Hurricane Sandy - Preparations/Pictures/Cooking?

oldbat2beOctober 29, 2012

I'm on the North Shore in Boston. So far, just rain and winds.

I can't believe the leaves that have come down. DH has generator ready to go in case of power loss. All schools closed in the area. Pizza dough rising in oven and thinking about making bread for later.

Best wishes to all for getting through this safely.

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Here in the west Boston suburbs, your ordinary rainy, windy day. Our project manager drove down from NH, the other guys on the project from north of Boston, to work on our (indoor!) punch list.

Not quite at your level of pizza dough rising in the oven, but it does make me hungry for yesterday's take-out Bertucci's currently reposing in the fridge!

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We're in the seacoast area of New Hampshire. Not much rain, but the wind is starting to pick up. I work at UNH and they announced on Friday that we were closed on Monday and Tuesday. How nice of them!

We have our grandson today as schools are closed in our town. Plan to bake cookies in a bit. Just finished Mac & cheese and a glass of wine for lunch. Can you tell we have a generator? No stress here!

Hope everyone on the east coast is safe!

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New England burbs as well. Lots of wind, some rain. So glad to have my Wolf gas range - I can actually cook something when we lose power! Been filling up cooler with ice - and i'm surprized that the new sub zero has not filled its ice compartment yet, it's been running about 2 weeks.

None of my worker guys showed or called however. Not a big surprise.

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Near Albamy, NY. Winds are picking up, but we are not expected to get a ton of rain. We tested the generator last night, I located the flashlights today, keeping the heat at 70 just in case power goes out. Not much else we can do. Laundry is finally caught up, so at least we will have clean clothes.

I'm closing our store tonight, working 4-9. Should be interesting. I hope everyone stays home, I have a feeling there will be a lot of catching up for me to do from the day, probably very busy. Already ironed my clothes for today and tomorrow.

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hi all,

im in a suburb of philly and we are getting pretty steady rain and wind gusts. we are suppose to be get really hit. at least we are not in a flood zone..
so many people have to evacuate.

its suppose to hit here around 8 tonight and pound us till tomorrow..don't know what that's going to bring.

hope we don't lose power but i think that's a given.. we do have a generator, but it won't power our whole hse. it will power our frig andfreezer and small things. they say to expect power to be out about a week...oh boy :(

clean up is going to be a b****h!!

mother nature is really showing her fury and strength!!!!

our shore points are going to be devastated:( anyone in Cape May county shore points..OC, AC, Sea Isle, CM??? how is it down there????)

take care everyone, stay safe :)

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In CT, VERY windy, high wind gusts. No generator here, we just deal with what happens. We have food stuff to eat once we lose power. Once the wind isn't so bad and we can use the grill, it will be used for pretty much anything I would cook on the stove. During our two lengthy power outages last year, we learned there isn't much you can't cook on a grill. Bacon, fried eggs, pizza, you name it, we ate quite well although odd assortments of stuff at meals.

Have all the laundry done, did as much prep as we could, now we just wait.

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lights keep going on and off here. had planned to make meatballs and sauce ... maybe I still can on the gas range?

getting windier by the hour

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Eastern-ish Maryland here.
We're now blowing like crazy, lots of rain in different strengths all day.

I wasn't sure I wouldn't have to go to work today. I work at the now (in)famous National Harbor, right on the Potomac. Lots of biiiiiig windows. I finally decided that even if we opened, this chick wasn't gonna drive the 40 minutes there in a very light truck.

I have no food other than Reese's cups and spaghetti. Got pet food, beer, my computer (DirecTV has been down for days due to receiver problems. Plural.) and tools.

Got my batteries all charged and I'm replacing cabinets with ones I bought that are better. Time to get them off the floor.

My generator was returned to me yesterday, all repaired and pretty. You know, of course, that since it's back and fixed I won't need it at all. Kind of like having insurance.

