Kraus 1602 faucet, and expressdecor 15% off

huangoOctober 9, 2012

From the thread: "Any recommendations on a reliable, industrial look faucet?"

I have Another question about the Kraus 1602:

when you turn on the main/bottom knob, does the sprayer turn on immediately?

Or do you have to "turn on" the sprayer (by squeezing the handle/clutch part)?

I saw a youtube video where the sprayer turned on as soon as he turned on the faucet, even w/out squeezing the sprayer handle. Is the youtube showing how the Kraus 1602 really work, or did he install it wrongly or is his faucet malfunctioning?

Or does the faucet/sprayer function more like this Vigo faucet?

I want a faucet sprayer to function like the Vigo one.

(But I like the reviews of Kraus brand, and expressdecor has 15% off right now).

thank you very much,


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I had that same faucet, in a rarely used utility sink, and the sprayer failed within a year. Leaking, etc. Then, after being repaired by my plumber, the sprayer was down to a trickle within 2 months.

Also, when it was working, I found the spray a bit too enthusiastic for anyone other than someone who was willing to micromanage it. Meaning, i would hold my breath when my daughter and husband used it. I don't want to live with a faucet like that.

I bought it from Overstock.

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I've had this faucet for over a year and it's been great. The sprayer has a locking mechanism. In your photo, you can see the hook attached with a screw. If you leave it locked in place, the sprayer comes on as soon as you turn on the faucet. If you leave it unlocked, you have to squeeze the handle for the sprayer. you could conceivable leave the main valve on and both sprayer and faucet head off, both on or either one on or off. We mostly leave the sprayer on and the faucet off.

The Kraus carries a lifetime warranty and customer service has been excellent. I had to use the service once when the vinyl covering on the hose started to yellow for direct sunlight. Kraus sent me a new one and told me that if I had the problem again, they'd replace it again.

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I didn't watch the videos earlier because I had a bad connection. But I just did and to answer your question, yes the Kraus operates just like the Vigo. I don't know what that guy in the Kraus video was trying to show, but I think he forgot to unlatch the lock keeping the sprayer on.

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