Looking for Soapstone Fabricator in the DC/Balt/Frederick area

peridot44October 10, 2012

Title of the post is self-explanatory. Would appreciate any names you can provide.

Also, I'd be interested in bad reviews, as much as good ones. Thanks.

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You're in luck. Some spammer has resurrected 4 threads on fabricators in your area this morning. One of them is specifically soapstone. Check them out, just ignore the spammer at the end of each thread.

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I am using a female-owned business in Upper Marlboro (actually on the south side of Bowie) in MD. They have let me pay in advance, like a layaway for my bathroom marble and I'm starting to pay them for the soapstone for my kitchen.

Their name is Granite Grannies, owned by Laurie. (Can't remember her last name, but it's not Granny!)

The work in my bathroom was evidently very custom. Set them back a bit to think about it, but they came through. I think my bathroom double vanity (88" long), my window cabinets (54" wide), my show seat (36"x 17") and my two window sills (why not!) are absolutely perfect. They matched grain, they polished beautifully, and I love it.

I know they travel a lot around the area, and they've done a lot of historical work. That is how they came to soapstone. I can't wait until I've paid 1/2, because then they'll fabricate. I just continue to pay them.

They know my story and are kind about my struggles to get my home done. They said they realized I'd never have the $1000s to do all I'd like to do. They also understand "done once, done right". And I should be able to accomplish what *I* want in my home. So... they let me just send them money all the time.

Anyway, they're kind, their work is beautiful, and I recommend them highly.

And this is not spam.

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I used Bucks County Soapstone of Perkasie, PA.

I'm in Ohio and the project went fine - I'm sure they'll work with you in your location. Give them a call.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bucks County Soapstone

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Gotta check out Bucks County Soapstone! They are awesome, only handle soapstone and they LOVE soapstone. They travel down to your area. Checkout their website, and a visit to their showroom should be about 2 hours from you.


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I went to Masterpieces in Beltsville, MD last week. My contractor sent me there to look at our different options. I'm pretty sure they had soapstone and they do list it on their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Masterpieces

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I heard wonderful things about Designer Surfaces in Frederick from some other local people who used them. I know they do great work.

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Designer surfaces in Frederick is a fabricator/ distributor for Green Mountain Soapstone

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Thanks for the replies. :-)

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