Height of granite backsplash?

tomatotomataOctober 3, 2008

I'll have a small granite backsplash, with tile above it. I was thinking the granite portion would be about 3-4 inches, but the granite guy says 6 inches is the norm. Seems high to me - what do you think?

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6"? No...that is too high. 4" would look best. Have you really thought about your options though? 4" short granite BS used to be pretty common, but it is not done much anymore. Most people are just running the tile right down to the countertops.

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I would also find out what the cost of the short granite backsplash is. When I price out my granite, the 4" backsplash was as much as the total cost of the tile backsplash. I Also believe that 4" is the norm. I have never seen 6"
(BTW the 4" splash was 500.00 while the tile for the 18" backsplash was 120. for the tile and 300 for install.)

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Two linear feet of 6" backsplash is the same as one square foot of granite. At $45 to $100 per square foot, it is no surprise to me that the granite guy wants to sell 6" BS. And in this case, BS does NOT stand for backsplash!! lol!

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4" is the standard I've seen on this forum; especially when people are mixing a small granite BS with tile.

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4" is generally considered the standard but if you're going with a tile backsplash, you really don't need it unless you like the look. Granite places do tend to push it, though.

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I did a short little granite backsplash. It's 2 inches high and I absolutely love it. Enough to get the look and finish that I wanted, but not so much that it makes a statement. I knew I wanted a granite backsplash because I don't like where tile meets counter.

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Granite places really push the granite backsplash. They make a lot of $$$ with it. Unless you really like the look of the granite, you will save $$$ going with a tile backsplash. Most kitchens today do not have a granite backsplash, but to talk to a granite fabricator, you would never know that. They tell you how difficult it is to get the tile to line up next to the granite as most walls aren't plumb, etc...

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THIS granite shop does not push granite backsplash. We try to steer customers to tile because we think it looks better. And no, we do not do tile work either. If a customer wants a granite backsplash, then we will do it. 4" high is normal in our area though.

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4" is standard... we have 5 1/2". That's because we have a breakfast bar, and the backsplash there was 5 1/2"... so we did 5 1/2" all around.

To be honest, it looks good. Bathrooms have 4". Both look good.


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way to go, dmiller!
count me among everyone else who never heard of a 6" splash. i love the look f the 2" and was going to do that if i just painted the walls. but since i went with tile, i didn't get any. i understand nicloe's point - i'm not thrilled wit the caulk line where the tile and counter meet; but it bothered me less than "chopping up" the wall with two materials.

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Unfortunately, our granite store DID push for the granite backsplash (4 inch) at first we said ok, then after an inquiry in the forum, we realized it was not what we wanted and the guy was offended when I called him back to say no backsplash. And the savings is about the same the tile and labor will cost.

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I just had a 6" granite backsplash installed and I think it looks great! My granite has a lot of movement and I like how it is carried onto the walls for an added touch. The only place I don't care for it is above the cooktop as I'd prefer a full backsplash there. Perhaps I'll change it out later. FYI, neither the granite place or the installer pushed for a granite backsplash. It was my choice. I did pre-fabricated granite so the backsplash was readily available to go with the countertops if I desired to use it.

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Since we didn't know when we'd tile our shop recommended it since we are DIY, and I didn't want an 4 inch and they worried about transport/breaking on a 2 inch, so we compromised at a 3 inch and that seemed to work well for us. I actually don't think they charged us fully for it, but I don't know as they were very reasonable with everything but weren't a very fancy or high tech shop. I'm glad we did it now as a year later we haven't finished the kitchen messing with other parts of the house. What our shop did which was nice was cut some of the bigger pieces when they cut the countertop so it flows with the counter and lines up. I was going to be anal and wanted to be there at templating but when they said that, I decided to trust them and was happy they did that as it would have never occured to me.

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pcjs - did you mount the granite backslpash yourself? What did you use?

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I don't know if my last message cleared, but here's what it said:

I just found a great site with information on backsplash things. The site URL is as follows:


Here is a link that might be useful: publicdesigns.com backsplash information

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I wanted to do granite up to the base of the cabinets (& have our tile removed)... has anyone seen this?

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you all obviously have no idea what you are talking about. 4" backsplash is the standard height yes, but it is very common for people who have money to extend the splash to 8"-11"... full height splash is also very popular these days however if you are too cheap to buy a nice stone worthy of showing off it's natural beauty, you should probably go with a glass tile. as for granite salesmen "pushing" 4" height granite this is also false... even on a 75 Square foot kitchen you are only looking at MAYBEE 8 Square foot of extra material for the splash... not much extra money there

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