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steph2000October 26, 2012

Hello there! I think I missed the reveal to your kitchen, but came across a link to your photobucket pics on the sink thread. I have some questions, as you seem to have chosen some things I am considering. If these have already been answered in a reveal thread, please let me know and I can dig around more for that.

Firstly, you have a great kitchen. Congrats!

1 - Do you have any regrets about going with a smaller sink with the 3" rev-a-shelf pullouts on each side of the sink? Are you pleased with what you can fit there? Do you think it optimizes the space?

I've been contemplating having pull outs both on each side of the sink (small like this, for vitamins, aspirin, pill bottles on one end and my partner's tea boxes on the other) and on the stove (a bit larger, for spices and vinegar and oils). I am aware that it is not considered ideal to have the spices over there by the stove, where they can get hot, but I'm contemplating it anyway, especially as I am considering a wall without uppers where the range will go. My kitchen will also be a U, most likely.

Is it difficult to manuveur around the kitchen with the pullouts and actually use them? It seems like it would be super convenient to pull out such a "drawer" in the natural work zones for those items - but in both cases, the pull outs are situated over an appliance. Does it block traffic in the kitchen or do you have to push people out of the way to pull it out? Am I imagining a problem that doesn't exist?

2 - I've also been considering what to do with garbage and the dreaded corner. I see you went with garbage and recycling in the corner. Do you like it there? Where did you get that unit? Is it easy to operate and solidly built? I've been viewing a 15-18" pull out for the garbage as non-negotiable but this space is so tight I am running into layout quandries. Also, the same questions about pulling a garbage/recycling pullout into the traffic zone come up for me as do with the small spice pullouts... Do you find it a pain to reach in to throw things away or to empty/change the bags?

I appreciate any thoughts you have, given you have real life experience with these options.

Again, your kitchen is really lovely. I hope you are enjoying working in it.

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Hi Steph2000! Thanks so much. I am really enjoying my new kitchen :-)
1. My sink is a lot bigger than my old sink, so it's great. But sometimes when I have a giant pot I wonder if the 36" would have been even better...but then I really don't think I would want to trade the pullouts. One pullout has a metal rack with pegs - I hang up lots of utensils and I love that I can quickly find what I need while cooking. The other pullout is where I keep my spices (I had thrown out my old spices so I made sure I bought ones that would fit in the pullout). I also keep my K-cups in there, which I love. The pullouts are just 3" so I was worrie about fitting anything - but both work surprisingly well. I am pleased. And I am so thankful because I would never have known about them if I hadn't asked fellow GWers :-)
My kitchen is small - so is my house - but the space works 100x better than my old U-shaped kitchen. The pullouts are in and out in a jiffy - I would never leave them open. So they are not in the way. But if DH is trying to load the d/w while I am trying to pull out a K-cup, well yes it would be a problem. But that's anything in this space. If someone wants to help and it's going to get in the way, I send them to the other side of the peninsula ;-)
2. Love my garbage/recycling pullouts! Very solid. I was nervous about them before they were installed, but now that I have them I think they are the best! They spin easily, and each can comes out easily for emptying. I just want to see if a top exists to keep on top of the garbage can - I have to call the company and find out. My cabs are Schuler (from Lowes). Not sure if other companies offer something similar? We do not have to separate for recycling, so my third can is used for clean grocery store paper and plastic bags that I collect and reuse for whatever.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dusty's kitchen reveal

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So glad you found this, AboutToGetDusty. Your kitchen is really great. I keep imagining that these pullouts are a great storage option and keep things from getting lost in the back. It sounds like you are really glad you have them.

In my house, really, there seems like there is no GOOD place for the garbage. Which is probably why the current layout doesn't have a spot for garbage...which has driven me near crazy for the past decade.

I'm so grateful to see these ideas in someone's kitchen. Thanks so much.

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