What size ? How many Knobs and Pulls on each drawer?

cflahertyOctober 4, 2011

Getting ready to order our door Knobs and Pulls for our Kitchen, Mudd Room and Half Bath. What is the recommendation for drawers that are the following sizes?

24 7/8


29 13/16


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I've said it many times so I don't want to sound like a broken record. Have you heard of the Golden Mean or Rule of Thirds? Basically, divisions are pleasing to the eye of they are divided into thirds. For drawer pulls it means choose a pull that is one-third the width of the drawer. When mounted, the width is divided into thirds. One-third blank on the left, one-third covered by pull, and one-third blank on the right.

It can, however, be difficult to find hardware you like that comes in several different sizes or has a size large enough for your largest drawer if you follow the Golden Mean. Then you have to make a decision. I, personally, don't like look of two smaller pulls on a wide drawer so I'd opt for one large one. I also don't like knobs on drawers.

In the end, it all comes down to what you like and what looks good to you. No one will criticize your choice! You can just put one size pull on everything and leave it at that.

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I pulled (LOL) an old thread about drawer pulls and width. There have been many others but I'm short on time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recent pull thread

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Ok so would it be safe to say that I would need the following size pulls if I followed the Golden mean? Are my calculations correct?

Drawer 24"-25" = 8" pull
Drawer 29" = 9.6" pull
Drawer 33" �= 11" pull

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Your math is correct. But I'll mention a couple of quick points

--not every style of pull comes in large sizes like you need. If you want to stick with the larger sizes, choose your style carefully.

--large pulls get expensive so keep that in mind when looking.

--what kind of cabs do you have? Shaker? If so, you could follow the Golden Mean with just the flat panel part of the drawer (the part inside the stiles/rails). You could use shorter pulls that way.

You could easily get away with an 8" pull on all of those and be fine.

Again, there really are no rules. Following the Golden Mean makes a visually balanced space and can be a good place to start, but choose what looks best to you. Maybe your favorite pull only comes in 6" and you love them so much that you go for it. That would be great too.

Looking forward to seeing how your kitchen turns out!

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We could not find larger size pulls in what we wanted, so we went with the same size 4" pulls for all drawers whether the drawer was 21" or 36" or in between. We used one pull per drawer. I like one pull because I only grab one handle and two pulls would make the drawer pull unevenly. I was worried that it would not look good, but the cabinet guy assured me it would be fine and it is !!

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We just put 5" pulls on 24" Shaker drawers. Looks good, pulls well.

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Hey breezygirl! Love your humor..."I pulled" that was funny!
Anyway, my cabinets are arriving tomorrow so I went out today and purchased $44 worth of knobs and handles to try..I hope they let me return them. The cabinetmaker incorporated the price of hardware into the contract. If each drawer or handle is more than what he allotted me, I will have to pay the difference. He uses "Amerock". Would anyone be willing to post pictures of drawers w hardware? Also state what size the drawer and pulls are also? Thx again for the advice! Getting there....

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Hmm... another question regarding this. Is there somewhere in this forum telling you exactly where you're supposed to put knobs on a door? I wanted knobs for doors and pulls for drawers. I was planning on putting them down two inches on the doors. Does that seem right? Are they supposed to be centered in the corner?

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I am not sure..but I think there is a tool or gadget that you can use to get your knobs on correctly..I will do a quick search and see if I can get the name for you. This is not something we are doing ourselves.

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Most of this is personal choice/preference. There are no hard and fast rules.

Do you like the look of two pulls/drawer on wider drawers? If so, you could get all one size and put one on drawers less than, say, 30" and two on any 30" or wider. You usually do not have to worry about pulling a drawer unevenly with two pulls. As long has you have good quality drawer hardware, you shouldn't have any problems.

We put knobs on doors and our 6" pullouts and pulls on all other pullouts and all drawers. In our case, we put one on drawers = 30". I think the 2-pull look looks more like fine furniture, and I happen to like the look. If I had it to do over, I think I might have put two pulls on the 27" drawers... As to the 6" pullouts, our pulls (5") were too wide to fit horizontally and I don't like the look of vertical pulls, so we went with knobs.

We store heavy pots & pans and heavy glass dishes in many of the two-pull drawers. I usually use just one hand/pull to open drawers and have not yet hand any issues.

If you prefer one pull/drawer, then most will look fine on the drawer widths you listed; none are that wide. I suggest picking a medium-sized pull and just using the same size. You can drive yourself crazy scouring the net and stores looking for the same pull in various sizes.

Whatever you choose, I suggest only purchasing two or three of them and them mocking them up on your drawers to see (1) which look you prefer, (2) how you want to place them, and (3) whether they fit your hands and/or fingers (i.e., comfort).

We ended up with two different manufacturers for our knobs & pulls (both birdcage in antique iron) b/c the knobs in one (Dec Har) fit our hands better (the stem was a little longer) and the pulls in the other (Siro) had nicer curves.

Bottom line....what looks are you drawn to? That will tell you how you should place your hardware.

I do have a pic of how I placed my knobs...

As to our pulls, we centered them on the drawers fronts, except the trash pullout. The pull on the trash pullout is on the frame. Some pics of drawers of similar size to yours:

24", one pull per drawer:

27", one pull per drawer

30" drawers, two pulls per drawer (6" pullout w/knob on the right)

31" drawer (1), two pulls per drawer (another 6" pullout w/knob on the left)

33", two pulls per drawer (18" trash pullout to the right)

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Correction...our pulls are 4" on center.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. How many of you waited till your cabinets doors and drawers were installed to order hardware?

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Me. Cabs are in. I also wanted to wait until my hood and marble was in. I was set to order the RH Aubrey pulls this weekend to catch the sale until DH voiced his objection to them. Cab maker wants to install pulls next time he's here. But ... uh... We wont have any yet. :-/

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I like the looks of your pulls. What size are they and what finish? Did you put one or two on your larger drawers? And did you use both pulls and knobs or just pulls?

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Hi C. That close-up pic of your pull looks great! Do you have one from a bit farther away we could see? Or are you just trying to tease us with this little glimpse? ;)

I ended up choosing the RH Aubrey after all. My cab maker is coming back tomorrow to finish installing them. If I can find the camera/computer cord after the move, I'll post some pics also.

I'm glad you came back to complete this post! I always found it helpful along my reno path when researching old threads to see how the poster worked out their issue.

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