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Annika66October 15, 2012

It's time to get rid of this old kitchen, and I'm looking for design ideas. We are installing dark hardwood, white cabinets, white tiled backslash and light counter-tops. Fridge needs to stay where is. We are thinking of taking down part of the upper wall where fridge is located to overlook family room. Ideally, the whole wall should come down but the current design of house does not allow for it. Please provide some creative ideas, as to placement of dishwasher, sink and stove..

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Here's a view of current kitchen. As you can see, we are moving stove to opposite wall as there is too much traffic thru our kitchen. From the front entrance, one can see straight through to sliding doors at opposite end of house. It's a very frustrating layout, but it is what it is.

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I guess it would help if I added measurements. Each wall of cabinetry is 10.5".. Attached another pic.

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Honestly, I think you have a great view of the breakfast table and patio doors! The only thing I wouldn't like is the dishwasher in the way. If you could move that, I think it would be fine :)

Why does the fridge need to stay where it is?

If possible, could you move the fridge and leave the stove on that wall? Maybe have dishwasher, sink, fridge, breakfast table on one side...and then take out the top half of the wall on the other side, with the range? You'd have to change to an island vent, but you wouldn't have to move it.

You'd also have a nice view into the family room and could hopefully add a raised counter behind the range for some stools. Just an idea...

From Cottage house plans

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I agree w/lavendar. Move the DW and then you won't have that divide. I like the lay-out she did.

I know it can be a difficult process but keep working it on ppr until you are happy. I have so many plans on graph ppr now it is almost making me delirious. But way better to have it chg'd many times on ppr than have to live poor planning once its done.
Keep us posted! Good luck !

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One suggestion as well... draw your hard limits (!) really perfectly on graph paper first (ie: exterior and/or interior walls, water lines if not moving, windows, etc.). Then photocopy a few (or many!) copies of this blank layout. Then you can either draw in cabinet/layout ideas.

Agree with turning it into a galley... nice view. Check out brooklyngalley's kitchen for inspiration. All lower drawers will be your friend.

LOL, we routinely have a hockey stick leaning in the corner by our front door too!

Here is a link that might be useful: brooklyngalley's beautiful finished kitchen

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Sophie Wheeler

The problem is that the peninsula is on the wrong side. Move it to the other side and add a prep sink in it's corner and you'll have a nice protected spot to prep and chat. It's a short step to toss dirty stuff into the cleanup sink, and the traffic flow through the kitchen doesn't cut through your prep zone like it does now. It would also help if you could shift the door over, but it's not an imperative if you shift the kitchen's entry point for traffic.

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