Almost done--NYC galley with walnut and calacatta

nycbluedevilOctober 25, 2012
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WOW - that looks amazing! And so much storage. Love the walnut..and I'm a "white" person! Can't wait to see final pictures!

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Wow. That's one really good-looking kitchen. I mean really, really good! Rich and warm and cool and sophisticated all at once. (A true NYC kitchen, I'd say!) :-) I'm especially loving that cab wall with the fridge. Fantastic! What remains to be done? Details, please. And, more pix would also be nice. :-)

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Lovely! The cabinets are beautiful.

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Here are the pics:

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love! Love!! LOVE THIS KITCHEN!!!

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I have some serious kitchen envy right now! It is just lovely!

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Cawaps--thanks so much for embedding my pix. I tried so hard but couldn't do it!

What remains to be done is the backsplash (6 x 18 matching calacatta marble in a subway pattern) and hanging my two pendants (they are Chameleon Lighting clear beehive pendants--gorgeous). We also need window treatments and a window seat cushion. Hopefully all this will be done in a couple of weeks so I can make Thanksgiving with a complete kitchen.

These are the details

Rutt cabinets in a tawny finish--all inset
Calacatta marble for the countertops and peninsula
Faucets--Waterstone PLP, instahot/cold filtration, air switch and soap
Hardware--Forms and Surfaces pull and Cliffside latches
Sub Zero french door fridge
Blue Star 36" with grill
Modernaire 42" hood
Miele Diamond DW
Miele Speed Oven
Uline wine fridge

What an improvement. The old kitchen was fine and functional and I had great appliances and granite counters, but the cabinets were awful and the washer/dryer near the window closed the whole kitchen in.

I was able to give the whole kitchen away to a recycling store and they sold my kitchen in one day so everyone won--the environment (no landfills), the buyer (cheap way to get SZ, Miele and granite) and me (a bit of a tax deduction).

We opened up half of the kitchen/dining room wall and the peninsula straddles both rooms, giving us a 40 X 60 dining surface. The dining room is adjacent. I will try to post more pix when all done but I just couldn't wait!!

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Wow beautiful. Your cabinets are gorgeous! I love the look of insert doors, but have a small kitchen and am afraid I'd lose more space than i can afford. Do you feel the lost space (drawers) amounted to much? Can I see a close up of some of your lowers if you have drawers?

Can't wait to see your finished kitchen!
You mentioned you redid 2 ajoining rooms? What did you do; please share! Thanks.

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NYC Forgot to ask, what are your floors?

And about the recycle store.. Did you dismantle the kitchen yourself and bring it to the recycle store or did they do it? Did you remove the granite countertops from the cabs when you took out the old?

I ask because I'm hoping to do the same with my current kitcnen that's in perfect shape, but just started thinking about my remodel and haven't found any recycle stores in my area yet. Thanks.

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Wow! This kitchen has been in my head as my next dream kitchen...I'm so glad you brought it to life!! Just WOW!

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I went into this with eyes wide open about the vertical space I was going to lose with the inset drawers (about 1.5" per drawer) but I really wanted a furniture-like look because the kitchen is open to the dining room and beyond. I will try to remember to post pics of my drawers. That is where I keep all of my pots, bakeware, tupperware and small appliances (primarily cuisinart and blender). I have room for everything except for my tall pasta pot, which I keep in the space under the window (I have a window seat that lifts up with a piano hinge).

The layout is as follows. I will try to do a sketch later but see if you can follow. The kitchen is only 85" wide but 20 feet long. There is also a butler's pantry space off to the right of the fridge that leads out to the front of the apartment. The dining room is 13 x 20 and is directly next to the kitchen. Years ago, I divided the dining room in half crosswise to give one of my three kids her own room. Since the dining room opens to a large square foyer, the size of the remaining dining room was fine. However, my daughter is graduating from college this year and I (hopefully) don't need to keep her room quite as large anymore, so I enlarged the length of the dining room by two feet and changed the opening between the dining room and my daughter's room to be a six foot center opening with pocket french doors plus a transom. The idea is that the french doors will be open 95% of the time so I wanted to have a space that looks like one room that can still be used as two rooms. The two rooms will have the same area rug and sconces to tie them together.

