Anyquips on installing drawer/shelf liners quickly?

Mom23EsOctober 26, 2012

I just saw the recent little thread about shelf liners. My to-do list is so long right now that my head is spinning. Seriously, I don't even need a Halloween costume this year; I've already got the Exorcist thing going on. The big move is scheduled for Wednesday. I need to start packing tonight. I can't get into my new kitchen until Wednesday. I know that if I fill all my drawers and cabinets before installing liners, it will be years until I get to it. Sigh. At least I can admit and accept my reality. Lol.

So, I'm looking for any tips for super fast drawer/cabinet liner installation. I'm not crafty or handy so I don't usually think of the "obvious" things. Ideas?

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And oh my goodness! Please excuse my terrible typo in the title!!!! Just a perfect example of how my head is spinning these days.

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I'in the same boat as you, Mom to a lesser degree as it's only my kitchen I need to put back in order. (But with a bad back.) I don't care for plastic products and try not to use so many, so I will use cork in the drawers where the plates may slip around. The cabinet maker told me it's not necessary to use anything as it's easy to wipe out the drawers and cabs, if need be--they're maple. We'll see how well that works!

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If you must use shelf liners, I'd recommend using that ribbed plastic liner stuff. I've bought it at Costco and Ace Hardware, but I think it's pretty available. The width of the roll is the same as many upper shelves, which cuts down on the measuring.

I can't remember right off if you're moving into new cabinetry or new-to-you. If it's truly new, then you don't really really need to line the shelves. Honest. I only did the ones where I have sure-to-be-sticky stuff like a bottle of oil or molasses.

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I can vouch for the easy-to-clean comment. Mine sure are. I really don't think you need to line brand new, beautiful cabs at all. Why? Maybe just the potentially sticky areas as Suzanne mentioned?

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I have all my potentially sticky/gooey items on small turntables on the shelf, the cheap plastic kind. Makes it easier to access the bottles, plus keeps the goo off the cabinet shelf. Other than that, I don't have any shelves lined.

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Another one here who went liner-less. It's been 4 years and no problems at all, not even in the cup cabinet where sometimes drippy cups get put up straight out of the DW.

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Phew! I just assumed I needed it everywhere. If I can just put it in a few important places that will save me a ton of time!!! Yay! I'm so glad I asked. :-)

And Costco sells liner paper? I'll have to look. Thanks for mentioning that.

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I lined all my drawers with my leftover marmoleum. It works great. Sturdy, attractive, doesn't slip around in the drawer. I tried several drawer liner products before I came up with this idea. I didn't like any of those liner products.

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I've tried two kinds, the clear kind you can get in an enormous roll at Joann's fabric and the much-vaunted Cushy Cupboards from online. Cushy Cupboards are a lot easier to cut, I can say that. I got those for the drawers that would have pots and pans and plates and stuff like that so they wouldn't clank. I think, though, the soft-close feature and not stacking anything too high eliminates that rattle anyway.

Try as I might, I could NOT get the clear plastic to look any good at the edges, where you can really see them. I also found that I like to slide things back into cupboards rather than placing them carefully there, probably because I'm short. With the liners, one can't do that.

I bet something like marmoleum works great though! Might try that under the sink.

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I finished my kitchen one year ago this week. I knew that I wanted lined drawers and went to a restaurant supply. The material that I got was more of a mesh, but the roll was huge and did my whole kitchen. I used the large quilt mat and a rotary cutter. It was a breeze

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