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Michele222October 2, 2013

I am very happy that I followed the advice of many here and persisted in talking to different people until I found one with whom we could work.

They also happen to be custom cabinet makers who make them in their own workshop in MA. They also do the installation.They have been a ton of help to us in working out the details. They are also a bit unique in that they use formaldehyde free plywood and will also keep your cabinets for the 20 or so days needed to finish the outgassing of whatever other factors might prove irritating to your particular situation. We do not have any such problems but it is nice all the same.

We live in an old home and our kitchen has a lot of doors and other interruptions. We wanted to achieve a look that went with the turn of the century style of our house.

They are very down to earth which I appreciate. Some KD designers I have met are rather snooty and try to push their latest trendy ideas on you even though you have already told them that you are going for an historic feel to the place.

I think that I would not have had the energy to persist in looking if not for the encouragement of the people here.
Plus we are happy to support the economy of our state.

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Congrats! I loved our custom cabinet maker and his installers. Overall, they did a fantastic job, but there were a few glitches along the way. A few cabinets had to be re-worked, because the drawers were not the heights that I specified; the doors for my file drawers were oriented the wrong way. In each case, the fix happened within a couple of days - in the case of the wrong drawer fronts, the installer called the shop and had the guys working on the new ones that morning. The shop was only 6 miles form our house.

I hope your experience and results are as wonderful as mine!

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We had custom cabinetry done locally for a master bedroom a few years ago. The cabinetmaker really collaborated with us, suggested things we would not have thought of, and went "above and beyond" in many ways because he took such pride in the job. I think it was more interesting for him being integral to the process rather than just following someone else's drawings. We're hoping he can do the cabs in our new house, including the kitchen this time.

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We are using a custom cabinet maker here in WA - they're in Monroe. Their designer had great ideas for our MW (not over the stove - rah!); our designer from Lowes didn't seem to know where to put it. We're getting exactly what we wanted, which we wouldn't have from Lowes...and their prices are excellent. Of course, we won't *see* the finished cabinets for another month or so; I suppose things could not turn out well after all. But so far I've been very impressed, and the local press about them has been very positive.

I should add that originally we didn't think we could afford a custom cabinet maker, which is why we got estimates from the big box stores. But now I'm thinking that we couldn't afford the big box places - and the quality at this custom place appears to be excellent.

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We went with a local cabinet maker after checking out numerous companies shown online.

Couldn't be happier with our cabinets, they obviously take a lot of pride in their work, have been in business for over 30 years; color turned out great, and they keep me informed of what's going on.

So, if the countertops and b/s turn out, it will have been a painless remodel.

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Here too, I'd have never thought custom was an option but thanks to GW, I found a guy 5 miles away that does very nice work and the price is well below every estimate that came before. My cabs aren't built yet but the finish samples that he provided are gorgeous.

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