Then, in order to open up the space I took down the dining room that abuts the kitchen. That is where the big peninsula (that everyone who sees it calls an island) is located.

The result is that the kitchen is really open to the whole front of the apartment (living room, foyer and dining room). I wanted this layout because I hated being trapped in the kitchen while entertaining. My guests would congregate in the doorway and it was all really cramped and inconvenient.

I know this is confusing and as I said, I will try to come up with a drawing that I can post, as well as take some pics of the drawers.

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Wow ... that is gorgeous. I'd love to see a detail shot of your cabinet door profile if you get around to it too. Just lovely!

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Forgot about the floors--they are Marmoleum tiles (color is forest ground). We also did a stripe of dark bistre around the whole room. You can't see the floors well because they are still covered. (The pics also don't show the range in yet.)

Regarding the recycling, the organization is They are located in Springfield, Massachusetts. I spoke to a guy named John Grossman. He actually found me through GW when I posted ("What to do with the old stuff?") expressing disappointment that Green Demolitions would not take my stuff because my cabinets were laminate with thermofoil doors. They were in very good condition for their age but still not real wood. John called me and asked me to send pictures because he said that if he could sell my kitchen he would be interested in experimenting with venturing as far as NYC. I sent him the pictures and he said he wanted my stuff.

So, we set up a date for them to come the day after my GC did demo. My GC did the removal of my cabinets, counters and appliances and stored them in our basement overnight. They were extra careful removing the counters because they knew that they were being recycled. John's guys came the next day, removed the material from the building and hauled it all away to Massachusetts. So I also saved money because my GC did not have to dump the stuff.

John said afterwards that he was going to try to do more in NYC. And as a matter of fact, yesterday one of the guys working for my GC told me that they saw him on local public television the other night talking about what they do.

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The door style is Rutt's New Yorker (no I didn't pick it because I live in NY LOL). You would probably get a better shot on Rutt's website. It is a modified Shaker design (basically it has one extra "step")>

Will take a pic tonight.

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Totally in love with every single thing!

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Beautiful walnut cabinets, which do the Calacatta proud. I can imagine your family's excitement!

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What a wonderful, lovely kitchen so far!!!! Love it!

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Really lovely. To me, it has something of the feel of a butler's pantry in a very upper-crust Belgravia home. Love it.

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Great job on a galley kitchen! Love it!!
Wait - what goes in the hole under the hood! Can't wait to see the final reveal.
Also - how about some pictures with lights off, so we can see your lights.

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Great kitchen, congratulations. The walnut is gorgeous.

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Your cabinets are absolutely gorgeous! You chose the perfect hardware and faucets to set them off too.

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Looking good. I had to deal with a 7'11" x 15' space, but with awkwardly positioned doors (not awkward in reality because they are designed so that you can see the back yard from the front door, but creating an awkward kitchen layout) and passthrough/bow window. But it can be done even in city spaces! I just wish I had been able to do a galley like you, and after spending $26.5K on my only bathroom, I limited myself to less than $9K for my half-assed kitchen remodel. From the looks of it, you're multiples above that, and that's what you can get for it fortunately!

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gasp... :swoon: :thud:
That's me fainting.

That is a seriously beautiful kitchen.

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Walnut + marble = love it
Fridge wall: WOW

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Your cabinets are absolutely beautiful!

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Thanks everyone! Yes, we are thrilled but it is so nice to hear the positive feedback from the mavens on GW. After doing two bathrooms last year with the help of the good folks on the bathrooms forum, we (in truth, DH just goes along for the ride and always loves everything and never contradicts) decided to give ourselves this present as a consolation (reward?) when our last two kids went off to college this fall. Without the great ideas here, I would probably not have known to do all drawers on the bottom. I also would not have known about the Miele Speed oven, Waterstone faucets or Julien sinks (love the deep sink). I listened intently to all the impassioned arguments about FD vs side by side fridges, the pros and cons of marble and last but certainly not least, the raging BS/Capital Culinarian debate. So a great big thank you for all of you folks who take the time to post.

