Large format porcelain tiles for countertops or backsplashes?

scrappy25October 16, 2013

These large format porcelain tiles have been mentioned in recent threads but I didn't want to hijack those threads.

These come in sizes up to 39" x 118", are 3/8 inch thick, and supposedly can be used for countertops. They are stunning in appearance and may solve the low maintenance marble look issue nicely, but I don't know what the substrate or edging would be. Since they have been out for a few yers now was hoping that someone might have some actual experience with or have seen these installed.. I am expecially interested in knowing the ballpark installed price.

Here are some of the links (you will have to copy and paste, I could only link one below)

Kerlite (linking thread from 2011, hoping for an update);productid=302



Here is a link that might be useful: Fiandre

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I saw a vanity display in a slab showroom where they used large format porcelain tiles to create a vanity top with a 4" thick mitered edge and an integrated sink. It looked like it was all carved out of a large slab of stone. I don't remember the brand, but the color had "Marfil" in its name.

Take a look at the photos I posted on this earlier thread on May 16. (My firm blocks access to Photobucket, so I can't post them again in this thread.)

You want to make sure you use a fabricator who has worked with this product before. I am using Kerlite for my shower walls, and there have been some issues with my GC's regular tile guy.

Here is a link that might be useful: porcelain counter w/ integrated sink

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thanks kaysd, appreciateit, that looks like some expert mitering! I wonder how they made that integrated sink?

Not sure that level of fabrication would be available on the mid-atlantic area for years to come..


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what I meant was that it would take many installs to learn to get such seamless edges,, not that the installers can't learn. Just a matter of experience. Would love to hear any different opinions.

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