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kkardsOctober 21, 2012

i need to redo my kitchen (had a water issue with the unit above mine last year and had to take down a wall of cabinets).

but i don't know how to proceed. i have definite ideas, my kitchen has original 1910 panty/cabinets at one end. i want the rest of the kitchen to look like it was built at the same time, but with modern conveniences.

i also know what my budget is, and that since i live in an old building, it is likely that there will be unforeseen issues.

i worked with one designer whose design was 20% over my budget, even before we started.

how do i find a designer willing to work within my budget?

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Sophie Wheeler

First of all, is your budget realistic? Especially since you are wanting to work with/match existing components? You do realize that that is more expensive than going all new with a more budget oriented line, right?

Where are you located and have you check out custom cabinet shops? You also will need the services of a licensed GC since you are in a multi family dwelling, so have you talked to any of those? That is actually where I'd start first, and then use their contacts for cabinet guys.

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You can access the BEST kitchen designers for free right here if you post a to-scale floor plan with all dimensions (ALL!) with doorways and window placements and show photos of your space and the cabs/features you want to complement. Oh - and read the STICKY at the top of the page (New to Kitchen Forum).

Looking forward to your journey!

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