cottage kitchen done, cream cabinets, wood floors

jossfanOctober 23, 2010

When we moved into this 1940's 1600 sq ft house in 2001 (800 ft each floor) we knew we that wanted to take a few walls down and transform both a small dark pine-paneled room and a cheery but substandard galley kitchen into something special. We also knew that we wanted to paint the paneling and blend it into the kitchen. The next decision was to extend the white oak flooring into the kitchen -- I hadn't intended to, but a KD said that a uniform floor would make the combined kitchen/dining area feel more spacious -- she was right! Next major decision was the switch from Blue Pearl granite (small granite blocks are NOT good for decision-making) to Volga Blue (highly recommend going to granite distributor warehouses - most enjoyable part of the reno.) Paint colors were a trial, we ended up with BM Misted Gray, it reads green with grey undertones, serious but not too somber. (Originally wanted Silver Sage, but it washed out with all the lovely new light in the room.) The rest was a journey, thank goodness for GW and FK blog -- amazingly wonderfully generously good info! Bless you all!

Here's what we ended up with:

We also replaced a window in the dining area with a bay window. The GC thought it was a bit extravagant, budget-wise, but it made all the difference for this northwest corner of the house:

We had the floor install/refinish arranged before we settled on a GC, and the result was pretty, but not level, which created some problems for the GC. Hindsight, would have let the GC handle the floor redo, would have been considerably more expensive, but the end result would have been much better. But I still love how everything turned out, and the kitchen is a dream to work in.

Here's a link to my slide show, where you can see the two decisions that made me the happiest -- hiding the MW in a cabinet with a 'flip-up-slide-back' door, and choosing a wood cabinet for my 'can pantry', making a great transition from kitchen to dining area.

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what a great job you did in a small space. love your choices.

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I love that combination of the white cabinets, your granite and the paint color. The bay window and cookbook shelf very nice. I could call it home very easily, nice job!

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What a lovely kitchen!!! Love the wall color with your granite. Amazed at the change this kitchen/dining area made to your home. Absolutely love it :)

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Beautiful. Things fit together so well, it just gives off this hazy peaceful aura -- it blends beautifully with the rest of the home. Great choices of materials -- I especially love that wall color (as a sage lover myself).


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Thanks! here's another cool view DH said i should have posted:

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your kitchen is absolutely DREAMY! Love it!

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I love what you've done with your kitchen. You've done an amazing job! The color on the walls, the backsplash and the granite are just beautiful together! Can you tell us what tile you used on your backsplash? I love it. Also I notice that you have granite on your windowsills? I'm replacing the windows in my kitchen to come about 2 inches about my countertop. The windows are in, but haven't been trimmed out yet. How was the install of this handled?

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Wow, dreamy is right! Great color choices all around. Your granite is gorgeous. As for that bay window, smart move and obviously the "boyz" ;-) approve.

I'm so glad to see someone else blending white and SS appliances. That's what we'll likely end up with when we remodel (can't afford to replace almost 2 year old fridge on top of everything else). Were you in the same boat or was this on purpose?

Details, please: sink, appliances, lights ...

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What a difference! Light and airy now - the dining room was so dark before! Love your choices.

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Love it! This is exactly the color combination I plan to use. I have also planned to bring my windows down to the counter and have the soapstone bump out into the window to be the actual window sill. I have been trying to find a picture showing windows like this so THANK YOU so much for posting.

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Really looks great! We also have knotty pine (that had been previously painted a hideous beige by PO),
and it is a lot of work to paint between the grooves. Ours is painted BM White Heron.

Love the green read on the paint, the microwave cubby, and, of course, your two beautiful boyz hanging out in the bay window.

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I love that you kept the paneling! Beautiful kitchen!

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Oh, how beautiful and classy! If I didn't hate cleaning white cabinets, I'd love to copy you. Very stylish and homey.

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What a wonderful looking space you have created. I'm also combining a small kitchen and dining room and hope mine comes out looking as nice. The attention to detail to get the colors looking great together shows.

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I LOVE it!!!! Every single thing about it so tasteful and the colors are PERFECTO! What a beautiful space! Enjoy!

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It's just beautiful! What a great use of space, and great design ideas too.

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Very nice much bigger looking but you kept the cottage feel. Love the colors too.

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Love the whole look! It is so cheerful and comfortable looking ;) I bet you really enjoy using and living in it all!

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It's perfect! Love the colors. Details please!

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Hi jossfan...

I love it, especially the splash of blue, the backsplash ...all really pretty choices!


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Very nice!!!!!

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integrated, restrained, classy, useful, tasteful, thoughtful, well done

Not much of a fan of white kitchens but this is an exception. I'm a fan, jossfan!

