)

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In our new Craftsman house, I plan to use the old-fashioned push-button switches wherever they will show to visitors. Other than that, probably toggles, as I have never warmed up to the Decora style. I wonder which is considered better for Universal Design?

Two points- Check your local building codes, as the current national code calls for tamper-resistant outlets now. Also- Spend a bit more money, and get quality switches and outlets. I have had to change out many builder-grade fixtures in our current house, as they start arcing and sputtering as they wear out. Those cheapie units for under a buck at the big box stores don't hold up!

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