Oldbat - link to a blog on my kitchen

1929SpanishOctober 13, 2013

@oldbat, Rebecca &Sparkle - thanks for the nice comments on my kitchen. I've been traveling like mad for work and didn't get a chance to respond to your on the older post.

We turned the old kitchen into my office and added a bathroom plus the kitchen to new square footage.

Here's a link to my designers blog with some staged (more important- we cleaned) kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Spanish's kitchen

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1929--your kitchen is lovely. It seems to fit your home perfectly (not having seen the rest of the house, but from the description). How nice to get a modern, updated kitchen while remaining true to the vibe of the house. Well done, well done!

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I absolutely love your kitchen! What color is the paint for the cabinets?

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1929 - Love that pesto kitchen and congratulations on such a nice post!
I better not show my DH the post or he will want to take over my baking area for his coffee - LOL
Love you tile, glass uppers, your bay window, etc. I think I would like to place an order for cafe con leche to enjoy in such a beautiful space.
Guapo! (I think that is Spanish for beautiful but if not - that is my intention)

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@hbrrbh - these we're not painted on site. They are Dynasty Omega in Pesto.

@A2- my husband and disagree on coffee in the morning. His coffee maker is usually by the kitchen sink so we keep out of each other's way!

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