A2 (I think we share cycling as a hobby and Ann Arbor)--how is your bathroom coming along?--the Blue Star RNB range goes in the hole. It got installed yesterday. I am going to wait to take more pics when the backsplash goes in and the lights are hung. The lights are really, really cool (clear Murano glass in a beehive shape hung from a polished nickel canopy and three very small chains). They are being made now so it might be a couple of weeks before I can post the whole thing.

I wish I could take credit for the whole thing but in truth, one of the rooms at my fancy KD had walnut cabinets and calacatta caldia counters with these exact pulls and I pretty much said "I want that." I did know what I wanted to do in terms of design though. BTW, the cabinets to the left of the fridge are pantry cabinets that are 8" deep--including the doors! It was dead space and I used my old pantry closet to house my washer/dryer and for utility, so the food needed a new home. The pantry cabinets are perfect for a double depth of canned goods and that sort of things. We use some of the other cabinets and the window seat for larger food items.

All in all, this has been a great experience and we are really happy. We can't wait until the three girls come home for Thanksgiving so they can see it in person.

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nycbd - First, let me say KUDOS to YOU for recycling! We recycled everything in our previous remodel - appliances, sink, faucet, lights, counters, cabinets, etc. It gave me a great feeling to know sometone else would use the items. My dear daught-in-law followed our recent new build giving us tips on how to be green, and reducing our environmental footprint.

On to the kitchen! That is one of the most beautiful kitchens these eyes have seen!!! You have a great eye for detail and I love everything. I have lived in two homes with galley kitchens and they can certainly be a challenge. I look forward to the full reveal!

PS - I can appreciate your anticipation for the girls to see the new kitchen. Our boys and their families are coming home this weekend and they will find warm carpet under foot in the entire lower level (it has two bedroom suites and a family room). We told them the carpet was on hold for several months. I can just hear daught-in-law #3 "Sweeettt!"

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You have created a beautiful, functional kit. Enjoy it.

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Wow, stunning kitchen!! I agree with someone's comment that it looks like an extra-special, extra-large classic butler's pantry, which is always the coolest room in an old home.

Looking forward to seeing the lights and backsplash installed in final photos.

So, so SO perfect. Enjoy your girls!!

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Wow, another galley kitchen person here, but even in my wildest dreams mine will never be that beautiful. It is perfect, and it must look absolutely stunning in a lovely NYC apartment.

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Beautiful kitchen! Wow!

Would you be able to take a picture of the inside of your 8" deep pantry? If you have time of course... I am thinking of doing a shallow pantry like that ( very tiny kitchen) and would love to see what it looks like..


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Absolutely stunning!! I love the combination of the wood inset cabinets with the marble. Thanks for sharing!

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I just posted a follow up to my earlier one adding some pictures that people asked to see. Sorry, it has taken a few days with the storm and all.

This time, we used an iPhone so the picture quality is much better than before. I also included a couple of shots of my old kitchen that I donated at the beginning of renovation. (The mural from the old kitchen was kind of cool so I am glad I saved pictures of the old room.)

For those who asked to see, there are pictures of the inside of the drawers, the shallow pantry to the left of the fridge and the cabinet door edge. There is also a picture of my antique toaster (a 1930 Sunbeam in mint condition) that I picked up at a local flea market.

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Bumping this for Freda who wanted to know whether framed cabinets were going to work for her.

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Thank you for posting the new pics! You can really see the beauty of your marble and your walnut cabs (I keep falling more and more in love with walnut, kinda wish I had fallen for it before we did OUR kitchen.....!).

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thanks so much for bumping this thread. I remember looking at it when you first posted the photos and thinking how overwhelmingly gorgeous your new kitchen is.

It was helpful to see the drawers open. I can just make out the frame and the limitation in the drawer size. It doesn't seem as bad as I had feared.

