Granite comes Tuesday! What sealer do you use?

marti8aOctober 10, 2012

I assume I seal it the minute they leave, right? Seems like someone said they seal it, and then use a cleaner/sealer once a week? Or is there a sealer that you just use once a year - if so what do you clean with, dishwashing soap & water?

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Did you check with your fabricator? Our granite came with a "lifetime" sealer (I think that means 14 years), so we don't do anything to it except clean it with soap and water. If yours is coming without a sealer, yes, you need to seal it first thing. I've heard it's easy and someone will have a specific recommendation. Do check with the fabricator though as they're the folks who deal with that issue every day.

P.S. What did you choose?

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It really depends on the type of granite you have. The dark dense granites like blue pearl and uba tuba don't need sealing. In fact, if you seal them and don't wipe the sealer off it will pool on the surface and develop haze if you don't remove it. Unfortunately, many fabricators are not that knowledgeable and tell you to seal everything. You really need to research your particular granite and find out how porous it is. You can also test a sample of your granite. Even pourous granites usually only need to be sealed a couple of times a year, not weekly. To be honest, I'm dubious about "lifetime" sealers - I don't think they've been proven to be that effective.

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Good to know. I'll call the fabricator right now. I chose Kashmir Gold. And wouldn't you know I didn't have my camera when I previewed the template layout!

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Me too on the Kashmir Gold! Here it is with the "life time" sealer.

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Thanks suzannes! What floor do you have with it? That's my next project once the granite is in. My cabinets are about the same color as yours. I hope they look as good with the granite as yours do. I don't have quite as much gray in my stone.

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We hadn't actually intended to do new floors, but the footprint of the new cabs was smaller than the old, so we were left with a 1" gap all around the new cabs. Oops. What we finally decided on was a bamboo floor. We liked it so much we extended it into the living room, then the hall, and finally just a few weeks ago, into our MB. It looks yellower in the first photo than IRL. The second is pretty true.

The gray in our granite is actually pretty blue. That's what inspired the blue walls.

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marti - did everything work out with your templating? i didn't snap a photo either. mine is coming in the next day or so. i completely trust that the stone will be cut according to the positioning of the template. i was just curious about your comment.

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I think so phylhl. The guy wrote on the granite with a white marker, so it should be ok.

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My granite (white diamond aka bianco antico) was already sealed in the shop. The installers said it should last about 5 years. They also said to use the alcohol/water mix sparingly as it will break down the sealer.

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I called the fabricator and a sealer will be put on it at the shop before they install it. The guy recommended a DuPont sealer available at Lowes.

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