Hmmm. Sandra. Maybe I'll put the grill together that's been sitting on the living room floor in its box since I bought it in November of 2009. Then I can cook ANYTHING I've got that's frozen. yeah!

C'est la vie.

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Southern NH here, where the wind has certainly picked up in the last hour. Robo-calls both from the state emergency management center and from the local EMS agency warning residents that it's going to start getting much worse around 3:00 pm.

I've done all the laundry, made and baked bread, run the dishwasher, and loaded four coolers with ice to transfer the fridge contents when we lose power (estimated before dark today). Sandwiches are wrapped and ready, and I made a bread pudding to use up some eggs, milk, and leftover bread. Next is to brew a couple of thermoses of coffee, then relax.

Hope that those of you facing into the direct hit will come through safely, and with just minimal property damage. Lights already flickering here, so I expect to lose my internet connection very soon.

Best of luck to everyone!

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Christine- make sure you have fuel for that grill! We had to fill the tank up when we got our last one. It just didnt occur to us to check. You've got pasta (carbs), peanut butter (protein), and chocolate (dairy) so sounds like you're all set :-)

I should check the, uh, beverage reserves...

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NYC here !
HEAVY wind and light rain.
I have filled up every available container with water, bought a few D batteries for my radio, and epsom salts. Yes epsom salts DH is using a well deserved unpaid :( day off to soak & rest.
No trains No buses. I like the empty streets and have been in & out walking around since 6:30 am. Local run businesses are open, ugly chains(game*stop, *bucks)are not.
We are going to get hit big later tonight.
I might make pizza dough or Greek cookies or Indian rice pudding.
I have bolognese sauce and vegetable soup in the fridge...I hope the electric doesn't go out as freezer is packed....

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We're in western MA. It started getting very windy mid afternoon. I could have gone to work this morning, not that I wanted was cancelled in northern CT. Made some Ghiradelli brownies (gotta have chocolate!) and some chicken salad for dinner with a leftover rotisseri (sp?). My wonderful DH left me with a small generator as he leaves every time we have a storm, he works for the electric co. We will have some electricity and heat or (well) water but not both at the same time. Definitely getting a bigger generator soon!

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We're just outside DC in Montgomery County MD. Fierce wind, a lot of rain but amazingly we still have power. I have two young boys and it's a lot easier to manage the chaos with electricity. Luckily I still haven't been able to make up my mind about how to renovate our horrible old kitchen, so even if (okay, when) we lose power, I can still cook perfectly well because my gas range is so old, it doesn't even have electronics! With the temperatures pretty reasonable, the power doesn't really worry me this time, just the giant trees that surround our house and are swaying in the big gusts. Good luck everyone!

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Updating from Seacoast NH. Rain just started up heavy. We lost power at 1:40 for 2 hours. I was in the middle of baking cookies so switched to my convection micro which is on the generator. Note to self, get a larger round cookie sheet, as baking 4 cookies at a time in a cake pan is not fun.

Have seen some amazing pictures online around NYC. Stay safe!

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NHbaskets-I just looked up Seacoast--that is a beautiful area.
I wanted a generator but you can't use it hoo.
As soon as I had the counters installed I was just about to mix up pizza dough and then I had a massive waterfall from above a steam pipe. Running around making hysterical calls and grabbing buckets all because someone 4 flights up had a loose radiator cap. When DH came home he was very disappointed...about no pizza !

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Near Boston here (Newton)--full-size street tree came down on the house 2 doors down--very healthy looking tree, exactly like the ones surrounding my house, with, of course, leaves still on. Only mine still point to the sky & this one is sitting on their roof, having pulled up its roots. We lost power in the middle of the night last night for an hour, before the winds even blew up & the lights are flickering a bunch, but so far, come back on...

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NYC here too. The wind is pretty crazy. Not much rain. I went down to the Hudson River earlier and the water was overlapping the pedestrian walkways. It never even comes close to that, even at high tide.

