Prep sink faucet placement for 2 sided access

deedlesOctober 14, 2012

Those of you that have a prep sink accessible from both sides of an island or peninsula... where did you put your faucet so it could be used easily from both sides? Or, did you make it easiest to use from the 'business' side of the space? I'm thinking the most it'll be used on the non-business side is for a quick handwash or drink of water... but how does your household use the prep faucet other than for prepping?

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We put our faucet on the outer corner. Ours is used most from the working side for prepping, hand washing during cooking and baking, draining pasta or other things, and for interim cleanup -- some times a gathering spot for used dishes and utensils to gather out of the way and then be carried to the cleanup sink. Sometimes I wash something I want to quickly reuse. It also serves some quick handwashing, drink of water, wash some fruit for a snack or filling the dogs' water bowl when we aren't cooking.

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thanks lascatx! That seems like a good place, esp since I'm trying to keep the prep sink cab as small as possible.

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Don't go too small. I was concerned about not losing too much of my newly found island top (it used to have the cooktop, so that open space was all new and all cherished). Mine is about 15x15 and I wouldn't go any smaller. For me, that is about the best bang for the inch, so to speak. I can set a large colander in it, a pasta pot if I need to, even a dishpan and it isn't too small for hitting accurately with trimmings, boiling water or gooey egg shells. A lot of folks love 18, 20, 24 inch prep sinks, but most say not to go much smaller than the one I have.

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Do you mean you'll be using your sink from opposite sides of the island, or from one side and one end, like the sink is on the corner of the island? If it's the latter, we installed ours on the diagonal, so either side of the sink is the 'front.'

I'll second Lascatx's recommendations on size. :)

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