Anyway, enjoy your stunning kitchen and thanks very much for the advice in the other thread.

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nycbluedevil, would you post a picture of your floorplan, with your kitchen as it relates to the rest of your rooms? I love to see these transformations in context. Thanks!

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I only have a floorplan of the kitchen. Would that help?

I worked with a kitchen designer on the kitchen part of it and then just told my contractor what to do on the other part. So the KD did the floor plan of the kitchen only.

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This is such a pretty kitchen, I really love all the glass against the walnut. Just beautiful.

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nycbd, you have fabulous taste!! i have loved your baths in the bath forums too!
your kitchen is so classicly gorgeous!
btw, what is that stainless steel device in one of your pics? is it a grill or toaster?

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Thanks for the compliments all!

Michou--the piece you are talking about is a chrome Sunbeam toaster circa 1930! It is fully manual. You put the toast in and flip the basket halfway through. There is a guy who sells antique toasters at a local flea market. I have stalked his booth for a year. One day, I saw this piece which was in really mint condition and I grabbed it. If you look carefully, you can see the scroll work on the front of it. I put the plug away in a drawer so that it doesn't detract from the conversation piece that this is.

I love vintage appliances and am trying to track down an original beehive glass blender too.

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oh that is such a neat hobby! what a wonderful device! though i would definitely have burnt toast if i used that! lol!

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NYCBD - That is looking great! Loved the new pictures and of course the Waterstone faucets!
I can't wait to see your final reveal with the Beehive lights! They sound really cool!

As far as the bathroom - well, we went way over budget on the kitchen, so have to snag some more cash. I plan to retire from my current position at the end of the year and will be hunting contract positions around the country.

If I end up in NY, will have to give you a buzz. Wow - this could be fun - I can try to link up with GW when I travel and see all of the wonderful kitchens!

Of course, I have to find jobs first.

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That would be fun a2 because we seem to have a lot in common like Ann Arbor, biking and if course, spending too much money on home renovations!

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I'd love to see the kitchen floorplan! Thank you!!

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NYC - road or dirt? For GWebbers - bicycle talk - since it is NYC post, only hijacking from NYC.
Where did all the $$ go - good thing DH hasn't figured it out completely - I did let him know overbudget - but we added the pull out and the pocket door...
Supposed to be warm and windy on Sunday - i'll take the warm and send the wind somewhere else

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Road for me. I do my 20 miles in Central Park most mornings before work. What a great way to start the day!

Electrician came today and hooked up most of the lights. Now we are just waiting for our beehive pendants, the calacatta subway backsplash, refinishing the dining room floor and a finish coat of paint. Then we will be done, just in time for the kids to come home for Thanksgiving.

Dc, I don't know how to post the floor plan. I have it in PDF so I can email it to you if you can tell me how to reach you.

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That is a seriously gorgeous kitchen. I love the inset walnut cabinets with matching interiors, shapely hood and yummy marble. I can't wait to see the final reveal.

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NYC - we are mostly roadies also but tend to go a bit further.
Do you run also - had friends show up for the canceled marathon..

We need some pictures of your lights.

I scanned my floor plan into the my computer and then it was a jpeg and I could upload as a picture.

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A 2. Do you ever do bike trips? We do one with Backroads every summer. Great trips and miles. We have done some century rides on them. Just did northern Vermont this past summer. We averaged about 50 or so miles a day with some giant climbs. Sounds like you might like them. The trips in Europe are great too.

I wish those beehive lights would come already. If you google chameleon lighting beehive clear you can see them. They are really cool..

Now I have to figure out the window seat cushion and window treatment.

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We do some BAC trips including one to Spain.

How about a picture of the window seat

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Bumping this for Roberta.

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NYCBD - not sure if you are visiting GW - but I posted my final kitchen pictures a few weeks ago and was hoping you might take a peak...
Next is our bathroom but have to figure out a funding plan...

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A2--I did look at your pics when you posted a few weeks back. I had a last minute business trip abroad and then I tried to post but lost the Internet connection and never came back to it. Sorry about that.

