Range Hood Advice Needed :(

bellajourneyOctober 15, 2012

Hi everyone!

I'm so sad. Our beautiful new range hood (Zephyr Breeze II Series AK1200) has to be returned. :(

DH tried to install it this weekend, and there is NO way we can fit the proper duct work (either the 6" diameter round ducts, or the rectangular one) in our stupid soffit b/c of all of the (insert explicitive) pipes already in there. So Frustrating!! Installing a ducted range hood is going to have to wait until we can afford a major remodel and reroute all of the plumbing lines - which probably won't be for at least 5 years or so. :(

DH was considering using the tin foil looking 4" diameter flexible duct pipe instead (which is what the previous homeowners were using - and what the workers at Home Depot said to use...), but after reading on here about it being a Fire Hazard and not to code, I talked him out of it.

So - we're left with looking for a recirculating range hood. :( I Know it is not ideal. But it seems to be our only choice. I heard about the Vent a Hood ARS, but it is way out of budget. We can spend about $300, max. DH's biggest concern is that he wants the vent to point up - so it does not blow in our faces, and out (not one that vents into the cabinet above it).

We have a 30" GE profile induction range. To be honest - neither DH or I can really cook - the range is most commonly used to steam up some veggies, boil pasta, and make eggs and pancakes - that sort of thing.

Any suggestions for a decent ductless range hood (stainless steel finish) are appreciated! Thank you!

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I believe that hood has a recirculating option. You could check where you bought it to see if it has carbon filters.
Check ajmadison.com you can compare lots of different kinds there quite painlessly.
I feel your range hood pain. It was/is the single
most frustrating aspect of my new kitchen.

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ppbenn - Thanks so much for your reply (and for commiserating with me). I talked to DH and the Zephyr does have a recirculating option, But - it would have to go through the cabinet above it, which would mean we would still have to put ducts into the soffit, and have it vent out the front of the soffit. =/ I think we're just going to go with a cheap ductless model for now, and when we re-do the bathroom that is on the opposite side of the range we will have access to those dopey pipes in the soffit and can reroute them (and get a proper range hood) then.

Best wishes with your kitchen remodel and range hood dilemma! I hope you find the perfect solution!

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Wait, if you can fit a 4" flexible duct, can you fit a 4" rigid duct?

4" duct (compared to 6") is indeed a bad option. BUT, it beats the heck out of recirculating. And you get to keep your beautiful new hood until you get to redo the whole schmear.

If there are jogs in the soffit that are needed to avoid the pipes, you can do that with two adjustable elbows like these:

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Angie_DIY - Thanks for your reply! DH said that the original flexible duct was actually Pinched in a number of places in order to squish it in there - so, sadly, a 4" rigid duct wouldn't fit.

But - We Might have an idea to keep the Zephyr...

We're now wondering if we would be able to mount the Zephyr 1" or 1.5" forward - this way, the top recirculating vent would clear the cabinet above it - and we can then keep it and use it - and eventually convert it into a proper ducted range hood when we redo that neighboring bath and have access to the pipes. ???

I called Zephyr and am waiting to hear back if mounting it a little forward is okay. Fingers crossed!!

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Yay! Just spoke to a rep at Zephyr and we got the green light to mount it a bit forward so the recirculating top vent clears the cabinets above it. Hooray! Now, we can keep it, recirculate it for now - and - when the budget allows to reroute the ill placed pipes, we can then vent it outside. Not a perfect solution, but the best one for now.


Thank you all again for your replies! :)

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So glad to hear it. Good karma!

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