Best place to purchase kitchen cabinets for DIY

ijensenOctober 3, 2012

Those of you who have done kitchen remodels or even new kitchens....where have you found the best quality and price for kitchen cabinets, granite and also apron/farmhouse sinks? We plan to do the project ourselves, and have pretty good tools and skills.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and experiences.

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Where are you located or are you looking online?

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If you are just looking for cabinets you can install yourself, you can get them just about anywhere. We looked at Kraftmaid at HD, another semi-custom from a local dealer, and full custom Dutchwood; all intending to install ourselves. All the places were happy to deal with us as DIYers. We settled on Dutchwood. While they usually do the install, they gave us a price break for installing ourselves. If you are looking for RTA, I'm sure others will chime in with recommendations.

As for Granite, that's one of the few thing we AREN'T doing ourselves. And our sink is the standard free one from the countertop fabricator.

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Unless you are a VERY VERY skilled finish carpenter, I strongly discourage you from attempting to DIY a farm sink install, or a multi stacked crown molding, etc. It's really difficult, even for a pro. In fact, putting money into an experienced installer can be some of the best money that you spend on a kitchen project. A pro can take 10K worth of cabinets and make them look like 100K, while an inexperienced amateur can take `100K worth of cabinets and make them look like 10K worth.

Granite is also NOT a DIY job unless you are talking granite tile. Slab granite needs specialty tools and several burly men to carry it. And most yards will not sell to DIYers because of liability issues, even in just transporting it.

Yes, DIYing can save you some money. But the first rule of a successful DIYer is to know when they are over their head and time to call in the pro.

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Reuse centers.

I am a forced DIYer.
I strongly second what GreenDesigns has to say.
Just 'cause we see it on TV doesn't mean it it can be completed in 30 minutes.

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DH does remodeling and has been pretty happy with cabs from Lily Ann that he's installed for several different clients. He liked the quality of them. Now that we are planning our own reno., I'm having a tough time making cab decisions. There are some things I like about Lily Ann, but they don't offer everything I'm looking for (like sets of 2 drawer stacks, for instance.) If you can work with what they offer, you can get a nice looking kitchen for a decent price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lily Ann Cabinets

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We plan to do the project ourselves, and have pretty good tools and skills.

Although there is wisdom in GD and CEFreeman's cautions, I will take the OP at his/her word.

I used RTA cabinets from Scherrs (linked below), doing the installation (and crown molding) myself. I also used soapstone countertop slabs from M. Teixeira, rather than granite, so I could do the fabrication myself.

For sinks, check Vintage Tub and bath.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scherr's RTA cabinets.

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We are nearing the end of our DIY kitchen remodel. We just put the counters in yesterday. While it takes time and a level of skill that is uncommon, the satisfaction and money saved is so worth it if you can pull it off. We bought our inset Medallion cabinets at Just Cabinets. It is a chain that I think is throughout the northeast. I don't think our salesperson had ever sold inset cabinets to a customer before, and although they feign knowledge, they are not kitchen designers. So go prepared with your design based on the manufacturer's spec books. Had we not DIYed, we wouldn't have had the money to get so many of the wonderful things we have. But we paid for them in stress, hard work, and research time. The order from Medallion/Just Cabinets was packaged well and arrived in a reasonable amount of time. We used Hardwood Lumber Co for the countertops (butcherblock), and they were so helpful and easy to work with. The counters arrived SO fast and in great shape. We got our farm sink from IKEA; it's called Domsjo. I found it easy to install compared to others because there is a sort of false front that covers your hand-cut sink opening.

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Similar to mermanmike, we are nearing the end of a DIY rebuild of our kitchen.
For RTA, we used Barker - good quality cabinets, customizable to any size but you need to finish them if you want a specific colour or stain (they will finish with a limited palette) I am spraying custom tinted CAB lacquer and the finish is coming out very well.
Farmhouse sink - Kohler Whitehaven sink from faucets direct (prep and faucets from there as well)
Countertops (soapstone) are being done professionally, as was the drywall finishing and the floor (sand/finish in place oak).
The results are looking good but it is a major job requiring almost all time not at work.

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I would advise against DIY granite in principal. I've been involved in numerous contractor DIY granite installs and there is a lot of work involved. For a one-time project, I doubt you would save any money over a package install. When I do my own kitchen, I will go with soapstone or some other material I can cut and shape with off the shelf tools.

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A fair number of the projects I sell are done by DIYers. Don't do granite. But the rest depends. I've had plenty of jobs butchered by "pros".
Some of the nicest work (in a variety of fields) Ik?e seen was by amateurs-from amore-to do for the love of it.

I'd suggest you find someone local to you, who knows something about install (often KD's at places with "in-house" will), and is willing to advise a little.
Cabinet lines with more mods available can be configured to make install easier. You will pay for the mod but worth it in the long run. If you've never done crown on cabinets, get some paint grade and practice-with a really good saw and blade. Farm sink installation can be configured to be easier than the typical "just cut the panel"
There are a few tricks that the right KD can go over with you. Even with pros I tailor details to skill levels or preference. Have also gotten installers to agree to come in to just do molding-as long as everything is square and level.
Good luck.

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The Amish.

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We bought our Thomasville cabinets from Home Depot. I'm happy with the quality, price, and service.

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