I love your kitchen. I love everything about it, from the granite to the backsplash that I know you agonized over, to the wood floor, to the window seat area and the cool pop up table. It seems like you are really enjoying your kitchen. How did you ever resolve your drawer that broke?

Haven't done much biking lately. I have come down with a case of wussiness with the cold weather and can't bear the thought of putting on the booties! Last winter was so much better. This winter seems like it is going to be cold. Takes me back to those cold, dark mornings trudging up State Street to make an 8 am class in the law school.....

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Been there, done that - I tend to look from my phone but want to post from my computer.

We are finally getting some snow and my cross country skis are growling as I haven't taken them out yet!

Whatever you do - skip the movie 5 year engagement - it was filmed in Ann Arbor but it is really bad! (except for seeing scenes from A2)

Hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks for your blessing! I think what you did is phenomenal!

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A2, what is this about a "pop-up" table? A table that converts from coffee table height to dining height? Have been thinking of that for my breakfast/sitting room. Please elaborate. Ciao ciao

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nycbluedevil, I presume you are a "Dukey". At any rate, I love your kitchen and think is perhaps the most handsome of all the submissions I have seen on the GW. Bravo Bravo! I know that Rutt is a high end cab and Waterstone fixtures are very high end as well. If I may be so bold, would you share the budget number for your project. I am trying to understand if I might be able to emulate some of the design and finishes that you selected. Ciao ciao

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Your kitchen is love love the walnut cabinet and counter combo. I think I remember your bathroom remodel from the bathroom board, that was gorgeous too. If memory serves me, you bought your plumbing stuff from plumbtile w a positive experience. It helped me decide as I was in the throws of a master bath remodel. In any case, we finished our kitchen about 2yrs and just finished the bath project ....actually window treatments are pending, but thank goodness for GW!

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Hi Lorenza

First, thank you so much for the compliments. we are really loving our kitchen. It''s amazing how such a skinny space turned out so great.

Yes, I am a Dukie. As is my eldest daughter so we get down to Durham a bit. She graduates this year.

Happy to share the budget, at least as much as I can remember. Note that we did quite a bit of construction and that the plumbing was significant because we moved our WD clear across the space and needed to recreate our water and gas lines to tie into our adjacent maids room. That was a big job. We also opened up part of the dining room/kitchen common wall. We also added French pocket doors to the back half of our dining room which is my eldest daughter's bedroom (she is almost out on her own at this point so her room is becoming a sitting room) and put the WD in a newly constructed closet with French doors. We also refinished the floors in the dining room/bedroom. So the whole thing was around $200,000 all in but we did a lot of ancillary work.

Cabinets--$62,000 including installation
Countertops and backsplash--$11,000
Waterstone--about $3,000
Cabinet hardware--$1,500
Contractor (demo and construction, plumbing, electric, floors, painting)--$85,000
Under cabinet flights--$1,800
Dining room chandelier-$6,000
Counter stools--$2,000

We still have window treatments to do in the kitchen and sitting room so that's not included yet.

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Hi Skeetie

Thanks for the compliments.

You have a good memory. We did use plumb tile for the bathroom fixtures. As a matter of fact, I got the Waterstone for the kitchen through them too. Their discount was at least as good as anyone else's price, their customer service was great and free delivery/no sales tax.

To make things even better, they had the Forms and Surfaces cabinet pulls that I fell in love with at the KD showroom. These pulls were expensive. The KD shop was going to charge me $35 per pull but I got them from plumb tile for $31, which is still hideously expensive but saved me hundreds

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Really gorgeous! I will be following how all your appliances do over the next few months. I am particularly interested in the 36" (?) SZ fridge. I have been looking at that french door refrigerator and am still trying to deice if this will work for us or whether I need to jump to the bigger sizes.

You did an amazingly beautiful job. Love the deep sink and the walnut/marble mix.

