support for granite overhang

laurenjayOctober 2, 2012

I will have an 18" overhang on my granite counter top. My contractor says a leg support is not necessary as long as nobody sits on it. Does it need a pole and is there any other option besides a pole?

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What about corbels?

I was wondering the same thing myself. My overhang on the widest part of the curve will be 12", and I was concerned about the look - not having any supports, columns, etc.

Then I searched up islands on and found that about 50% of the island overhangs had some sort of visual or actual support.

What does your granite guy say?

Can I ask what the overhang will be on the working sides of your counters? I'm looking to minimize mine, and I'm not sure if 1/2" overhang will be ok or not.

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We have 15" overhangs and hubby didn't want corbels so we installed Counter Balance Supports after doing a lot of research. They have worked great! The link below is our post and photos of the support installation.

NOT the greatest photo but you can see our island here:
From Berta Install From Kitchen Progress July 4

And our finished kitchen decorated for Halloween :)
From Beveled Arabesque Backsplash install

Here is a link that might be useful: Support for granite - no corbels

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For an 18" overhang you really should have a support. Corbels will do, although our granite guys called them "knee knockers," as will a leg of some sort. We used these flat iron supports for our 14" overhang. If you hunt around on old threads, you'll see several suggestions with photos.

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18" is LOT of overhang. a lot of weight. It would be best to create a table like structure here with and apron and legs. If you choose to do some type of steel tubing (NOT flat stock!) support, it needs to be anchored into a pony wall that is well anchored into your subfloor rather than cabinets. Cabinets won't be heavy enough to counterbalance 18" of heavy stone.

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