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Thanks for the compliments! Nollie: Granite sills were DH's idea -- we had to completely do away with one sill where the window was lower than the counter top (GC originally wanted to block in window, but saw this possibility) and DH thought the granite sills would give it continuity. Both the GC and stone co. were familiar with granite sills and GC redid window trim, was not a big deal, measured and installed same as wood sill, only epoxied like countertops.

The backsplash is porcelain tile, Gazzini SlateWorks in Summer Gray. Loved the natural look with the hard-wearing porcelain -- only needed to seal the grout.

lisa_a -- didn't intend on mixing white, SS & black (cook top), but knew the hood would be SS, didn't like the look of white-rimmed ovens, didn't want an expanse of fingerprinted SS fridge. Very happy with the mix, although . . . while the black cook top matches granite well, it does show smudges and dust in a hurry . . .

We ran out of our rescued 'pickwick' paneling, DH had one day to find more on the spot -- have to commend Siewers in Richmond VA for having special milled lumber IN STOCK. very cool place!

Granite: Volga Blue (from Arc Granite in Ashland, VA)
Backsplash: Gazzini SlateWorks Summer Gray - (Tilevisions, Waynesboro, VA)

Refrigerator - Samsung RF217AC 20 cu. foot (love it, cool and quiet, a bit small but we do market shopping, just two of us. Also knew i didn't want water dispenser. hard to find french door one without it.)

Cook Top - Bosch 350 gas 30" -- (loved the relative knob layout so that i would not turn on the wrong burner)

Double Oven - Bosch 550 30" -- have to say I regret this, did not read/believe enough reviews, fan runs whenever oven is on, convection or not, and i like my quiet. speaking of quiet. . . .
Hood - Broan Elite 661 36"-- LOVE IT, sleek design, works well, and is extremely quiet on lowest 2 of 4 settings. also has 3 light settings. lovely.

Sink - Blanco Silgranite single - FANTASTIC. (remember not to let plumber install with plumbers putty, we had to have ours redone when we realized).

Cabinet pulls - Hafele 107.18.353, zinc ORB, got larger ones for larger drawers.

Faucet P-Pfister Treviso in brushed nickel (wanted it unobtrusive, ORB faucet seemed affected/trendy to me) didn't want a pulldown sprayer, so not many to choose from. (should have mounted stem on left side since i'm right-handed and hold pitchers, pots, etc. in dominant hand while reaching to turn on water).
NeverMT dispenser is wonderful, no complaints, nice to have dishsoap handy and fuss-free.

Wished that i had chosen gray outlet plates, but hadn't chosen backsplash yet. will probably paint them . . .

I just can't imagine what i would have done without GW / FK -- what a godsend. Thanks to all the behind the scenes people, and thanks to all who partipate!

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Oh! I love my chandelier and pendants, too -- couldn't believe i found something that wasn't flared!
Minka-Lavery 1730 series

Here is a link that might be useful: lighting

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Awesome job--congratulations on your lovely kitchen!

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What a beautiful kitchen. I can't believe the difference between old and new. Love that you kept all the windows And I really like the symmetry of your sink wall with the cooktop, windows and cabinets. Well done. Beautiful and functional. What a winner.

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Funny you should mention the symmetry there! Had a number of people recommending i should center the cooktop and flank it with two 12" cabinets, but i needed to maximize usable space, and tried reaching into some 12" cabinets (oy!). . . But you're right, it does have its own balance!

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I love it and think the assortment of black, white and stainless appliances look like they were planned for the space.

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Hi jossfan,I love your kitchen, especially the wall color with the white cabinets. We just painted our cabinets white and I'm looking for wall colors to try. You wrote: "we ended up with BM Misted Gray, it reads green with grey undertones..." but I don't see that as a color choice on BM. Could you have meant Misted Green instead? I'm looking for soothing blue/green/gray colors to try, and I think yours might be perfect!
Thanks so much for sharing!

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Yes, you're right, sorry -- BM Misted Green!

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Beautiful - cool and calming. I love the paneling and the backsplash choice too.

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Joss, I absolutely love it! And I really love your Hafele pulls because I have the exact same ones (the longer ones on my large drawers as well)! What great taste you have! ;^) We also debated between Volga Blue and Blue Pearl (our guy had great price on both)--only we chose the Blue Pearl. Love those blue stones in both! Your Volga Blue looks perfect in your kitchen!

It all looks so fantastic! I bet you are absolutely thrilled every time you walk in that room! Really homey and comfortable. I adore your colors and the fact that you kept and painted the knotty pine! LOVE LOVE LOVE a cottagey kitchen! It's WONDERFUL!