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Thanks firsthouse. I love all the appliances. Regarding the SZ 36" French door, I really like the fridge. The freezer is a bit small and I am finding that I can't store as big a Costco haul as I could with my 42" SZ that I had in the old kitchen. But I did not want a side by side again because I was tired of bending down for the fruits and vegetables which were at the bottom of the fridge. So the 36" FD was my only option. Our kids are all out of the house now except like now when they are home from college for vacation, so most of the time we are fine.

A word of advice regarding the 36" side by side. Disaster. Everyone I know who has it can't stand it. If you go side y side, get at least the 42".

All the other appliances--the Blue Star range, the Miele Diamond dishwasher (did I really get a DW with interior lights?!), the Modernaire hood and the Uline wine cooler--are all great. The wine cooler was great value. I really did not want to spend the money for the Miele (the only other one that had the recessed handle that I needed). So I got the Uline--it is quiet and holds a lot.

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I was just reading mamadadapaige's thread and saw your question about the walnut interiors as the last post. I think you were asking that question of me. If so, the answer is that there was no upcharge per se.

Rutt has two lines. One line is the Regency. It is about 20% less than the regular line, which is called the Classic. I had planned on going with the Regency but at the last minute I decided to splurge and buy the Classic. One of the features of the Classic is the walnut (or cherry) interiors. There were a bunch of other improvements as well, but that was the one that stood out for me.

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NYCBD - your Miele has an interior light - I might just have to upgrade mine... LOL - I will stick with mine until I have to replace it - I get a smile when it sticks it little tongue out at me when it pops the door open.
Happy New Year!

Lorenza5064 - I will bump by final reveal post so I don't hijack NYCBD too much - but yes it does pop up.

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NYCBD, Didn't you say that your door style was the "New Yorker" by Rutt? Couldn't find that on their website. Closest I found was "York". Trying to see the detail on the inside of stiles and rails, a bevel, a bead?

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It is the New Yorker. It is a modified Shaker. That's the best way I can describe it. Sort of like a double step. Rut has a terrible website. Where are you located? I bet there is a dealer who sells Rutt if you are near a reasonably large city. Best to see in person.

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Thanks NYCBD, don't think I afford Rutt, but would like to emulate your door style. I have chosen an independent Amish cabinetmaker for my cabs. I have vetted this company and all signs are good re their fit and finish. I noticed that your drawer fronts have chamfered edges, that is a detail employed by my cab co. as well. My kitchen will be in a white painted finish with an island in either cherry or walnut. You can bet that I am going to inquire re the walnut drawer boxes, they are so handsome.

    Bookmark   December 31, 2012 at 2:36PM
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a2, please provide the thread that includes the reveal of your kitchen that has been alluded to in the conversation between you and NYCBD. I am most curious about the details that you mention. Happy New Year, L

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 12:21AM
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Lorenza - here is the thread for you -
NYCBD - thanks for loaning your post.
Happy New Year

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 9:22AM
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Bumping for deedles!

    Bookmark   January 17, 2013 at 4:26PM
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Thanks for bumping this. I missed the thread but just want to say how beautiful that is turning out! Very classy. Sad the mural had to go, I was going to mention how neat that was. Oh, well, nothing lasts forever. Love the toaster! Vintage stuff always grabs me. I was just oogling a "toast-O-lator" at an antique shop yesterday. You put the bread in on edge in one end and it rolls through and comes out the other side. There is even a viewing window so you can watch your toast go through. How fun is that? Not sure if it's 125.00 worth of fun, though.

Anyway. Where do you do most of your prepping in there? On that big deep square counter to the right of the stove, or on the sink counter?

    Bookmark   January 17, 2013 at 4:38PM
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Thanks for the compliments! I did love that mural but it was time for it to go.

I do most prep on either the left or right side of the sink--I have about 40" on either side of the sink plus the space in front of the counter cabinets so it is plenty. Prep requires water and I don't have a separate prep sink. The big sink you see is my only one. For baking, I tend to use the space to the left of the range. That is only about 30" of countertop. The big space is our eating area. I also use that space to set out the various dishes as they come out of the ovens.

