Delivery Windows (yeah, right)

utherOctober 10, 2013

I promise this will be a quick rant because I KNOW your time is valuable! Unlike all the delivery people this week who have promised me deliveries within a window and completely missed that window...(Holy Run-on sentence)...Sorry about the terrible grammar, I'm just flustered.

Tuesday morning was supposed to be the range delivery (turned down a job to stay home and wait for it). It showed up Tuesday afternoon when I was out walking the dog.

Wednesday was sink and refrigerator. Sink guy didn't even bring a hand truck and had to borrow mine because he didn't realize that cast iron is pretty darn heavy. Refrigerator never showed and when I called to inquire, I got the standard "Oh, we had that on the schedule for tomorrow."

Here I am on Thursday waiting for the countertop guy to do the measuring and the fridge guy who should've been here yesterday...I'm sure they will show up at the exact same time!

Countertop guy is not on my bad list yet because he still has an hour in his window....I'm not feeling optimistic.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Holly- Kay

Vent away! We've all been there done that!

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Ever since DH and I bought our first house, we keep running into unreliable people/companies.

We are somewhat used to it by now. When it happens, we just say to ourselves, "Oh, humaans!"

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My sympathies! Having delivery people show up outside (before or after) the scheduled window is incredibly aggravating. I haven't had many deliveries, but I distinctly recall a delivery scheduled for a specific time and being out of the house getting changed after lap swimming only to find out they were already at my house because they were "conveniently" able to show up early. And of course just as I was opening the door for the early delivery person, my work called asking me to hurry into work for a special project that was hours early as well. Here's hoping your delivery people show up at the appropriate time today and not right at the same time!

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I'm fortunate to work 5 minutes from home, and I have had pretty good luck getting delivery people to call me when they are on their way to my house, and I leave work at the same time.

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How annoying. Just messes up your day, doesn't it?

I have an asbestos inspector scheduled for tomorrow morning in Brooklyn at 11.30am, and DH suggested meeting up with our houseguests in lower Manhattan at 12.30pm. I have a 20-30 minute subway ride to get there. Um, from much experience just like yours, no.

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My last delivery was supposed to come on a Saturday, but I got a call saying that they couldn't find the fridge they had told me was in the warehouse so delivery would be delayed a week for them to get it in. Not good, since my daughter was having a birthday sleepover that Friday. Well, I cross my fingers and hope for the afternoon delivery. No such luck. But my morning delivery window starts at 10 and the girls are supposed to be picked up by then. So of course the delivery guys show up at 9:30 when I still have five 8- and 9-year-olds running around. Not a safe time to be delivering a fridge, believe me. I spent all my energy trying to keep the girls out of the way, and tried to split my time between the delivery guys and the arriving parents. Not fun.

Has the counter guy shown up yet?

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Counter guy was on time! He made me so happy just by arriving smack in the middle of his stated window, I felt like hugging him...but did not....not a good idea to hug random men.

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I'm still waiting since Friday. The carpenter was here every day, so even if I was late, he would have checked and signed for me. Very frustrating.

so, vent away.

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Right now waiting for the plaster dude. He was coming yesterday at 4:30, we gave up at 6 and left for home and he called us as home to say he was there at 6:45. Today he was supposed to be here by 3. tick, tick, tick...

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What I don't understand is why freight companies seem to think people are always at home waiting for them. They call on Wednesday afternoon and are put out that I can't be home on Thursday. Umm...I have a job. That's how I'm paying for this stuff!

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