It has been the perfect day to break in my new Blue Star range. I made some vegetable lentil soup earlier (yum) and will grill some steaks for dinner!

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Long Islander here listening to the wind whistle. Lights keep flickering, but so far so good. Photos of nearby places show alot of flooding, but my immediate area is ok so far.

Made an Irish soda bread and some casseroles this morning. Hoping I'll be able to use my gas range if the power goes out, but I am not sure because its electric ignition. I'm off now to check the manual.

Stay safe!

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Electric ignition doesn't matter, I lit mine with a match during the last big blackout in NYC-gas is so handy
Casseroles...sounds good, love a good cheesy casserole

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Played in a charity golf tournament today that our charity has been planning for months. Sadly it is so cold and windy it was poorly attended after all the preparation and work that went into it. We are in the South and are not used to such blustery cold. It has been so windy! But so far, that is all. Really feeling sorry for our Northern brethren. It looks very menacing on the news. Stay safe and warm : )

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As someone who grew up in NC, I have been through a LOT of hurricanes. Fill the tubs with water so you will have water for flushing etc.

Take a shower NOW while you still can. If your power/water goes out, 3 days from now you will be very happy you did it. : )

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Take care and be safe. We are getting some wind but no rain in A2.
I keep watching as DM and DB are in eastern PA.
The retirement community helped everyone bring in deck furniture and has been advising the residents. Last update- stay away from windows. I told mom to cradle her cell phone in case of a power outage.
Take care- thinking of all of you.

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Praying for anyone suffering or who will suffer from this storm. Hope you all stay safe, warm, and well fed.

The rest of the country is with you.

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Why did I make those Ghiradelli brownies? Still with light but ate too many brownies while waiting for the weather to get worse. I heard that if we can get past 9pm in western MA, we'll be all set.

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My pussycat is still curled up after(her) dinner--good omen ???

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mom-too many brownies how is that possible ? I was thinking I should have hit up the pastry shop for Greek cookies since I didn't attempt mine yet !(tomorrow I will)

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Stay Safe ya'll!

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Warm, calm, rain's over, stars and moon overhead - hopefully that's it in west suburban Boston. Weathered it by trying out the grill on our range top for the first time - THAT was fun!

Hoping all the rest of you are okay. G'night!

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In San Diego, but originally from the Northeast which will always hold a special place in my heart. Been talking to family and friends still there, some evacuated or without power and others bracing for the worst.
Hope you and yours are all safe and high and dry.

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Praying everyone stays safe and damage will be less than predicted. My cousin's son is getting married on Saturday outside of Boston. DH and I aren't able to attend, but my cousin and his wife are driving to Boston from the Detroit area--straight into the storm. Their other son lives in Washington D.C.; I'm not sure if he's flying or driving to the wedding. I just hope and pray that the wedding will be able to be held and that all the family and friends will be able to make it safely to Boston to attend.

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Pretty lame given the hype it received. Not much going on in Philadelphia.

I did batten the hatches this morning, however:

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Southern Wisconsin here. Why am I posting? Well, we are getting the backwash from Sandy and having winds at 45-50 mph. No rain, though snow is supposed to come tonight, but not be much. Winds are supposed to continue through Wednesday. Not realizing there might be a "backwash" issue, I've done nothing in the way of preparation, so I hope the winds don't take down power lines or anything like that.

I pray all my GW friends are safe.

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Today, it's turning into a warm, partly sunny day in Boston.

I amazed my power stayed on. I have two very old town trees in front of my house, shallow-rooted Norway maples, one in poor health. One towers over my house, the other is tangled in the power lines. I am astonished neither fell over. The power did flicker a while as the top of a different tree fell and hit the power lines, but when the limb shook free the power came back fully.

I have a tall hemlock hedge out back, 4 feet thick. It completely folded over at one point like a piece of paper.

Feeling very lucky. I have friends trapped in NYC and Hoboken.

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So that was it? Huh?

