Kitchen Window Treatments?

ahmnjOctober 25, 2012

I've seen several posts like this - sounds like a common problem!

We're finally almost done with the kitchen renovation we started last JANUARY! Well, the contractor is done - and I really appreciated the comments from so many Gardenweb folks along the way, especially early in the year. Your comments helped immeasurably, and while I still second-guess things, we're pretty happy.

From [Windows\_ARGHH]( From [Windows\_ARGHH](

So what's left? Well, the backsplash & the window treatments. We've started with the windows, so that folks in the neighbor's garage aren't looking into the kitchen at night.

From [Windows\_ARGHH](

Our biggest goals with the windows are to minimize light loss (very shaded lot), while allowing privacy after dark. So whatever it is won't be down much during the day. I started thinking of woven wood shades, but I'm concerned about having too much wood. I then migrated to thinking of Roman Shades. I've been talking with a Hunter Douglas rep, who has suggested a "Vignette" tiered roman shade with a linen-style fabric. Besides the $$$$, I'm concerned that they might be a bit too formal and "poufy" for this room & house, which is generally sleek/tailored in design.

I'd really welcome some suggestions - I've been going back to the idea of a flat roman shade - I do want something that is an inside mount on each of the casement windows, since I think I like the look of separate windows - and that two big solid masses would look heavy. The walls are a French White - the third digital shot is most accurate.

Anyway - I would really appreciate your ideas! From the speed oven, to the induction top, and the flooring, GW folks have been with me along the way...

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I have almost the same window layout. I like the color that fabric adds, so I'm going with a valance over the kitchen window with a white wood blind underneath. The blind will be pulled up most of the time during the day, but down at night because of neighbors on the hill behind our house. On the windows in the family room next to the kitchen, I'm putting the same wood blinds with long curtain panels on the sides. Those blinds won't ever be pulled up, just opened. Our door outside is a sliding patio door, and again we need the privacy there at night. It's getting vertical blinds with a valance over it to match the kitchen window.

You could use pleated shades for the privacy factor, and keep them pulled up during the day. You could have a very tailored valance or stationary short roman shade over that if you don't like the look of the shades pulled up.

There are also those coverings that have sheer fabric with sort of built-in blinds inside (sorry, don't know the name). Maybe those would give you the sleek look you want and privacy without losing the light.

Hope you find something you like.

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We have a very modern home, and used top down/bottom up pleated shades in a number of rooms. I really like this as you can go down from the top enough to see out or let light in, but still have privacy at the bottom of the window. And, they can be pulled all the way up if you want total light coming in. They come in a number of options/colors and can be mounted inside your windows for the sleek look you want.

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I agree with Maggie about top-down/bottom up. I use them everywhere. Only problem I see is now after a few years, I think they need to be replaced. They can't be washed and they are a bit of dust collector - at least the ones I have. I think when I replace I will look at the versions that aren't fabric - I think they have them. (But I do love the softness of the ones that are made of honeycomb fabric.)

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Have you thought about tinting the window? I know several people that have opted to tint all the windows in their house instead of using blinds or shades. Depending on the tint, no one can see in at night (not even shadows), but you can see out clear as day.

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Thanks for your comments so far - I think the idea of a basic blind hidden by a fabric piece has some possibilities.

I also really am fascinated by the idea of window tinting. Hadn't even thought about it, but it might make perfect sense1 then I could perhaps do something minimal with color at the top, without worrying about the full expanse of the window!


This is almost as bad as picking floor tile - there are just too many options!!

Might the roman shades I was thinking of just be too heavy/dense? I'm starting to pull back from it.... esp with other ideas!

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I have natural cherry cabinets and wood floors in my kitchen so lots of wood like you have. I have woven wood roman shades in the sitting area of my kitchen but they are mostly a creamy white color with natural/ tan color too. Perhaps something like that would work for you. I actually had these shades with my previous oak kitchen but they look fine with my new cabinets so I kept them. I ordered the shades on line from American Blinds. I have ordered from them many times over the years and it has always been a positive experience. They usually will send free samples. I have some cloth Roman shades in my living room that are beautiful and fold up so nice but I don't have a picture of them. Here is a shot of the blinds in my kitchen. They let some light through during the day but you really can't see in from outside at night. Maybe something like this could work for you.

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