Microwave shopping - help.

Brandywine72October 13, 2013

We are shopping for a microwave to put in our pantry. It will sit on a shelf behind closed doors so we just need a countertop one, not one that is built into the range. Does anybody have experience with the following brands of microwaves?


We are interested in durability, how long they last. We like that Summit is made in USA. We like that the other two don't seem to be plastic crap. We don't want to end up with a junker microwave and would rather spend the money on quality, but it is hard to know what quality is these days without getting some first hand accounts, so please let me know.

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Wolf and Dacor are rebadged Samsungs. So they're Samsung innards with a fancy Wolf or Dacor door. Since this MW will be in a pantry there is no reason to spend double just for the badge. Just buy a Samsung for $100-150 or so (depending on what features and size you want).

Microwaves nowadays are not made to last. That's why you shouldn't spend a lot on one. Expect about 3-5 years.

The Panasonic Genius Prestige MWs are good too. Between a Samsung or Panasonic it is more about what features and controls layout you like better. For example, the Panasonic has a dial control which some people really prefer, while other people like Samsung's buttons better. Personal taste.

As to Summit MWs, I am unfamiliar. But I am sceptical that they are made in USA.

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Shannon, I have a Samsung countertop microwave that I love. It was very inexpensive (less than $200) and has lasted for years and is still going strong. I wanted to replace it with a stainless steel version, but as far as I know, Samsung only makes over-the-range microwaves now. When you go to their website, that is all they show. I also haven't found any stores that sell Samsung countertop microwaves.

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OMG, meant to type SHARP MWs, not Samsung! I'm sorry for the error.

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Yup, nearly all MWs are made by Sharp, Panasonic, and GE.

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Yes, for something hiding in a pantry, I'd go cheap, $200 max, probably less. My Panasonic lasted 23 years (actually still works fine) before I remodeled. It cost about $119, and similar ones haven't gone up much, if any. I put in the ridiculously priced Sharp drawer in my remodel, but it was what fit into the kitchen design.

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Very helpful. Thanks so much guys. We will look into Sharp, Panasonic, or GE. I have always been a fan of Panasonic as a company, not sure why. Perhaps just nostalgia from my first VCR and cordless phone!

My husband came up the Summit after searching online for made in USA. Supposedly they are made in Brooklyn. But, it is really hard to find any info about them at all.

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Summit as a company is a re-badger, not a manufacturer. Their fridges are made by vestfrost (Danish) and other companies, for example, so I really doubt they actually manufacture their microwaves. Their appliances mostly do have a pretty good reputation, though.

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