House Hunters - now no granite countertops?

schoolhouse_gwOctober 23, 2012

Did anyone else catch House Hunters last night? I just tuned in for a minute, right when the couple was checking out the kitchen and the lady says something to the effect, looking at the granite counter top, "ugh, I really wanted quartz or marble instead of granite". What? So this will be the new catch phrase on House Hunters? ha

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Uhoh. Pretty soon they won't want stainless, Philistines.

I think most people would prefer stones like limestone or marble, if maintenance were no issue. (Most).

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That show is ridiculous and fake. I wish HGTV would broadcast non staged programming. I did see that part last night as I was flipping channels and had to laugh. I prefer the look of a natural stone - like granite- but to each his own I guess. I won't be losing any sleep for putting in granite over quartz. LOL

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You have to wonder which quartz or marble company paid them to insert that line.....

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Love the shows on Bravo with the designer Jeff Lewis. Recently saw an episode where the homeowner said her husband wanted granite countertops and he cut her off in disgust by saying "No one does granite anymore!" He's in LA and has a clean line modern aesthetic, but that still surprised me. I think his preference is quartz, Caesarstone.

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I dunno, my first home had tile counters and I was so excited for solid surface. When I did my first remodel 7 years ago I was thrilled with the granite I found and put different granite counters throughout my house. I loved looking at all the beautiful granites at stone yards. I also liked and still really like soapstone but I prefer a lighter counter. I have gotten used to seeing quieter counters lately and I am not considering granite in the new house, only quartz. The other people I know doing remodels right now are doing quartz counters. So, it isn't outside the realm of possibility that young buyers looking through Houzz or Pinterest might want something other than granite...

I had to remind myself that I didn't enjoy cleaning grout lines when I had tile counters...I adore tile and toyed with the idea of tile counters for the new kitchen while I am sure there are many people itching to replace tile counters for granite...I never had the urge to rip out the tile counters, white tile is timeless and easy to decorate around and I could set hot pans on it...but I think a lot of people would have replaced those counters with granite. I didn't get granite until remodeling the next house...

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LOL! Maybe they've been on the kitchen forum :)

Shannon- I like tile counters, too. They're so durable and with the new grouts, hopefully low maintenance!

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I originally had small off white tile and grout. Didn't mind the look then (80's) and had no problem keeping the grout stain free, but the grout made them a pain to wipe up. Much prefer my smooth surface silver sea green granite which has been hassle free since day one. I think it's been installed 13 years and not a mark on it and it's never been resealed or babied.
However this time around I too want a light and probably quiet countertop. Love the look of some marble and quartzite, but want something just as hasslefree as what I have now. so I'm also considering quartz if it makes sense with the style I end up with. But at the moment I don't know much about that product either.

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RNmomof2 zone 5

The gal was a germophobe and didn't like granite because she couldn't see dirt or particles left on it. It wasn't that she was better than granite, it was strictly a hygiene issue.

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If granite is out of style, that makes me want it even more!

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I am getting Caesarstone, but I would be happy with granite. I had tile, and they are the absolute worst material for countertops. Everything gets stuck in the grout line, flour, sugar, little pieces of vegetable leaves. Granite might not be fashionable now after many years of popularity, but it is still functional and therefore, will never become irrelevant.

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I love watching House Hunters but the truth is that I know someone who was on the show and she had already bought the vacation house she chose and the TV producers had her go visit each of her last three choices to film the homes as if she had not yet made her choice. She used to post on one of my dog forums and she told us when the episode would be on HGTV to watch it.

I love all natural stone counters: granite, marble, soapstone, quartz, and I even like some man-made surfaces as long as they are not white tiles with wide grout lines and the 23 year old almond laminate counters with the square edges (that are dark) that I currently have and will soon change when I am back to finishing my kitchen.

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last year on "flipping out", Jeff Lewis's show, he was a spokeman for Caesarstone. that's why he promotes it.

great show though...he has great ideas, i hope they are!!

the first and second season of that show are the best...that's before he got "big" and you really felt it was real. now, i'm not so sure.

but in the end, i don't care..i just like seeing the end result and the gives me great ideas..


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Obviously anecdotal and not statistically significant, but that won't stop me from mentioning that I was in L.A. last month and visited two couples doing kitchen renovations. Guess what they are planning to use for counter tops? Granite.

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I tape the House Hunter Shows to fast forward to the kitchens in each home and then the final decision. I just like to see the kitchens for ideas. To me it does not matter what is in the kitchen but how all the parts come together to create beauty and function.

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I was thinking more like deedles, not that it was a real granite vs quarts/marble thing. Just seemed like they want to start promoting something else for countertops. Let's see how many kitchens in future episodes feature the "new" trend.

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