Sure, the wind roared all late day and up to around midnight. Never lost power (thank GOD), didn't use any of my vats of water and didn't run out of Reese's cups or wine. Beer, either.

Took down 2 old and hung 2 new(ish) kitchen cabinets. Watched season one of Once Upon a Time on my computer from Netflix, and just waited for it to get bad.

I told you my fixed generator was insurance!
I did, however, discover I have a leak in my roof, that somehow made it down thru the light in my MBR bath. Haven't gone out to see if the roof is actually still attached, but I didn't hear anything that sounded like a train crash.

A couple of repotted Japanese Maples tipped over.
all in all, in the very strange quiet at 1:00 am, it was far from as bad as it could have been. Unless we're still in an "eye" and it's gonna come the other way!!!

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I was watching the radar as my DM and DB are in Reading - DM says wasn't too bad but DB lost power.
I noticed they were in the eye of the storm - so probably less windy than expected.
But we have the winds, sleet, and rain on and off here.

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Central NJ Shore area, about 10 miles from the ocean.. there are blown transformers, downed trees, and downed trees on houses everywhere. Cell phones drop calls more often than not. Many streets are flooded. A HOUSE apparently was swept away and hit a local bridge. The local boardwalks including Pt. Pleasant and Seaside Heights have been buried.

My DH is technically emergency services so, while he is home, is on the clock and may be called out. Yesterday he and a coworker drove down to the beach areas to see the flooded houses. I see why flood insurance is mandatory for those areas.

I have been without power (which includes heat and hot water due to electronic motors/ignitions, though they are gas fueled) since just before 5pm on Monday. Nice of Sandy to let me work my full workday and take the power for the evening >:( There are talks of the outage continuing until next Monday but I can't get through to the electric co. to find out.

I was in the middle of baking bread when the power went out too. The wall ovens are electric and apparently lock the doors if without powered, so I can't get it out :( At least I got the pizzas done, water bought, still have my gas rangetop, and most importantly, we are safe. Be careful, everyone.

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In NYC suburbs here. We have power to half the house-- I didn't know until today it was possible to have partial power. The good news is we have heat and most lights. The bad news is food spoiling in the fridge. Trees are down everywhere and we can't get off our street. I'm thankful it wasn't worse.

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Hudson Valley here. Nothing much until storm peaked last night between 8 and 9 pm. Big thud. Lost power. Our genny kicked in and is still humming. So we have basic power. The kicker was the walk down the driveway this morning. A huge oak near the bottom snapped in a heavy gust and took down the power line. So we are trapped. Can't get out as the line is draped across the driveway nearly resting on the mailbox. Power company knows but has bigger fish with 80,000 out. Cooking is the last thing on my mind though I made carrot soup, rotisserie chicken, baked sweets and idahos all ahead. Microwave works.

If the genny goes out, there's peanut butter and candles. Closest I'll ever get to Pioneer Woman. We moved up from city last year and this has been an annual event.

If anyone thinks an iPad 3 with mobile is a luxury let me tell you it has been heaven sent. Landline and Internet are out.

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Well Jersey certainly took a pounding and NYC, while spared a lot of the rain and persistent winds still had the destruction caused by being right on the ocean. Pennsylvania was in the direct path but seems to me to have been spared greatly by having its neighbor to the east despite the grim warnings we received. I heard today that that had to close some oceanfront roads on Lake Michigan because of waves caused by Sandy hanging out over there now. Pretty insane.

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We are in NJ- 4 miles from the beach and we were lucky that we had no damage. Lost power last night and we're on a generator. DH out looking for more gas! MAJOR destruction to the Jersey Shore. Other homes in my town had a lot of damage (they were closer to water). Aside from the ocean, We are also close the the Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers. So sad that many places at the shore are literally gone. Places we visited with our grandparents and parents years ago and now we go with our kids. Governor said it will take billions to restore.

A few images...

Ocean Ave in Sea Bright

Seaside Heights

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NYC here--- happy that I didn't lose the electricity !!!

