Yoo Hoo... color gurus! (sorta qualifies as OT but...)

deedlesOctober 24, 2013

Since the LR is wide open to the kitchen in our little house, I figure I can bother the kitchen forum again :)

Well, I threw caution to the wind and came up with a chocolate brown for my first sample for the LR wall color. This is in the natural light of the room (east and southern light). That is a plank of the pine ceiling wood which will be the same around the window/doorway trim as well. There is a square of the cork flooring and also a sample of the tin tiles that will be behind the woodstove from floor to ceiling and 4' wide.

This is the texture of the walls in the LR (wonder if this color might give 'suede\-esque' look to the wall texture which could be cool?

Pros: I think it works well with all the room elements and will complement the view into the kitchen with the (not here yet) green stove and tile; copper sink and white oak cabinets.

Also like that it pulls in the darker stain on the window sash.

And it seems like it might really make the river views out the windows take the forefront. (say hi to my hard-working DH trying to hide behind the disembodied wall switches)

Here it is close up with no flash:

Cons: It's dark and a real color commitment and might give a cave feeling to the room. We're going for cozy but not cave-y.

Course, it's only a 15x19 room so repainting wouldn't be the end of the world, either.



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It is a really pretty color and goes well with your other elements, but I think it's too dark, and will look "cave like".

Which direction do your kitchen windows face? I would only put a dark color in a bright room, unless I was going for moody and cozy.

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I painted a powder room in my old house chocolate brown and used turquoise accents. When my husband saw the paint color he thought I was crazy, but after I was done he admitted it was amazing. So it can work.
I am not sure I am loving it with either your floor or your tin tiles however.
Also I don't know about your tolerance for dust....but in the winter we heat with our woodstove. I feel there is a certain amount of ash and dust that gets created and needs to be cleaned up. I wonder if light colores ash would sit on the slight edges of the textured walls and if the walls are dark, if that might make me crazy.

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a color that dark will make the room look smaller. With southern light It also may go very intense in the afternoon. If you are happy with the choice, that's all that matters. But I would paint two 24x36" poster boards with the color and out them up on the wall. Someone may come along and say you can tell from a small swatch but bigger is better I have found.

If you like it with the huge swatches it should be ok. I would do the ceiling white and go with off white trim. Don't overlook the trim color in the assemblage as it will be a factor.

The poster boards might seem like a nuisance but they will be less work than priming out a dark color.

There is a nice green in your sample and I'm wondering if you like that idea at all. I think it would be very pretty with the copper and dark accents. But perhaps that ground has been covered previously.

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The reddish brown is a good accent color, but with the cork, it's a little too much warmth for my tastes. I'd cool it down with a neutral paint, maybe a beige with green undertone. You've got color and texture and the view, so I wouldn't try to make a statement with the background color too. Pulling back on color worked in your kitchen where you went with the natural oak instead of the red-toned cabinets.

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Okay, 4 to 1 against. Too dark. Ugh. I respect the GW pov, though. It probably is.

Well, that was only sample #1!

Thanks for the input, the search continues....

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Have you considered darker red on just one accent wall? I like that better than the chocolate brown. I have painted this on a wall with orangepeel texture similar to yours and it works beautifully. Tans and beiges are a good compliment to the dark reds. Take a look at BM caliente. I think some of the onlinbe sites like BM also let you upload a photo and try out different paint colors on the wall.

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Make that 5 to 1 too dark ;)

Also, keep in mind your knotty pine will darken with age if not whitewashed. Here's whitewashed pine cabinets and crown, with clear finish only on the ceiling.

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Deedles, it's just too saturated. Too "primary" if you get what I mean. I would suggest a grayed brown. That would also help with any dust and flying cat fur (my problem).

I like chocolate, but if my monitor is anywhere near true, that will turn out very, very red. If you put ANYthing green in that room, it'll become even more red.

You know the drill. Paint big squares on everything.

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What if you used the brown, only on the wood stove wall? That would give you that nice contrast with the tiles...and maybe something lighter (I like the green undertone idea) for the rest of the walls? That might be a nice combination :)

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That brown, a definite no. Cave mud chocolate poop. Shudder.

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CE and Lav: ya, definitely going back to the drawing board on this one. I'd be on a fool's errand to do use this paint after the GW response, lol. Will be looking anew this weekend!

linelle: ahahahaha... how do you really feel? Thanks for the early morning belly laugh... don't get too many of those lately...

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