Can you help me pick a faucet?

chesters_house_gwOctober 10, 2013

We're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel here -- at the point, as the pictures indicate, where sea salt, linseed oil, ladders, and tomatoes are jumbled together.

We had planned to stick with the faucet we had been using - a KWC Purejet. But somewhere in the course of the demo, it's begun to drip from the filtered side. I can try a repair, but it's been discontinued and I wonder how long the filters will be sold.

So maybe it's time for a new one. I can't go with a bridge, since there's a center hole drilled. I can add new holes. There's a riot of possible cues - brass/weathered, stainless, porcelain/milk glass.

I'm stuck. Ideal would be an 8 inch or so reach, looks good but doesn't wave its arms for attention. I want a pullout or a pull down. Here's where we are, with a cat standing guard and a new use for old restaurant butter pat dishes:

And a longer view:

Two ideas:

Appreciate any suggestions!

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I like the bottom one best!

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This has been discussed many times here and pull-downs are preferred. I know KWC faucets are highly regarded.

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It looks like your current faucet has a single lever. Would you be happy going to two levers? I personally don't like the functionality of faucets with 2 handles where I have to use both hands to get the right temperature, and I often feel the need for an extra hand in the kitchen anyway even without needing two hands on the faucet... but that's me. Just something to think about when you're making your choice. (Are you ever holding something in one hand that you need to rinse and don't want to set down, like a piece of fish or chicken, and just want to use one hand to turn on the water?)

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Good point about levers -- it's been so long since I've had two levers I can't say that I even remember. But yes, chicken-y hands, hands gunked up with meatloaf: with the current off to the side configuration, I usually just tap with my wrist or forearm, which gets me off or on, but requires a finger to move to hot or cold.
I haven't seen too much that is vintage-looking in single lever, but given that I'm not doing a movie set, something simple would do.

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Your second choice looks like it's from the Elkay Explorer collection. I have their single lever faucet. It's easy to turn on and adjust temperature with gunky hands.

I chose it because it has clean lines but enough detail to give it a vintage look. I have it in the lustrous steel finish, which looks kind of like stainless steel with a soft patina, if that makes sense.

It is tall, 18", or approx. 1.3 cats :).

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Good eye, it is from that collection. I have yours bookmarked too.
Glad to hear you like it! The semi-bridge comes in something they call weathered steel, which the one handled does not. I haven't seen that finish in real life. The reach of that one extends beyond the rear drain of the sink, but so does the current KWC, and I haven't had splashing problems.

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That Elkay is the one my DD has picked for our new kitchen. I am such a one handle gal tho. It does come in a one handle and a prep faucet without the spray in the antique steel finish.

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We just installed the Hansgrohe from Costco. It periodically comes with a 50.00 off coupon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Costco

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