Very calm & mild here now. Plenty of people out at my local pub.

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Littlefishies, those pictures are just devastating. Like a few others here, I'm in the DC area and most of us (not all, from what I read) managed to maintain power and avoid substantial damage. In my neighborhood, the derecho did far worse, there were trees EVERYWHERE, and still many houses that have yet to be fully rebuilt. I wonder now if that helped minimize the damage this time around. The strength and impact of these storms is becoming almost a routine nightmare - we Marylanders joke about the Pepco tax after our usually problematic power company, which forces us to replace all the contents of our fridges and invest in generators or regular hotel stays (or just shiver) at least 2 or 3 times each year. I spent 30 years in NE, mostly in the Boston area, and other than the blizzard of 1978 I don't remember so many incapacitating storms. I look at the NJ/NY photos and think that could have been us, and might be the next time, and all my sympathies are with you who are still waiting for the lights to come back on!

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Smaloney- same here. I'm in MoCo MD. Lost power for 5 days after the derecho, just a brief flicker last night. We really dodged a bullet with this one. Hope those in NY/NJ stay safe.

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Tracie.erin, I must be very close to you; I could have written your exact words. We lost power 9 pm Monday night and we might not see it back for 7-10 days. We are fortunate int that our next door neighbor is generously sharing his genny with us, allowing one fridge and small freezer to plug in. Unfortunately none of the gas stations are pumping gas here, so that all the neighbors are sharing the siphoning of their car gas tanks. Somehow we acquired a multitude of gas cans to contribute to the "war" effort.

Tomorrow I hope to try a recipe for making hamburger buns on the grill. My daughter brought over a couple hundred franks to be stored in my working freezer, so perhaps we need to eat some of them tomorrow for lunch.


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Family scattered from DC, Philly, Delaware. Their stories are amazing. Jersey shore towns and many points south hold many memories. Very sad watching the destruction. The magnitude is hard to believe.

Lots of people dealing with loss, property destruction. It's very nice hearing the roll call here of all being ok.

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Little Fishies,

I grew up near you, in Fair Haven. I have been wondering how that neck of the woods has fared, and I expect Sea Bright and Sandy Hook took a pounding. Glad you made out OK and post more info if you can.


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2littlefishies - those pictures are incredible, what a nightmare. We lost power Monday night and still don't have it back. This is the exception in my area, most people are fine. Certainly can't complain as DH has hooked up a generator to the house power (very grateful for all those Cree LEDs). Next time he asks where to locate the generator I need to remember - not right outside the window on my side of the bed. (I forget how loud that thing is; one of these nights I'll get a decent night's sleep again...).

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We are back up with tree removed full power with thanks to a power crew from Iowa! They seem to be headed to city to help out there next. We should all feel very thankful for the unselfishness of working people with great skills who leave the warmth and comfort or their own homes to assist others.

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Still no power but not complaining- we're very lucky...

Karin- yes Sea Bright is a mess as well as long branch, etc... The water did come up high in Red Bank but not sure of the effects there yet. Homes in Fair Haven and Little Silver that are closer to the water have damage.

Here is a link with some Jersey Shore photos:

Here are 2 images from Sea Bright a Friend took.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jersey Shore Photos

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My DirecTV has been out since Friday; Sandy's not to blame.
On my way to work today I was hearing about the people who actually got hit. I was so sad.

Yes, the Deracho did worse here. I recall hearing it arrive like a train coming along the road and fields. Frightening.

I'm sorry others are dealing with this. It's always somewhere. My mom in E. Lansing, MI has talked about the winds for 2 days now.

Someone brought up a great point: Growing up in MI, we seldom lost power. It was such a brief surprise when we did. And no, the lines weren't buried in my neck of the midwest. What would Pepco's explanation be as to why, in an area where all we really get is wind, (sometimes snow, but so seldom) they can't keep the power on? And do not dare tell me it's all the trees. They've raped every tree on every roadside in the tri state area.

