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katmuOctober 29, 2013

U've read the sticky thread, so I'm hoping I don't forget to include anything important. I'm building a new home of the floor plan I attached. I would be cooking solo for most meals, as I only have my older son (22) left at home and 1 labrador mix dog. I generally host family holidays at my house, and do most of my bigger meals on the weekends with quicker meals during the week. I'm planning on a standard 30" gas range, deep double bowl sink, dishwasher and refrigerator. I plan on using a range hood and a seperate microwave. I'm considering putting the microwave on a shelf so it's off the counter but I'm open to ideas.

I'm moving from a 1930s Tudor with a kitchen I gutted. I like most things about my current kitchen still after 9 years of living with it, other than the charcoal Marmoelum floor (hard to keep clean). My current kitchen has quartz countertops but I'm debating if I should get those again or do something different as I would prefer more of a matte finish. I went with quartz for the previous kitchen as my ex was always cutting on the counters, where I tend to use a cutting board.

I'm trying to stick with an Arts and Crafts style throughout for the new house so I know that I want oak cabinets. I'm also planning on 3/4" oak flooring throughout, other than the laundry/mudroom and baths.

Two things I'm really struggling with:
1. Do I rotate the island?
2. What to do for countertops? The quartz has been durable but it's black so it does show spots and I'm not sure the shiny finish of most quartz or granite goes with the look I'm going for.

I forgot to add, I changed the door swing on the door from the laundry room also.

Other feedback about the layout is welcome. Thank you.

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Do you really need so many upper cabinets? I'm convinced that folks tend to overestimate the value and underestimate the cost (both in $ and ascetics) of wall cabinets. What if you just had one large wall cab above the dishwasher for glasswear storage and one or two around the cooktop for cooking oil and whatnot?

Only other comment is that the fridge looks a little cramped in the corner. Maybe add a tall pull-out cabinet for broom & other misc storage to the left of the fridge to get it away from the wall?

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The number of uppers is similar to what I have in the existing kitchen, but I don't have a walk-in pantry in the existing kitchen so maybe I should do away with the ones to the right of the sink.

I was a little concerned about the location of the fridge in the corner, so I will take a look at other tall cabinets to see if maybe I can move the fridge out a bit.

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Do you need the door that's swinging into the kitchen from the mudroom area? That seems to limit what you can do with the island. I'm assuming the range is on the same wall as the fridge? From the picture I'm not certain on island clearances. If you have enough clearance on either side of the island, it might be nice to have it wider near the range with a prep sink. Also, you could put seating around the end rather than in a row facing the window. So rather than just rotating the island, you might want to consider what shapes fit the space best and provide you with ideal seating and prep space.

I agree with GauchoGordo that you might consider eliminating the sink wall cabinets as they might not be necessary and could really open up the space. And that you might need some space between your fridge and the wall.

Regarding finishes, I think a craftsman style home with oak cabinets sounds lovely. If I were aiming for craftsman, I'd look for a dark matte countertop like soapstone, slate, or honed granite.

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I was wanting a door from the laundry/mudroom area mostly due to potential noise from the laundry. The door swing would be reversed from what was shown in the draft version of the plan I posted.

The range is on the same wall as the fridge.

I will ask the kitchen designer about clearances on the island.

I do like the look of soapstone and slate. How are those for upkeep? I plan to check into honed granite. I'm just not sure how it compares price wise around here to the more standard finish.

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You could do a pocket door rather than a swing door to conserve space.

I think the soapstone, slate or honed dark granite would be a gorgeous choice with the A&C look. Sorry, can't help you with any upkeep info. I only know about 1970's formica!

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Would you consider a pocket door for the laundry? That's what we did and we're happy with the sound attenuation it provides. Also consider what type of laundry machines you're getting - high end models these days are far quieter than the ones we grew up with.

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I would consider a pocket door as I would likely leave it open most of the time as that is probably where the dog's dish is going to go.

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