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BarefootContessaOctober 22, 2012

About a month ago I posted my proposed kitchen layout and got excellent feedback and suggestions. The below is the finalized layout. Now I am looking for suggestions regarding the cabinet configuration. We are a larger family (five kids) and eat at home almost all of the time. As you can see, we have a pantry closet along with a broom closet (on the wall outside of the frig). I looking for any and all suggestions on what kinds of requests you might make. Thank you in advance.

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I missed your previous posts, so hope I don't beat a dead horse, repeating things already discussed and decided. Since you say this is the final plan, but you also want cabinet layout help, I'm not sure what exactly you're asking for, and I may give more than you want...

What are the small spaces to the outside of each dishwasher?

Have you considered a rectangular-shaped pantry, so that it doesn't have such a large footprint in the space and using up room for your large family to move around? You could eliminate those spaces beside the dishwashers and spread the pantry down a bit, so that you'll have room for a door facing the stove.

For me, your fridge is not in a great place, because of your cooking/baking/and prep all going on on the other side of the room, meaning you'll cross traffic and sort of through your cleanup area to access it while cooking. We have 8 kids and in our kitchen plan (because of previous negative experience in other kitchens), I wanted to make sure that people setting the table, for instance, didn't cross paths with the person trying to cook the meal.

The fridge is also in the best dish storage area. You don't seem to have much with only the uppers above the dishwashers, which aren't very large and will be hard to reach when unloading the dishwashers.

You show a 12" upper above the fridge. I'd sure make certain that cabinet is deeper or pulled forward, so you can reach it.

More later if you're interested and if I can get onto the computer that will allow me to play with your plan... :-)

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It seems to me that you have alot of un-utilized space in your 7x10 desk / broom closet area. Are the dotted lines doorways?

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