Congrats and ENJOY!

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Great Job! Love everything, including the backsplash.

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I really enjoyed seeing you used white dishwasher along with your white cabinets....and I was thinking it make the cabinets look "too creamy" compared to the shark white of the appliances....maybe not, after seeing yours.
Loved that clean cottage look.

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Shelayne! any pictures posted of yours? we were in love with Blue Pearl for quite a while, but I wanted something darker for more contrast, and we were not finding the depth of color we had in our samples (my head was spinning, Royal, GT . . . .) and then had a 'wow' moment when we met a slab of the Volga. I hope you have some pictures posted, would love to see it! And the Hafele, had to wait for, GC tried to talk us out of, feel so lucky we found them! Glad someone else has such good taste, too!

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well done!!! I really like it :)

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Ditto what everyone else said. Your husband was right-that last picture says it all. Lovely makeover. Enjoy!!!

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Hi, Joss! I came back to peek at your bee-you-tee-ful kitchen again and saw you replied to me. I do not have photos of my kitchen, yet, because after two-plus years, we are still not done! Arrrrgh! We have floors next.

But I'm not going crazy or anything. Not at all. Nope, not me. ;^)

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Very pretty kitchen! Amazing what a little paint did to transform the dark paneling into such a nice cottage design feature! Your floors look great and I love the corner shelves. Great job! Enjoy!

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Just gorgeous! You've done an amazing job. I love your layout -- having the two windows makes the room so nice and bright. Beautiful wall colour, too. The whole thing works perfectly -- you must be so happy.

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I just LOVE the colors, that is beautiful!

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Jossfan, what a beautiful kitchen! I love that panelling and the colour combinations. Congrats and happy cooking!


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The first thing I thought when I saw your new kitchen was "seaside cottage." What a beautiful and inviting kitchen! I love the colors and the warm white of your cabs. The arch to your dining room is charming and the window is obviously a hit with your kitties (so cute)! You definitely hit this out of the park! Enjoy!!!

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Hi All,
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jossfan, GORGEOUS! What an inspiration!

I'm also doing white cabinets and keeping my existing white appliances, and was nervous about that choice until I saw your kitchen photos. Thank you so much for posting!

What cabinet line and color did you use? I didn't see those listed above.

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Thanks, koala! (finally installing window treatments today, hate to cover them up at all but with the leaves off the trees . . . )

Cabinets - Fieldstone 'Hudson' Maple - Ivory Cream
'can pantry' - Fieldstone 'Sheyenne' Rustic Alder - Chestnut

The cabinets were some of the cheapest that my high-end GC offered, but i'm pleased with the quality of all the components.

Good luck with your reno! i was worried about the color diffs, too, but everything seems to flow, even the minimal SS.

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Hi Jossfan -- LOVE your kitchen! Congratulations on a job well done!

I am trying to decide where to locate a microwave in my kitchen layout and like what you did. What brand/model is your microwave? I don't really want a built-in model but would prefer an open cabinet where I can just slip in a microwave and not worry about it if I have to replace it someday.


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Hi, Suzie! It's a Panasonic, can't locate the model number, we've had it about 10 years . . . . the measurements are 14" deep x 12" high x 20.5" wide. Inside of cabinet is 19" deep x 17" high(up to flip-up door)and 24" wide -- enough room around it for ventilation, and has a double outlet inside on the wall, can swap out the MW easily when it goes on the fritz (probably jinxing it right now!) Very pleased with the setup -- right height for easy use, plenty of counter space beneath to set things on.

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Thanks, Jossfan, for the information! I'm an infrequent user of the microwave, so it's not a big deal appliance for me. I want to incorporate it into my kitchen design so that it's accessible, but inconspicuous. Your solution just may work in my situation, so thanks for sharing!

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Hey Jossfan,
I was just looking at your kitchen and wondering about how you painted the paneling. My kitchen is knotty pine from ceiling to baseboards. I'm ready to paint it but I'm not sure what the process needs to be. Did you sand yours before painting or just prime and go?

I love your kitchen. I'm trying to create my own little seaside cottage here in landlocked Tennessee.

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So gorgeous!! I really really love all of your choices!

We are currently renoing to white cabs and black granite,,,I hope it turns out half as good as yours!!

We have had oak throughout our house since building 17 years ago, including kitchen and will do the same in next house. Great on the feet and good flow through the house!

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There is a feeling of restraint in here, a good, positive direction that you followed well, the frankly modern "cottage." Nice work.

I looked at lights like that and wondered how they'd look. Answer: they look good.

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