    Bookmark   January 17, 2013 at 5:00PM
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Bumping this for Laura

    Bookmark   February 22, 2013 at 2:14PM
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Absolutely gorgeous. Serious envy here.

    Bookmark   February 22, 2013 at 4:18PM
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Missed this earlier. Gorgeous and stately! I do have a question for you, you plan to cook in this kitchen? Remembering my days living in the city...I can remember cooking just a handful of times. Just wondering if this is for entertaining guests here and there or you truly cook? Not many New Yorkers do!

    Bookmark   February 22, 2013 at 4:54PM
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You bet. I cook a lot and I have never enjoyed it more. The Blue Star range is wonderful. Pan searing salmon, grilling steaks, baking the perfect cake--I am in love with it. The hood (which I was able to vent out the wall) is powerful albeit noisy but I will take noise over grease on my walnut cabinets! The Miele speed oven is great too. I use it as a microwave about half the time but I do also use it as a second oven. I am still working out the combination functions though. My big 30" sink (maybe it's not big by GW standards but it is way larger than my previous sink) with the grid is great and the Waterstone faucet and instant hot are dreamy. It is fair to say that I am a very happy camper. And when we do entertain I now feel that we are doing it in style!

    Bookmark   February 22, 2013 at 5:24PM
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I missed this, but OMG amazing. If I had seen this before I started mine I would've copied everything! Would love to see the backsplash and lights that you were describing.

    Bookmark   February 22, 2013 at 5:34PM
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Thanks Amanda!

I posted a picture of the beehive lights a few weeks ago. I bumped the post today so you should be able to see it although it may be a page down by now. The backsplash is the same as the counters in 6 x 18 tiles.

My kitchen design company (Bilotta) is doing a photo shoot next week. Hopefully, I will have some good pics to post.

    Bookmark   February 22, 2013 at 5:42PM
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Bumping this for seaswirl.

    Bookmark   May 20, 2014 at 4:35PM
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I'm curious what hood you ended up getting for the 36" Blue Star with the grill and what your experience has been so far.

We live in lower manhattan and planning to order the 36" Nova with grill and are trying desperately to figure out the hood solution.

Thanks in advance,

    Bookmark   September 22, 2014 at 11:47AM
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ncbluedevil - Your kitchen is so very beautiful!
I am considering a dark cabinet and was wondering how you find the light in the walnutty kitchen as opposed to your white kitchen.

    Bookmark   September 22, 2014 at 12:15PM
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I always enjoy seeing your kitchen!
Glad to see it re-surface
Also- saw your post in appliance and looks like your oven choice was a winner ð¸

    Bookmark   September 22, 2014 at 6:32PM
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Afineman--we got a Modernaire PS 11 (42 x 24). We were able to vent it outside. The hood is beautiful and effective. It is a bit noisy which I suspect is because we had to use an 8" air duct rather than the recommended 10" duct. We had a column in the way so be had no choice.

Hydragea--we find that we have plenty of light. We did two pendants down the middle with undercabinet LED lights. The room is also open to the dining room so that probably helps too. I love my walnut cabinets more than I can express. I could stare at them for hours. They are so warm and homey. Even if the kitchen could be brighter if i had done white cabinets, I would never trade the walnut for white.

A2--nice to hear from you. I was in Ann Arbor the weekend before last for my 30 year law school reunion. Thank goodness it wasn't this past weekend!!!!! I've been riding a lot too. We did a bike trip to Provence in July. Got a new bike too which I am really loving. How is your bathroom coming?

    Bookmark   September 22, 2014 at 8:25PM
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Still one of my favorite kitchens!

(L'Shanah Tovah!)

    Bookmark   September 22, 2014 at 11:42PM
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NYCBD, I am in love!

Beautiful kitchen, and I imagine you are enjoying it completely. Would you mind sharing the company and or individuals you worked with? I am planning a large (for us) renovation that involves completely gutting the existing kitchen and baths and need some serious help .... Architect, Kitchen designer contractor, etc.

    Bookmark   February 2, 2015 at 10:58AM
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