Double Drawer Dishwashers

CEFreemanOctober 8, 2012

Darn you, Carinar!

Now I've spent several hours searching for double drawer dishwashers. In an Ah HA moment, I decided when my CL appliances begin to fail (which in my life? They will) I will put in a double drawer dishwasher.

I'm having a surprising time finding them. Maytag, F&P and GE seem to be the only ones. But I have time to stalk them. Mine still work and there are cabinets I want that I don't want to build.

I was wondering what the features are that you prefer, what's useless, and what is a big PIA. I've been reading threads, but like comparing different web pages, it's hard to get info in all one place. May we do that here?

Thanks for your opinions!

Fold down or movable tines is one. Lower or upper glass racks is another. IOW, just what to look for.

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We had a Kitchenaid one in our previous house. Love it! I am remodeling kitchen now and plan to put in another one soon. It works great for our use pattern and it is very quiet. I did not use any special feature though. Mine did not require any changes to the cabinets, replaced my standard dishwasher with the double drawer ourselves. It was pretty easy.

The only problem I had was that our bottom one stopped working after just a few years. Had to replace the motor and home warranty covered it. The repair guy said that happens a lot because we rarely use the bottom one, probably water got it.

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