What size is your largest single-door upper cabinet?

Madeline616October 25, 2012

Making some changes to work some kinks out of my parents' recently built upper cabinets.

Thinking of changing a cab that's about 27-30" wide to a single door instead of the current 2 doors.

It's about 40" tall.

Would a single door be too large?


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I think so.
My largest is 24 and it's wide.
Imagine how far back you'll have to stand to open it.

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I agree with Christine. My largest is 20" (half of a 40" cab). It is fine, but I don't think another 10" would be okay.

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We have 2 doors that are 24 in each, and made into 2 totally separate cabinets, even tho they are side by side and look like one cabinet with 2 doors. Agree with Christine on have to stand way out of the way to open.

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That's huge. I think 24" looks really wide, and 27-30 would look significantly bigger. Our widest upper door is 18".

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We have a pair of 24" wide cabs with 21" wide doors. Not optimal! The doors swing out wider than the counter below, and feel like they're going to bop me in the nose. It's even worse when working with someone else right next to me. If one of us has to reach up to open the door, then one of feels like we are going to get swiped by the door. Quite annoying, in all honesty.

Personally, I feel the 21" doors are too wide, so I def. wouldn't want an even wider door.

If you don't like the doors, can you remove them altogether and just have open shelves? I'm not sure what problem you are trying to fix, so that may or may not solve it.

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Our largest door are about 16.5 inches. I would not want to go any larger for all the reasons stated above. Also, depending on whether you do overlay or framed, the door size will be different, so make sure you are measuring the size of the door itself, not just the size of the cabinet.

Also, 40" height would look squat with a wide door, IMO.

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25 wide x 42 tall. I don't recommend it. I want new doors and this 1 cabinet is giving me so much trouble getting it replaced- no one wants to warranty it, claim it's too unstable (although mine is over 15 years old and holding up fine).

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I have vintage cabinets that have 26" doors. They also have huge corbels that take up counter space, but I live with it because I love the cabinets. I don't notice the stepping back any longer, but I'm very careful about not leaving a door standing open, as this run is in a high traffic area. Here's a not-so-great picture, showing an open door--for perspective, the counter top is only 24" deep, and the upper cabinets, including filler and crown, but not the corbels, are 42" high.

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I'm so glad I asked.

Thanks for bringing up all of these points, I really appreciate it. I'm sticking with 2 narrow doors :)

Mama_goose, your cabs are gorgeous!! And so special that they're vintage. Even though the corbels take up counter space, they make the cabs so unique. I love the beadboard, too :)

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Mama goose, you might or might not believe this.

When I started to rebuild my kitchen, someone was remodeling for sale. He let me have all his kitchen cabinets, then all the built in shelving in the adjacent den/family room.

Every single shelf leg (?) rested on a bank of 21" tall cabinets, as yours does. Floor to ceiling. Every one of the shelf "legs" was cut exactly the same way. What I really liked was that these were thick and chunky.

I like your cabs, though. Even tho they're definitely huge doors! :)

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