I have BG&E, and live on a road where an important goverment person used to live. We get power and plowed. I won't mention names because she moved 6 years go...

And you guys had to continue to pay Pepco even while out.

Sorry to rant. I pray for the best with those out and damaged. These can be horrifying times to endure.

Rococogurl, believe in peanut butter. I've lost 8 lbs on the Reese's cup diet I invented.

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Checking in late to this party. We are in NJ, directly west of NYC in southern Morris County.

Here, we experienced brutal, 80+ mph winds Monday night. It was terrifying. Strange, colored "glow" lightening. Huge trees snapping in the woods like gunshots.

Power is out. Generator is on. Spotty Internet access. Cell phones and landlines completely down, still. We lost power Monday afternoon at 5pm. We're expected to be without power for up to 3 weeks. Thank goodness for the generator, though! We have coffee, heat, water, and lights. Now the problem seems to be procuring gasoline - exactly zero gas stations are open because they're literally out of gas. We will siphon from our cars as needed to keep the generator running. But we are being super conservative.

We haven't ventured out far, because 95% of the roads in my township are currently barricaded from downed trees and power lines. 100% of my town is without power. Compared to the destruction we saw in a 2-mile radius of my house yesterday, we are extremely lucky. We only lost 6 big trees, and thankfully none hit the house or any outbuildings. Our fence is destroyed in many places, but that's nothing.

Many of my neighbors did not fare so well. The devastation is unbelievable, and pictures do not convey the sense of loss. I cried when we drove around town. I cannot imagine what those down the shore are feeling right now.

Below are a few photos I took of my immediate surroundings and my neighbors. Not as bad as down the shore, but still the worst storm and destruction I have ever personally experienced. We're trying to help in the clean-up efforts around town. It's going to be a long road ahead. Surreal.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hurricane Sandy photos - my town

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Those pictures are awful, jenwren.

My neighbors and I just discovered that a very old, sturdy, indestructible burning bush hedge has actually moved. We can't figure out how. A gust of massive speed apparently blew out a neighbor's fence, crossed the street, snapped off parts of two trees, rammed one branch into my neighbor's tail light, and then physically moved my hedge. Since the ground is undisturbed we think the dense, hard, woody shrub was crumpled with such force it permanently changed its shape.

There is a low pressure disturbance in the Caribbean right now currently expected to follow Sandy's exact track back up to the northeast.

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2 Little Fishies,

Thank you for posting the updates and photos. Looks like a scene from a disaster movie.

Best wishes to everyone who was impacted by this storm. Sounds like recovery is going to take a long time and will be trying to everyone's patience. Hang in there!

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I have wondering how my fellow GWers fared during Sandy, with so many of you on the east coast. So scary! So devastating! I'm glad to hear that all who have checked in here are safe. Does anyone know of others in that area that we have not heard from or had check-in? Every time I see Hoboken featured on the news programs, I can't help but think of our own hobokenkitchen? But she is no longer in Hoboken, correct?
stay safe and be well!

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YEAH!!! I have power again! Three days with no power, but we were very lucky, that was the worst of it. The only down side is being stuck with two toddlers and no power.

I am in MD, I hope everyone up in NJ and NY are OK, for a while I thought we were going to take the brunt of it. I wasn't even able to get a battery operated lantern at our stores before the storm. Ended up with an old fashion oil lantern for light. We do have a great old 1800's coal stove, so we had heat and a way to cook and ate well while the power was out. I do have to say, there is something to be said for turn of the century tech although I was starved for my internet today when it all came back.

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My experience sounds similar to Jenswrens. Terrified of trees falling down! Thump, bump in the middle of the night. We are so lucky we are safe and our house and property were spared. Btw, that "glow" in NJ was transformers blowing! Finally have power (doing the happy dance!) With the reno, a generator took the back seat. So we've been camping out. Makes one appreciate the things that are normally taken for granted. My heart breaks for those who were not as fortunate.

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