convert down draft to range hood?

PoorOwnerOctober 25, 2012

This is my next kitchen..

It has a downdraft cooktop and it needs to go, right now it is vented to outside wall I don't know how it is routed or go through maybe studs.. but how hard is it to convert to a range hood?

I am guessing it goes up the soffit thing then sideways? otherwise does it go through the studs in some way?

It is a 9 foot ceiling house but the soffit is 8" I have seen recess lighting added too after the fluorescent fixture is taken out. I have seen the same home for sale with the hood added so it can be done.

I am hoping to address this temporary before a big remodel


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We're doing exactly the same thing in our house. As I understand it, there's probably no efficient way to link a new vent hood to the existing downdraft system, so we're looking at basically removing the down draft ventilation and closing up the hole in the house where that one exits and then creating a new overhead ventilation system running the ducting through the top of the cabinets (but in your case the soffit will probably work assuming there's nothing in there) to outside.

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