Anyone have a four burner removable griddle?

pumpkinhouseOctober 14, 2013

If so, how many burners total do you have? I saw a built in griddle on a Bluestar cooktop, which replaces two burners, and it seemed small for my needs. I am considering an eight burner cooktop with a 23x23 removable griddle, so there are still four burners open. Does anyone have a setup like this? Or a two burner griddle--is this big enough for your needs?

The downsides I can think of are cost, and where to store the large griddle when not in use. Also how to fit it in the sink to wash, if that is recommended (versus scraping off the food.)

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We have a two-burner griddle, which works great for us. We regularly make large batches of pancakes and so forth using it (triple recipes, quadruple recipes). We can cook about 8 pancakes at a time on it. We love ours, and it gets used several times a week.

I would not want a larger griddle, primarily because the one we have is so heavy that I can barely get it in and out of a cabinet as it is. If it were twice as large, I would not be able to move it, and it would be difficult even for DH, which means it would essentially end up always on the stove. It's not a pretty thing once it's seasoned and well-used, so putting it away matters to me.

I'm sure that you can get lighter griddles that would cover four burners, but I would worry that a lighter griddle would not cook as evenly and beautifully as the heavy one does.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's our fabulous removable griddle.

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